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Pause Between Words

On the set of The Resident Patient

"Holmes, why do you want me to pause before saying, 'by an excellent set of teeth?'" Jeremy asked.

Holmes leaned back in his chair and answered. "Because that is when I begin to realize that the murder was not a random act, but the murderers were there to kill Blessington."

Jeremy nodded once with understanding, and then smiled mischievously. "Does the director know about this slight change?"

Holmes returned the smile. "He has no knowledge about it whatsoever."

Jeremy's smile widened into a grin. Holmes knew that Jeremy liked these last minute changes as long as it was the cast that made them.

"Okay, Jeremy, from the top."

Jeremy, as Holmes, held the prop cigars in his hands and examined the ends. He gestured to them as he talked. Holmes, who was sitting near the director, who was glancing from the small screen he sat behind to the script he held in his lap, kept one eye on the director's expression as Jeremy said, "These have had their ends bitten off by," he paused for a total of three seconds, "by a very excellent set of teeth." Jeremy lowered the cigars and paused, then continued, "There were three men here, Inspector."

Holmes tuned the rest of the dialogue out as he watched the director look down at the script, confused. He flipped through it quickly. When the scene was finished, the director shouted, "Cut!" he walked towards Jeremy. "Uh, Jeremy, where did you-?" He walked towards the actor, who was standing in front of the "fireplace." Holmes trailed behind the director at a good distance behind.

Jeremy's eyes lit up with mirth. "Yes?"

"Where did that hesitation come from?"

Jeremy pretended to inspect his nails. He knew Holmes would try to deny that he had anything to do with it. "What hesitation?"

The director narrowed his eyes slightly. "Just answer the question, Jeremy."

Jeremy looked up and flicked his gaze to Holmes, who had sidled closer, then he rested his gaze on the director and smiled slightly. "Holmes's idea."

"And who's idea was it to keep it secret?"

"Jeremy's," Holmes said, instantly.

Jeremy glared at Holmes. "Traitor."

"How am I the traitor when it was your idea?"

Jeremy shot out of the chair and ran after Holmes, who had started running as soon as Jeremy moved.


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