KHL: Yo welcome to my first AU please enjoy and Review Kiro the disclaimer if you please

Kiro: KHLegacy does not own the characters of Kingdom Hearts or the plot of this fic aside from a few moments the rest is based off of the Disney adaptation of the Prince and the Pauper

KHL: thank you Kiro on with the Fic!

A tale of two boys


Once upon a time there was a King named Eraqus who ruled the land of Radiant Garden with

Kindness and it prospered. But one day Eraqus fell very ill and with his son Ventus too young to

Rule as he could only take it on his sixteenth birthday and during those three years Eraqus's

Advisor Xehanort and his Captain of the Guards Braig ruled the Kingdom with cruelty plunging

The land into poverty all in the name of the King tarnishing Eraqus's good name and poor

Innocent Ventus went unaware of his people's plight

Kiro: it's short and kind of like the intro to a story book!

KHL: that's the basic Idea

Kiro: I know I just felt like pointing that out

KHL: uh huh any who next time: The Prince and the Pauper

Kiro: Title reference?

KHL: X(yes (I wanted them to guess!")