Death Eater's Kiss

Brought together by Fate.
Bound by passion.
Separated by war.

Voldemort, the Dark Lord, was vanquished by the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One Harry Potter. His death did not, however, end his dark reign. The war against the Dark raged on after the Battle of Hogwarts and those soldiers who began the conflict as children must rise up now to see the end of the Death Eater followers.

Hermione Jean Granger, the famous Gryffindor Princess, and her lover, the adopted Drake Black, have already stood against a tide of dissent in the face of their love. Their journey was never an easy one. It was a hard road their feet were thrown to, and the journey had only just begun. Now they are safe only in the knowledge that they will always find a way to be together; that is an obstacle which they have long since been able to overcome.

Before we begin, we must first go further back. To a simpler time. A time not so long ago...

I am the girl who was Hermione Granger.

I am the boy who was Draco Malfoy.


Watching from a distance, and pretending for a moment that the distance made a difference.

Holding you, protecting you; the first time I've ever had anything to fight for.

Lioness and the serpent...

Undisclosed. Forbidden.

The first time I saw you cry...

Guilty pleasure, a dirty little secret; I was cheating on everything I'd ever believed in

Fire and ice, the heat of her skin on mine, beautiful...

Protecting her, holding her, wishing I could...

Attraction like nothing else; nothing we could do about it.

Bad boy. Good girl. Breaking the rules.

Lips, dancing, tearing his shirt...laughter...

They were stolen moments from someone else's world. I kissed her with the taste of blood in my mouth.

I let him hold me...

The pain of letting her go...nearly killed me...

I wanted somewhere, some world, that didn't care. I wanted to meet him there...

Broke my own rule. Broke inside. Couldn't handle it without her. He kissed my neck while I was waiting outside class.

Caught by Harry Potter against the Quidditch stands; ecstasy.

Tell me! I love you!

Her hand on my chest like nothing mattered.

Arrogance red wine sunsets flying. Crimson and gold, silver and green.

Grey eyes brown eyes; catch me as I fall.

For a moment I wished I were colour blind.


Kissing her goodbye the last day of school burned in my mind all summer.

No finer line than the one between love and hate.

Smelling like her skin and not minding. Kissing her through the bars of her cage, tasting her blood on my lips...

Holidays in Muggle world pretending we didn't belong anywhere else. Those were soft summer days in the arms of the enemy.

Hold onto me. She changed me.

Reality fake.

Pressed against the back, dusty bookshelves and talking for hours in the sun; fates a strange thing.

No trust. Hatred. Going back.

Secret notes noticed in class but nobody speaks. They know this thing of ours is forbidden. They feared the two of us our sins, as if it was a contagious disease and we didn't give a damn.

Trapped between him and the wall. Drove him crazy seeing me with Krum...

They never cared but she did.

Hero. He changed.

When I said to Potter I'd do whatever it took to keep her safe, I meant it. For the first time in my life, I meant it.

Choices. Silence. Hidden desire.

Intervention. Tried to forget. The fine line.

Pieces left behind. Obsession. Torn apart. War. Sides; I stepped over for you.

The phoenix. Holding on till I could see her again.

Ron and Luna. Running never catching up.

Asking for help. Asking to be saved.

Go back to the beginning. Before everything.

First kiss.

First dance.