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Chapter 10, Apple Juice and Champagne

It was almost an entire year before Emmett and Rose were able to move into their firehouse. It was well worth it in the end, though. As soon as they had the keys, Rose took to personalizing their home. Leopard banquette in the lipstick-red dining room? Check. Custom-made deep purple leather sofa in the living room? Check. Aqua and platinum damask wallpaper in the bedroom? Check.

The house was finished just in time for Thanksgiving. Having the largest space, it was held at Emmet and Rose's for the first time of many to come. Along with the finished house and a proper family Thanksgiving, came the announcement of their first child as well. That Christmas came the announcement of Alice and Jasper's first child. Without missing a beat, that following July, Bella and Edward announced their pregnancy. Esme and Carlise were beyond thrilled.

When their daughter was born, it was clear who Elise's parents were. Longer, larger, and louder then all the other newborns, her blue eyes and sandy hair marked her and Emmett and Rose's. Her diva personality at barely seven months made her Jake's favorite new accessory. Jake found a maternal instinct he didn't even know he had around little Elise. Turning into mommy number two instead of godfather, he was always with her. Taking her to work, making her little glittery diva outfits. He was head-over-heels in love.

When almost two years later their second daughter Danielle was born, Emmett was a proud papa. Danielle was nothing like her sister. She was quiet and still. She took everything in around her and when she wasn't smiling, she always seemed to be contemplating something terribly important that only she could comprehend. By the time their third daughter, Lola - a.k.a. "the charmer" - was born one year later, Emmett was sweating bullets. Three girls? Three? How the hell was he supposed to watch over all three at all times? He couldn't be around them 24/7 and, no matter how much he insisted, Rose refused to let him hire a security detail for his little ladies.

Of course, life has a funny way of giving you exactly what you need.

Rafael and Leo were ten and eight when they were finally adopted by Rose and Emmett. They hadn't planned on expanding their family, but it was simply meant to be. Elise was four when Rafael and Leo came to her rescue. Emmett was speaking to another dad at the park and was unaware that an older boy was throwing sand and teasing her. By the time Emmett arrived, he had to pull little Leo off the kid and promise Rafael that she was safe with him. Even Elise didn't want to let go of Rafael's hand. From there things spiraled.

Both foster kids, Rafael then seven, and Leo then five, weren't brothers by blood, but they acted as if they were. Both had strong protective streaks and, while little Leo was always quick to act, Rafael was always ready to shield. It took time and an incredible amount of patience, but finally, after three years of fostering the boys, they were officially adopted by the Cullens. Their brood was five strong and a force to be reckoned with. The girls doted on their big brothers and, in turn, the boys were fiercely protective of their sisters.

As for Rose and Emmett, their life was a never ending roller coaster. Five kids, a massive house, Emmett's empire, and Rose's successful business made for a busy, insane life. They endured it with smiles, laughter, nannies, family, and many mommy- and-daddy-only vacations.

By the time their youngest, Lola, had graduated college, Rose and Emmett were ready to stop. Emmett retired early just before his 60th birthday. Rose stopped managing her own shop and let the well-oiled machine run on its own. Jake had long since moved out from the top floor, opening a proper design studio by himself. At the age of 43, and thanks in great part to Seth's continued patience and love, he had finally grown up.

When their eldest, Rafael, announced that he and his wife were having their first baby, Rose and Emmett knew it was time to move on. Leaving their house in the hands of their children and soon-to-be grandchildren, Emmett and Rose decided on one last adventure together. Buying a yacht which contained every possible comfort money could buy, they set sail and traveled the world. They came back to the states for each of their children's marriages, for every birth of a grandchild, and every graduation. Life was charmed and glittering, but then again, they made sure it always was.

The Shop Woman and her Bear spent the rest of their life together as they had started it... with an endless passion for each other.


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