Just three words...

... a sherbet lemon? ~Albus Dumbledore

Professor Albus Dumbledore had many defining features. His long white beard, half moon glasses and a twinkle in his bright blue eyes were some of them. As was his love for chamber music, incredible intelligence, compassion and extremely long name. He loved his mother, but he had always asked himself why she had inflicted him with a name such as Albus Percival Wulfic Brian Dumbledore. However, one of his most notable characteristics was is love of sherbet lemons.

If you had asked him how he came across this delightfully sugary and sour sweet, he could launch into a long epic tale. In this tale he would recount how he ventured in to muggle London with his best friend Elphias Doge when they were meant to be shopping for school supplies. He would recall how they came across this curious little sweet shop down an alley just off Oxford Street. Dumbledore would then claim that Doge dared him to try this foreign strange sweet and it was placed on his anxious tongue, Doge looking on in admiration; it was love at first taste. His faith in sweets, which had been broken with an unfortunate incident involving Bertie Botts' Every Flavour Beans and a chocolate frog, had now been restored. He had never tasted a sweet which made his tongue both relax and the sweetness and cringe as the sherbet was unleashed onto it. He would say that he was never thankful enough for his friend for introducing him to the joys of the Sherbet Lemon.

However, that would be a lie. He had tasted sherbet lemons before. The real reason he liked sherbet lemons was because they reminded him of him mother, and of happier times. Kendra Dumbledore was a muggle born witch and, because of the society of the time, was ashamed of her heritage. She acted like a pureblood, not owning or buying anything that bore any significance of her past. Apart from her one weakness, her Achilles heel, her guilty pleasure: Sherbet lemons. Albus remembered when, in the happy days of his childhood, before his father went to prison and Ariana was traumatised, his mother would work around the house humming softly, sucking a sherbet lemon. Their enticing smell was always floating around the house; it even made its way into clothes and sheets. At the end of a long day, filled with innocent childish things, like fighting make believe dragons - if he had been good, he was rewarded with one precious sweet from the hidden supply in the pantry, before going to bed.

As he grew older, sherbet lemons became a reminder of his past in the dark times. To him, they stayed a symbol of hope. He felt that he should offer this heavenly sweet to everyone. It hurt him when even his closest friends turned him down or looked up at him in surprise or confusion, but then with a twinkle in his eye he would take the humble yellow sweet, pop it in his mouth, smile, and carry on.

No matter how bad things got or down he felt, whether he was in exile or in his office, his never-ending supply of sherbet lemons was always near him.