What do we do?

The boys were cleaning out Bobby's gargage when they found something more terrifying than anything they had ever faced before.

"Do you think Bobby knows they're here?" asked Sam looking at Dean.

"I dunno man, but we can't leave them here, what if they attack?" replied Dean looking terrified.

"Should we tell him?" asked Sam, taking a step back.

"Nah, I say we get rid of the bastards, no need to bother Bobby?" said Dean still eyeballing the garage.
"What if he's the one who put them there?"

"No, Bobby would never have anything to do with something so evil, these things will suck the soul right out of you."

"Aw Come on man, they don't look that bad." replied Sam looking unsure.

"That's what you say now, but when they lock those souless eyes on you, they damn near violate your mind." said Dean unable to tear his eyes away.

"I'll take your word for it Dean. So how do we do this?"

"I say we salt and burn the suckers, see if that works." replied Dean pulling a lighter out of his pocket.

"What if it doesn't?"

"Then we run as fast as we can and hope we survive, cuz they're gonna be mad as hell." said Dean

"Right, let's do it." said Sam looking around for salt.

"Hey, what are you boys doing to my gummi bear stash, that better not be a lighter boy." Said Bobby as he walked into the garage and picked up the bag of gummi bears.

"Bobby no, they'll get your soul!" yelled Dean as Bobby started walking away from them.

"Aw shut up you idjit." said Bobby as he continued walking.

"But Bobby... " trailed off Sam, not sure what to say. When suddenly Bobby turned around and threw a handful of Gummi bears at them.

"AAAAHHH!" yelled the boys as they took off running in opposite directions.

"Get em off, get em off!" yelled Dean as he ran, twisting his hands to his back to try to dust them off.

See, even the boys know that gummi bears are evil, they lure you in with their soft, chewy, gummi bodies making you think they're all cute and harmless, but they just want your SOUL!