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The Doctor swallowed the tears threatening to fall. He stood staring at the same spot for what seemed like an ice age. Who knows? Maybe it was. Right now, he didn't care.

He'd just been about to say those three important words to the woman he couldn't live without for the first time and he'd been cut off.

His sadness turned into a deep fiery anger. He turned and kicked the TARDIS controls, roaring with rage. His eyes blazed with fury as he stormed around the TARDIS, kicking, throwing, hitting everything he could find. He was angry with himself for not telling her sooner. He was angry at the Daleks and the Cybermen, if they hadn't have shown up this wouldn't have happened. He was angry at the TARDIS for not giving him a way to get her back. Worst of all, he was angry at Rose Tyler.

She'd waltzed into the TARDIS and dazzled him with her big brown eyes and the way she'd poke her tongue from between her teeth when she smiled at him. Her eyes would sparkle when she laughed and he could never stop himself from joining in. She'd made him fall in love with her without her even knowing it. How? How had she done that to him?

He stood, teeth clenched together, seething, outside the door to her room.

As he pushed open the door, he sighed. He could never be mad at her if he tried. Stepping into the room, he let the door swing shut behind him as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Rose's scent hung in the air, strong as ever. This time he couldn't stop the tears as they fell. He opened his eyes and walked around the room slowly, running his hands over her things.

Something round made of gold metal caught his eye as the light caught it. Frowning, he reached out and picked it up. He stared down in disbelief at the fob watch in his hand. Turning it over in his hand, he saw the initials R.T. in fancy writing. When he tried to open it, he found that no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't open it. It couldn't be...he'd know...it was impossible. Rose Tyler had a mother and a father, she'd had a normal human life. It didn't make sense.

He clutched the watch tight in his hand as he ran into the TARDIS control room, thinking hard. The one person he really needed to speak to was trapped in a parallel universe and there was no way of contacting her.

Then he had a thought. It'd be risky and there'd be a lot of explaining to do but he had to do it. He had to go back in time to the Powell Estate and talk to Jackie Tyler.

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