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"Wake up on the wrong side of the ledge Tony?" Ziva asked as Anthony DiNozzo walked into the bullpen with dark circles under his eyes.

Tony glared at her before plopping down at his desk. "It's 'bed' Ziva. And actually, I fell asleep on the wrong side of the bed. A kid in the house next to mine just graduated from high school and apparently he decided to party until about four in the morning on a Sunday night."

Timothy McGee rolled his eyes, "You're just jealous because you weren't invited."

Tony scowled at McGee, "Please McGeek, I'm not the jealous type. Besides why would I want to spend my Sunday night with a bunch of kids? " He shook his head, "Jeez, I hate kids."

A smack on the back of his head caused him to sit up, "You'd better get over that DiNozzo. We have a case. Let's go."

"Where did McGeek and Gibbs say they were going?" Tony asked as he and Ziva approached the crime scene.

"The hospital. Apparently they found a girl at our crime scene. She was unconscious as of last night and was rushed to the hospital." Ziva answered, "Gibbs is going there now to see if she has any information for us."

They arrived to their crime scene and saw Ducky was already there assessing the body of a large man with a black eye. His neck was snapped back at an awkward angle.

"What do you got for us Ducky?" Tony asked pulling out a notepad and pen as Ziva began taking pictures.

"Sub-Lieutenant Jonathan Blake. He seemed to meet his demise sometime around eleven pm. " Ducky looked thoughtful for a moment, "It's odd, under the fingernails of his left hand, there are bits of skin-tissue, which would lead me to believe they were defense wounds, had it not been for his right hand. On his fingers and on the palm of his right hand, there is dried blood, yet there doesn't appear to be any open wounds on him."

"Ducky!" Ziva called emerging from behind some trees a few feet back. She held up a bayonet knife. It was stained red.

"Hmm, yes that would explain the blood on his hand." Ducky took the knife from Ziva, "These knives are very versatile as they can be used as a bayonet or a hand to hand combat knife. If our Sub-Lieutenant was wielding this weapon, it is odd that he should end up dead. Especially, if you notice, he seems to have died of brute force. It looks like whoever killed him didn't need to use a weapon which I find quite peculiar. I suppose I shall find out more in autopsy."

My first thoughts after waking up:

Where am I?

What happened?


My head felt as though it was being split open with an ax, my back felt as though someone had tried to cut off my wings at the base, and my arm was in a sling. The antiseptic smell of the room I was in caused my nerves to go on the frits. I felt nervous and jumpy but I had no idea why. I had an IV in my arm and I had a sudden urge to rip it out. To make matters worse, I couldn't remember anything that happened before I woke up.

I tried to remember how I had gotten here and what had happened before I woke up with a splitting headache, but my mind kept drawing a blank. I knew that I had to get out of here though.

I glanced into the hallway and saw three men arguing about something. The youngest of the three was a round-faced man in his early thirties. He was writing down notes as his superior, a man with gray hair and a serious expression, argued with a man in a white coat. I shivered; I couldn't remember why, but I knew that there was something about the whitecoat that I didn't like. Well, I guess I wasn't leaving through there.

I noticed that my room had a large window; glancing down I saw that it was maybe five stories up above a bustling road. An easy escape.

"Not planning on jumping are you?" a voice spoke from behind me causing me to jump.

The older guy from the hallway was standing in front of my bed. The younger guy was waiting outside my door in the hallway. The gray-haired man pulled up a waiting chair and sat down waiting for me to do the same. Carefully I sat down on the bed. "Who are you?" I asked after a moment.

"Special Agent Gibbs." He held out a badge and then pointed to the man in the hallway. "That is Special Agent McGee." He studied my face and his eyes landed on a spot on my forehead. I touched the spot on my head and felt a small bandage on my head. I guess that explained the headache. "Who are you?" Gibbs asked after a moment.

I ignored his question, "Do you work for the FBI?" somehow I knew that I had worked with them before.

"No. NCIS." Special Agent Gibbs answered.

"I've never heard of it."

"It stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Services. We're federal law enforcement investigators." Gibbs said patiently, which for some reason, made me really want to push his buttons.

"So you guys investigate belly-button crimes? Wow, you guys are really cool." I said with every ounce of sarcasm dripping from my words.

I could tell I had gotten to Gibbs a little so he cut right to it. "We investigate the deaths of marines and other naval officers like Sub-Lieutenant Jonathan Blake." He pulled out a picture of a serious looking man and placed it in front of me.

And get this, as clich├ęd as this sounds, I had a flashback after seeing the picture.

I remembered him vaguely. I saw him injecting me with something while I was strapped to a cold, metal table.

I saw him taking me away from five other kids like me.

I saw him attacking me with a knife.

I saw me breaking his neck.

I looked up and saw Special Agent Gibbs watching me seriously. "Do you recognize him?" he asked.

I felt fevered and sick, but I nodded my head, "I- I think so."

"Who are you?" Gibbs asked again.

Somehow I knew that answer. "Max. My name is Maximum Ride."

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