Just three words...

Just in case ~ Albus Dumbledore

'Come here lad' Ignotus Peverell whispered from his bed, to his young son, who was standing at the entrance to his father's bedchamber. 'I have something to give you' he stated weezing as he reached under his pillow and pulled out a silver cloak.

'What's that?' young Lancelot Perevell asked curiously staring at the fabric which was now in his father's hands.

'This my boy, is a cloak of invisibility, was given to me by an old friend along time ago, whom I shall be seeing soon, so now I must give it to you, use it well.'

'But why are you giving it to me now father?' Lancelot asked, now holding the cloak in his hands. He could feel the silky fabric beneath his fingertips. He looked down and saw that his hands had disappeared. 'Why now?' he asked his father again 'You're going to get better.'

'Maybe I will, son' the elder Perevell replied coughing slightly he closed his eyes and lay back on his pillow 'but just in case...'

'Now I have something special to give you' Etheldreda Potter said to her eleven year old son, Alfred.

'What?' he asked excitedly, wondering what else his mother wanted him to take in his chest to Hogwarts tomorrow.

'This' she replied, pulling out a silver cloak from within the folds of her green robes. Alfred peered closely at the material. 'It was your grandfather Peverell's' she continued 'he asked me to give it to you before he died.'

'A cloak?' Alfred wondered, what could be so important about some old cloak?

'This is no ordinary cloak, Alfie' Etheldreda replied 'it's an invisibility cloak, it will help disguise you from those who wish to cause you harm'. She then placed it around her son's small shoulders. Alfie glanced down to look where is body was supposed to be.

'My body's gone!' he exclaimed in shock, until that moment he had doubted that the cloak would have worked. Invisibility cloaks normally lost their magic after a couple of years. If this was his grandfather's it must be ancient! Carefully he handed it back to his mother, who folded it neatly and placed it on top of his new school robes before closing the heavy wooden lid of the chest, while muttering various incantations to make it water tight. Etheldreda knew from previous experience at the Hogwarts ship had a slight tendency to let in water, especially if the giant squid attacked it as it made its way from the River Thames to the Black lake at Hogwarts.

'Can I tell father about this?' Alfred asked, as his mother tucked him in that night. His Father, Lord Marcus Potter, whom he idolised, was away fighting in the centaur wars as was not home to see his eldest child off to start his magical education.

'No sweetheart' his mother replied as she kissed his forehead 'This is our little secret, remember to keep it close at all times, just in case.'

'You're giving me your invisibility cloak?' James Potter asked his father, his hazel eyes wide with amazement...and excitement.

'Yes' Charlus Potter replied, ruffling his son's already unruly black hair. He could the look in his son's eyes which told him that his son was already planning what mischief he could get up to.

'But why?' the eleven year old asked 'won't you need it on your Auror missions?'

'There are other ways to make yourself invisible so' he replied 'besides family tradition dictates that I should pass this cloak onto you before you start your education at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, That is how it has been for centuries. My father gave it to me, like his father had given it to him and now it is my turn to give it to you.'

Charlus Potter then placed the cloak in his son's hands and gave him a hug. He then looked out of window; dark clouds were gathering over the wizarding world, a new danger, greater that Grindewald, was coming and he wanted his precious son to be protected.

'Try to keep it a secret' He told his son 'only tell the people you trust about it.'


'Just in case'