Chapter 9 - Thoughts

Four more months till my tenth birthday...

Christmas had passed, and Ash was happy with all the presents he had received. Some were toys, others were books (they contained tips on being a trainer and pokémon info), and a whole bunch of things that he couldn't keep track off. Either way, his mom had already placed most of these gifts in the proper shelves and drawers, so he was sort of back to a regular old day...

Other than his anxiousness coming in whenever it would be the exact day of his birthday...well, day, but not month. Still, it was getting closer and closer...the day that he will become a trainer. The thought was exciting and heart pounding; he honestly couldn't wait..! Well, he would get homesick, sure, yet the adventure...meeting all kinds of pokémon and much to look forward to...

He wondered if he would keep writing to Cilan even while he was traveling.

Or what starter he would choose.

It came to him that he hadn't even made his decision yet. A choice that would determine how quickly he can climb the ladder, or, well, he knew that every pokémon had their strengths and weaknesses, but picking between fire, grass, and water...Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle...

The boy sighed. Why can't he just get all three of them? That way he can train all of them, try out their different styles and moves, and most importantly befriend them all. He wanted to be the greatest Pokémon Master, friends would be nice too. He had never been out of Pallet Town, and he knew everybody here...

Ash was honestly getting a little tired of Gary's arrogance.

"Uuuh..." the onyx-haired boy groaned loudly as he stretched his arms followed by a long yawn. Blinking his eyes a few times, he looked around and remembered that he took a short nap in the forest nearby his hometown. It didn't really feel like a nap though, thoughts and worrying questions were still swirling around his head like a crazy storm. It made his head hurt; the worst kind of sleep he could ask for.

Ash rubbed his eyes, attempting to clear his vision. He could hear the sounds of the forest echoing around him. Occasionally he can hear distinctive pokémon cries, but he couldn't really tell what kind of pokémon they were. Either way, it wasn't really safe to fall asleep here, it would be best if he went back home. The boy wanted to rest sleep once more and not include some super deep questions this time.


"Heh?" he turned to the left and saw a small grass type pokémon standing beside him, looking a little confused and curious. "Oh, it's an Oddish."

"Odd-odd." the little weed ran off to the opposite direction and jumped in to a bush, leaving the boy alone. "H-hey..." his reaction was a tad too late and the footsteps of the pokémon couldn't be heard anymore. He sighed and pushed himself up from where he was sitting, no use staying around here.

He wondered if Cilan's letter had come's been a while since he heard from him.


The teen ruffled his hair a little as he stared at the list of numbers and items on his desk. The restaurant, apparently, was a success, for now at least. So far they were able to keep up with their spending and earn some profit, though they couldn't just spend it on anything and everything they wanted. Some of the money went to making the restaurant nicer, some for food, some for ingredients, and so on. There was hardly much left after all that, and the customers have dropped a bit recently...

He sighed. They would probably have to move eventually to a bigger place so that they can serve more people and earn more money. He was sure that he and his brothers could handle the workload, and it would make more customers satisfied too. At least, that was what he thought. Never know what can go wrong...

Playing around with his pen, Cilan glanced at the small clock on top of his desk. It was pretty late, and he would need some sleep to keep up with everything tomorrow. Huh, eventually they might have to hire some people to help them out as well. "Still awake?"

"Yeah...Chili's sleeping, isn't he?"

"Snoring." Cress corrected with a hint of annoyance. "Disturbingly loud snoring, so I decided to check on you."

The middle brother sighed. "I never thought keeping a restaurant would be so hard..."

"Heh, I never thought we would be making this much though." the eldest commented with a small smile. "Judging by how you look though, I don't think we can keep this up by ourselves too long." as if on cue, the younger teen yawned and rubbed his eyes. He could feel the eye bags, and they felt pretty...bad. "Yeah...but where are we gonna get help?"

"Well, we can always try putting up some posters later on. We should probably check out that huge building though; it looks like a good place where we can move."

"Mhm...still, I wish there was another way to earn money besides this."

Cress folded his arms. "Y'know, the gym here closed down yesterday."

"Huh? Seriously?" this was news to Cilan. While the teen himself had never been inside, he knew that the gym leader was a skilled trainer of a lot of types. He wouldn't just stick with one type unlike the other gym leaders, yet would normally choose three specific types: fire, water, and grass.

"The League is actually looking for a replacement gym as quickly as possible. And whoever fills this position would earn quite a lot-"

"Really?" the middle triplet jumped off his desk and faced his brother. "That sounds awesome, but we don't have any pokémon..."

Cress grinned and pulled out something from his pocket that made Cilan gape. Three poké balls.

"N-no way, where did you..?"

"Doesn't really matter." he replied almost too quickly. He then pressed the button, which opened the three spheres and shot out three white beams. They then formed in to three figures that all had the form of small monkeys, each of them having a different color and typing. "Panpour!"



"If you don't mind, I'm taking Panpour. What about you, Cilan?"

Said boy glanced between his brother's chosen pokémon and the guy himself, and saw that they were eerily similar in a way. Looking at the other two pokémon, he was pretty sure that Pansear would fit Chili nicely, so..."I choose Pansage." he muttered. The grass type approached him and the teen squatted down to pick him up. "Okay, partner, let's do this." the pokemon cried again in agreement. Cilan was getting tired though, and decided to save his excitement for tomorrow. Now he had a pokemon...this was completely unexpected for him, alright. He wondered how Ash would react to this-

"Oh shoot! I haven't written a letter to Ash yet!"

"I bet he can wait for a few more days, right? You better sleep, you can write that letter tomorrow. Anyway, you'll be more psyched for it once you see Chili dancing with his Pansear." said fire type looked confused, but either way was excited to meet his new trainer soon.


To Ash:

Guess what, I have a pokemon now! It's a Pansage, which is only here in Unova, so I'm pretty sure you don't know it. It's a grass type, and it's pretty quick too. It's really friendly though, just seeing it makes me feel better already.

Anyway, sorry for taking so long in writing you another letter, Ash. I have a lot of things to take care of now. I swear the days are flying by the window...

By the way, Ash, when's your birthday? I remember a long time ago with your first letter that you said that you were nine, correct? That means this year you'll be turning ten. I bet you're excited to become a trainer, huh? It is quite fun, I can tell you that.

I really have no more time to write, but I'll always set aside some time to write to you, I promise that.

Sincerely, Cilan

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