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Chapter 1: Innocence brings Sanctity

"It's.. ", the voice broke off somewhere in thin air.

There was a shattered two-storey building, situated at an abandoned street of a ghostly town that was left as a shadow of its merrier times. Inside, on the top floor of the building, laid a boy of not more than 11 perhaps and some light debris scattered on him.

"Oh my...", the same breathed voice came from a blonde girl who wore a bunch of keys around her waist with a long whip. Currently she was standing on a pile of fallen wall across the sad example of what used to be a humble room. Immediately upon seeing the poor soul, she hurriedly but cautiously walked over the debris only to observe more precisely that the poor boy was lying sideways with a look of calmness that comes after a long affair with nightmarish disaster. To make the horrors inside calm down, the blonde known as Lucy checked his pulse by the neck. Upon being relieved that was all was well with the boy, she carefully shoved away whatever rubbish was lying on the body and carefully lifted the boy in her arms. Except for a few small cuts and dirty clothes the boy seemed okay.

"Horrific", thought Lucy for her given sight in truth was much more than that.

After coming out on the bare streets, the stellar-spirit mage walked towards the town center where once people flocked in their happier times. There she and her team-mates had decided to meet before sunset after the search for any useful thing – living or not – that could tell what happened in this dead town.

No one else except the blond mage holding the child were in sight at the town center.

She waited for her friends - Natsu Dragneel, Happy, Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster - sitting on the edge of the now dry fountain made up of broken statues of unrecognizable figures.

Lucy was observing the sleeping child in her lap. Lucy thought of waking her up and assess his condition. But she did better to let him sleep.


Lucy looked around her to see Gray standing beside her.

"Hey", she wished him in no more than his enthusiasm.

Then Gray's eyes went to the child and then to Lucy's questioning. She told him how she found him while looking inside a dilapidated building under some rubble. Gray didn't prodded the question to wake up the child. Neither of them were interested to talk about their search as it would have only taken away their remaining serenity.

Soon, the other friends walked in. None too cheery. Rather Natsu and Happy were looking slumped.

"So you found a boy.", stated the armored warrior after glancing at the sleeping boy.

In any other situation, Natsu, Happy and all of them would have made an issue of the child's state. But now there were just happy that the child was alive. At least some sanctity was still remaining in this place in the form of this boy.

"Let's go back home. ", said Natsu with a straight face.

"Aye", agreed Happy flying beside the boy after observing it to his heart's content.

"Yes let's report back", ordered Erza with the air of finality.

All were glad that they were finally leaving this place after a long tiring day. The child didn't know who or where he was taken. Such innocence. But who knew there was something more beyond that. Not our heroes. At least not now.

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