"Lilly, Lilly, come on Lilly, wait up!" James Potter panted as he ran up the hall to Lilly Evans.

"Potter just go away, I'm sure you have something better to do than to run all the way to my Ancient Runes class."

"Lilly," James had finally caught up and was walking next to her at her own brisk pace. "Can you please come to Hogsmede with me in two weeks? I promise it will be a calm and enjoyable afternoon if you come!"

"Wow James, do you never learn your lesson? I have no intention of going out with you, or being your friend at all. I know that's harsh, but seriously, find someone who enjoys your big head and annoying pranks." She turned into another narrower hall and up some stairs, "By the way, don't you have detention in two weeks from what you did in Professor Randall's class?"

Deflated James responded, "No that's Sirius, I got out for extra detention with Professor McGonagall yesterday. But it's nice to know that you keep tabs on my detentions!" He added with a wide grin, still following right behind her.

"So, are you going to come into class with me, or will you stop following me and actually do something productive for once in your life?" She retorted, annoyed at his big headedness.

"I have to go to Divination. So no, nothing productive to do at all. I'll see you at lunch!"

Lilly giggled, but made sure that he didn't notice. He can be so annoying she thought, but there was something inside her that lifted up when she talked to James, not that she would ever admit that, even to herself.

Ancient Runes was hard and by the time Lilly got down to the Great Hall she had totally forgotten about being asked out earlier, all she wanted then was some food to eat before she went to Defense Against the Dark Arts. So when she walked into the room and saw that all the food was floating 5 meters in the air there was nothing that would make her angrier. She immediately walked over to James.

"Put down some of the food right now or else…" She started yelling at him.

"James, I think you might want to listen to her, Lilly can get pretty mean when she is angry." Flare said to him.

"Ok, geeze," and he dropped a couple dishes slowly to the table for her. "You would think there would be only so much a girl could do to a guy in a day."

Lilly had started filling her plate with everything that was on the table, so nobody else could even think about taking any. "What?" she looked up quizzically.

"Oh and that is very flattering, you don't even remember me asking you out just two hours ago."

James actually looked hurt, an expression that rarely crossed his face when people were around. He always kept up a strong façade, but the truth was that Lilly was his weakness; she had held his heart for years and all she did was throw it on the ground.

"Sorry James, I was just really preoccupied with Ancient Runes and I wasn't thinking." Lilly said sincerely.

"Alert the media, Lilly just apologized to James Potter!" Sirius announced to the whole Gryffindor table. Quickly he got a very loud, and satisfying sounding smack across his face from Flare.

"Shut up Sirius," she said, in protection of her best friend, who hadn't done that because she was to busy eating and for the most part was a pacifist.

"Oww" he muttered to himself as he rubbed his face. "You could let the girl defend herself if she was displeased with me." He mumbled some more.

"You're just saying that because you know that Lilly wouldn't smack you, and if she did it wouldn't be as hard as when I did it." Flare teased.

At that moment Professor McGonagall walked down the table to James, Sirius and Lupin. "Tell me right know which one of you cast this spell and have him follow me." She turned and Sirius and James followed.

As they walked they glanced back at Lupin nodding towards McGonagall.

"I think they want you to take the blame too," Gracie grudgingly said to Lupin.

"For the love of God you'd think they could one time take all the credit and not make me serve detention too." Lupin said as he walked after the two pranksters.

"So what are the chances he's going to be able to take me to Hogsmede like we planned?" Gracie sighed staring at where they had all left the Great Hall.

"Gag me." Flare muttered looking at Gracie's face.

"I bet he won't have to do as much detention as the others, if McGonagall has her senses about her today and realizes he wasn't really part of it." Lilly reassured her. "Anyway, she has to like him a little, he is a Prefect."

"I will never fully understand that." Flare said. "So Lilly, tell us about the 'ask out' that you forgot about, that is if you remember now." She kept going, glad to be able to change the subject from Gracie's discussion of her boyfriend.

"It was basically the same as every other time he asks me to go out with him. This time it was for Hogsmede in two weeks." Lilly said absentmindedly.

"It's so annoying that both my friends are either in a relationship or being courted by somebody and asked out every other day. I'm stuck single as can be because nobody wants to go out with somebody as 'intimidating' as me."

"I thought we had this conversation before, you are only intimidating because you are tall, pretty, super talented and smart and you are always hanging out with Sirius and nobody wants to be on his bad side." Lilly reasoned.

"Seriously though, people think Sirius would be protective of me, he is just a friend. And I'm only smart in DADA and talented when it comes to being a Beater." Flare whined.

"Well it also couldn't have anything to do with the fact that you're totally built and hardcore, or that your name is Flare." Gracie put in.

"Flare because I didn't want to be known as Florence, now that isn't hardcore at all."

"Stop whining, it was only last year that you were going out with a 7th year, and it was you that broke his heart." Lilly said, going over the same conversation that they had had many times before.

"Ok, new topic. Lilly, I need help with potions, and Flare I need help with DADA before we go in there." Gracie said.

"I'll help you if you help me with Herbology and Divination." Flare countered.

"I kneed History help too, that class bores me to tears and somehow you understand it all." Lilly said.

"Ok, up to the Common Room we go."