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AN: This is my response to the Hufflepuff aspect of the 'Four Houses competition. This is my first attempt at parody.

Myrtle looked around at the students at Hogwarts in astonishment. All around her, random and unsettling changes were happening. After a few days, she decided to float up to a heavily pregnant Harry Potter and ask him what the hell was happening. Harry growled. The pregnancy hormones were playing havoc with his moods.

"Hello Harry." Myrtle said as she floated over. "What's happening?"

"I'm pregnant, what does it look like?" He snapped back. "With Draco Malfoy's child no less!"

Myrtle's eyes widened in surprise.

"Isn't that impossible? I mean, I'm not exactly experienced in the having babies, but I'm pretty sure th-"

"It's these damn fanfiction authors!" Harry snapped. "They write and change what they like. So if they say male pregnancy, male pregnancy happens!"

Myrtle giggled. Seeing Harry as a pregnant man was funny and the father, Draco Malfoy no less, looked no happier about the situation.

"You ought to see what Weasel's looking like." Draco drawled and Myrtle looked interested. "He's just been turned into a girl."

"Really?" Myrtle asked curiously and Draco nodded.

"Oh yes. Trust me, you want to see that."

As Myrtle floated off giggling away, she decided to give the author's some encouragement. Sitting at her ghost of a computer, she clicked the review button. They were going to regret ignoring her!