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Ichigo snuggled into the warmth that was his pillow. He was slowly waking from a very peaceful sleep. Everything ached but Ichigo felt warm and comfortable, so it wasn't as bad as it could be. He snuggled into the blankets where he lay on his side even as his tight muscles protested the movement. The boy had been dreaming about a certain ex-captain but he wouldn't admit to himself that he was. Suddenly the vizard realized that his pillow shifted and breathed in and out and the arm wrapped around his waist was a surprise that snapped his eyes open. He quickly turned his face up to meet the calm if slightly shocked, gaze of his saviour.

Aizen's hair was messy and looked like it did when he had still been a captain. His eyes were slightly cloudy from sleep and he was absolutely breathtaking. His mouth turned up into a smirk as he noticed the blush on the fiery teens face.

"Good morning Ichigo. How are you feeling?" The man asked calmly even when his thoughts were going in a very dark direction when thinking of all the things he could do to make the teen blush more.

"M-morning, Ai-Aizen. I feel fine I guess considering things." The teen stuttered still not completely recovered from the extremely enticing site that greeted him when he woke up.

And that's when the reality of the situation hit him full force. Here he was in Sosuke Aizen's bed. SOSUKE FREAKING AIZEN! And with that thought in mind, the battered teen jumped out of the bed, ignoring his protesting muscles and bones.

Aizen, noticing his discomfort, decided to change the subject to something a little different. "Since you're awake now I will send for Gin and we can discuss what to do for Grimmjows punishment."

"What do you mean discuss his punishment? I thought that you would have already handed out his punishment." Ichigo asked now completely confused.

"Both Gin and I thought it best to talk it over with you. In case you might want a hand in his punishment, he did after all try to… harm you." Replied Aizen.

The utter disgust in Aizens voice hurt the young vizard. It was then that Ichigo realised that Aizen was disgusted with him. It hurt the teen more than Ichigo would have thought possible, after all the man was his ex-enemy who had tried to kill him a few times so why should it matter if Aizen hated him.

The teen looked down at his feet as he felt depression creeping up on him. Damn it. What's wrong with me? I shouldn't like him. I shouldn't have feelings for him or even want him to feel the same about me.

Aizen however did not take notice of the teens thoughts and turned his attention to the door when it opened.

"Ah, Ichi-berry! Yer up now, tha's good ya had us worried." Gin's cheery voice cut through Ichigo's thought process and brought his attention out of the teens head. The gloomy atmosphere surrounding the teen however didn't dissipate like his thoughts.

Gin, noticing the dark aura coming from the teen decided to leave it for now and interrogate the teen later when a certain overlord wasn't in the room.

"So, ya got an idea of wha' we gonna do to Grimmy?" Gin asked with his grin faltering a little at the reminder of the assault.

"Actually, I do. Shiro has put some thoughts in my head and I agree with what he's thinking." The teen replied with an evil look on his face.

"And what may I ask are you and your hollow thinking Ichigo?" asked a slightly intrigued Aizen.

"Well, three different things actually, but in what order I have no idea" Ichigo had a look of deep concentration as he was trying to not go into his inner world and physically shut his hollow up who was currently yelling that he should get to go first.

"Ohh do tell Ichi-berry" Gin snickered in anticipation.

"Okay well here's what we were thinking….."


Hours later inside Ichigo's mind there was a fierce battle going on.

"Ha! Rock beats paper!" yelled the hollow.

"No it doesn't you Idiot. Everyone knows that paper beats rock." Yelled the orange haired teen.

"But that makes no sense! A rock can burst through paper so how can it lose?"

"Paper wraps around the rock making it useless!" The two were starting to get pissed. They had been at this for two hours now and they still hadn't figured out who would get to be the first to punish Grimmjow.

"That's it! I can't take this anymore!" Shiro yelled and pulled his Zangetsu off his back and charged at his king who had done the same with his own sword. And so the real fight began.

Zangetsu sighed, staring at the two children, so much for the thought of them getting along.


Grimmjow sat on his knees, while being crushed by his lord's spirit pressure. Said man was sitting in his throne way up above the kneeling Espada. Beside him was the fox faced bastard, Ichimaru. Also that pathetic weakling Kurosaki was up there on Aizen's right side.

Kurosaki was staring down at him with that fire that he hated; burning so hot Grimmjow could feel the heat even from where he was on the ground.

"Grimmjow, for your insubordination you will be subjected to three different punishments. You will not be made aware of when they shall happen. The first will be a fight with no restrictions or interruptions with Ichigo. The sec-"

"AHAHAHAHAHA! You mean to tell me that as a punishment I have to fight that damn bratty weakling? AND you can't step in to stop either one of us? Hahaha this is great, looks like I can finish what I started earlier, eh berry?" Grimmjows laughing came to a stop as more pressure was placed on him but this time it was not only Aizen's but Gin's as well.

When Aizen was about to speak Ichigo spoke first, "That's exactly what he means Grimmjow. He can't stop either one of us. No matter what happens, there will no one who can do anything to stop what happens." And with that Ichigo, whose eyes turned hard as steel, nodded to Aizen to continue.

"The second is you will be handed over to the hollow, Shirosaki, to be dealt with as he pleases." There was a flash of slight fear over Grimmjows face but he couldn't voice his protests. "And finally you shall be neutered." Aizen, Gin and Ichigo all had to stifle they're smirks as they watched Grimmjows face transform into complete horror. It was one thing to torture someone; it was another thing to remove their pride as a man.

"You will remain in a cell until all of your punishments have been completed"

All Grimmjow could do was sit on his knees and for once he was actually regretting his actions.


Ichigo and Gin walked down the hall that would lead them to the kitchens. It would be empty right now and so it was a good place to talk and Gin could tell that a good talk is what the orange haired teen next to him needed at the moment. Aizen was off dealing with important overlord stuff, so the two were free to do as they wished and since they had yet to eat Gin decided to take the berry somewhere quiet where they could both eat and talk.

After telling the cook what they would like to eat. They sat in the farthest corner away from every other table for more privacy.

"So, wha's wrong Ichi?" Gin asked, being completely serious.

Said teen's head snapped up, eyes wide before his usual scowl took over and his eyes returned to normal size. "Nothing's wrong, what made you think that?" The teen asked.

"Well I think the first hint was tha big stormy cloud that's hangin 'round yer head, but hey that's just littl' old me." Gin said without even a hint of joking in his tone.

"And the second?"

"Ya ain't got any fire in yer eyes anymore. They look dead."

"Oh" Was all Ichigo said in reply. He wasn't sure he wanted to tell Gin about why his eyes could possibly be dead looking or rather who the reason is.

"Common Ichigo. As your friend I'm here for ya when ya need me or if ya ever need to talk to someone. So spill it out before ya get yerself hurt from thinkin too much."

"It's just that… No, it's nothing" The teen replied looking down at his lap.

"Is it about what almost happened with Grimmjow? Or is it about Aizen?" Gin asked but all he got in reply was a slight nod.

"Alright so it's both of them eh? So tell me what's wrong Ichi. Let it all out, trust me I can handle it."

And then it hit Ichigo. No one had ever asked him about how he was feeling or how something had affected him. Not when he almost died by Byakuyas blade, not when Rukia or Orihime had been taken, never. But now here was Gin asking him to let it all out on him. Ichigo wasn't sure Gin knew what he was getting himself into but it was true that Ichigo need to let it out, needed to talk to someone who would listen.

"I think Aizen is disgusted by me now" Ichigo spoke in a soft broken voice, his eyes remaining on his lap.

The silence that followed his statement was profound. To say Gin was shocked was an understatement.

"Ya really think that?" Gin's voice was equally soft.

Ichigo nodded. "When he was telling me that you guys hadn't given a punishment to Grimmjow because I might want to have a go at him, he looked and sounded so disgusted when he looked at me. I disgust him and he hasn't even really looked at me since Grimmjow almost raped me." The teen looked ready to cry. It was hurting him so bad. "I know I shouldn't care about what he thinks of me but I can't help it. I like him. Zangetsu said I couldn't hide my feelings from him or Shiro so I decided maybe I shouldn't hide them but then all this happened and now he won't even look at me."

Now Ichigo was crying. He was letting the tears run down his face silently. Gin took a big breath then let it out slowly. He reached over and patted the crying teens head.

"I think yer wrong bout that Ichi. Do you remember what happened after we took the collar off last night?" When the teen shook his head no, Gin continued. "Ya fell asleep in Aizen's arms. Hell, ya even mumbled his first name in your sleep. And what did Aizen do? He just pulled ya closer and fell asleep with ya cuddled right up to 'im. He didn't push ya away or even yell. He isn't disgusted with ya Ichi."

When the teen was about to speak Gin raised a hand signaling him to be quiet. "He is disgusted and mad but not with ya Ichigo. He's disgusted and mad with himself."

Ichigo stopped crying at that statement. He looked up at Gin confused. "Then why won't look at me? If he isn't mad at me then why is he mad at himself?"

Gin snickered "Ya know Ichi; I always thought that ya were a little dense but I didn't think ya were this dense." When Ichigo just continued to stare Gin sighed again.

"You aren't the only one who has feelings that they think they shouldn't. The funny thing is both of ya like each other but yer both too stubborn to admit it and then this happens and ya both avoid each other like the other one has the plague. One of ya needs ta back the hell down and admit that ya like the other."

Gin let loose a deep sigh of frustration. Watching the two males dance around each other's presence like they were on egg shells was getting him in a bad mood and now it was time to interfere.

Ichigo, who had long ago raised his head, stared at Gin with his jaw on the ground. It wasn't possible was it? Could Aizen really feel for him?

'Well King, there's no time like the present to find out is there?' Shiro intoned. He and Zangetsu were tired of all the rain so now it was time for them to stop it.

And with that Ichigo made his choice. He stood, his chair skidding across the floor from the sudden movement. With one simple flash step he was at the kitchen doors, and just as he was about to leave, Gin's voice rang out loud, clear and amused.

"If yer sure this is what ya want then don't let yer suborn streak get in tha way. Yers or his."

And with that said Ichigo was gone. Leaving his untouched food on the table.


Aizen sat in his office, staring at the paper work that he was supposed to be doing. Yes, even in Hueco Mundo there was paper work to be done. However, the traitor couldn't concentrate on the meaningless piece of paper. There was a more pressing matter filling his mind, one that contained a certain orange haired vizard. The thought of Ichigo being violated of his innocence made him sick. The teen was under his protection and yet he had almost allowed said teen to be raped in the vizards own room. Aizen never knew that someone could be as disgusted in one's self as he was right then. Every time he looked at the fierce teen he was reminded of how he had failed and it made him sick.

Aizen knew of his feeling towards the boy but that was irrelevant. This boy wasn't someone who would return his feelings anyway. He had after all kidnapped the teen's friend, Orihime.

Aizen sighed as there was a knock at the door. He could sense Ichigo's spirit pressure. What was he doing here? He should be preparing for his fight with Grimmjow not socializing. Before Aizen could say to either come in or go away, the teen came in with his head tilted to the ground, his vibrant orange hair blocking the teen's eyes.

"What is-"Aizen began speaking but was cut off by the vizards soft voice.

"We need to talk, Sosuke" Ichigo interrupted.

The use of his first name shocked Sosuke into silence. The teen lifted his head to lock eyes with the overlord. The usual fire in Ichigo's eyes was burning brighter than the pits of hell and the determination making them as hard as steel. They burned into Sosuke as if burning past his eyes and into his soul.

"I want you to tell me why you won't look at me anymore." There was no hesitation in the teen's voice, just pure and hard determination and Sosuke would never admit how much that voice did to him or how many ideas of how to make the voice scream out in pleasure flashed into his mind.

"At the moment Ichigo I am busy with some very important work right now, if you wish we may talk later." Sosuke replied in his usual voice, but apparently that was a bad idea because Ichigo's eyes just got harder.

"No Sosuke we will talk now." The teen pressed his hands against the man's desk and leaned closer to the other. "There are things that we need to discuss and I will not take no for an answer." The teen's voice was as sharp as a blade as if to cut down any arguments. "Now answer my question".

Sosuke sighed, even though the vizards stubborn streak intrigued him and also turned him on, it was slightly inconvenient at times like this.

'Why don't you just tell him Sosuke? It may turn out better than you feared' Came the quietly amused voice of his zanpakuto.

"I was frustrated at my incapability to protect the ones I care for. Even being a lord I cannot protect those close to me. Every time I look at you I feel disappointed in myself that I couldn't protect one of the most important people to me." Sosuke admitted.

When the teen didn't say anything Sosuke thought the worst. "I am sorry if I have offended you in anyway by referring to you as someone important to me. I know that it is impossi-"

Before he could say anything else warm soft lips pressed against his own, effectively stopping his unwanted apology.

When he didn't respond immediately the lips pressed harder as a slick tongue slide across his lips. Then as if autopilot had been disengaged, Sosuke slipped his hand up the teen's neck and into his hair, pulling him closer. The teen moaned as Sosuke's tongue fought his own back into his mouth and so began the fight for dominance. The fight however was quickly won by Sosuke who explored every inch of the hot cavern.

When the need for air became too demanding he pulled back and was graced with the sight of a flushed and panting berry.

And that was Ichigo lost his first kiss. Little did he know that he would be losing a lot of firsts to this man.


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