Farewells and Reconciliations

Chapter 2: ScorpiusLucy

Prompt: imagine

Somehow dreamers and players just don't fit together.

Imagine that two people meet.

It's only during his fifth year that he begins to notice her. For some reason, his eyes are drawn to the Ravenclaw table, and he realises that she's the only Weasley that he doesn't know too well. For some reason, he feels determined to change this.

"Spacing again, Weasley?" Scorpius teases, sliding in across from the young Weasley.

She shakes her head quickly, blushing a little bit. "Oh, hello there, Scorpius. No, I'm not spacing. Just a bit worried about my play tomorrow, and, well, daydreaming."

"Daydreams are always better than real life," He informs her with a smirk. Then something hits him. "Play- wait, like a Muggle? You act in plays?"

"Yes, Scorpius," She says with a smile. "Why? Would you like to come?"

"Um, no thanks," He tells her with a snide smirk. But somehow, this girl fascinates him, so for a moment he actually considers going. Then, quickly, he adds, "Well, maybe, where's it going to be held?"

"It will be close to here," Lucy beams at him. "If you want, I can buy you a ticket and you can go with the rest of my family! They'll provide you with a Portkey, naturally, so you won't have to worry about getting there."

He thinks it over for a second. It's just a play, and he's always wondered what they're really like (despite his father's protests that such Muggle things are highly inferior), and Lucy (with the bright blue eyes) is going to be in it, so why not?

Finally, he responds with a simple smile. "Why not, Weasley? Just get me the ticket and direct me to the Portkey and I'll be there."

"That's fine with me," She responds eagerly. "So, you'll be there tomorrow?"

"I promise," He says sincerely. But there's one thing you should know- when Scorpius Malfoy makes a promise, he's going to follow through on it.

Malfoy honour and all of that.

Imagine that he follows through on his promises.

"Scorpius!" One of his housemates, Dawson Nott, booms from behind him. "Weren't we going to practise Quidditch today?"

"I can't," Scorpius wipes his brow. "I sort of promised another friend I'd do something today. We'll do it later, all right?"

"A lady friend?" Dawson says, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Don't be jealous because I get all the ladies and you do nott," Scorpius jokes with a grin on his face.

Dawson rolls his eyes. "Very punny, Scorp."

"It's not my fault my puns and I are irresistible," Scorpius grins at him. "But really, I've got to get going now, see you later!"

That's when he runs into Rose Weasley, who glares at him. "There you are, Scorpius! You're already five minutes late. We've all been looking for you as Lucy expects us to arrive on time and the Portkey will expire soon. Hurry up!"

He runs a bit quicker, fast enough to ensure that they get there in time but slow enough to annoy Rose. By the time they get there, the entirety of the Weasley clan is glaring at him, but he just shrugs at them, not really having an excuse. This time, he doesn't really apologise- Scorpius Malfoy never apologises.

After he places his hand on the Portkey, the world spins until he falls onto the ground, or more like gravel. Dusting off his stinging hands, he hears someone giggle sweetly behind him. "Nice landing, Scorpius."

"Lucy," He says with a quick smile. "Sorry we're late; I got held up a bit. What are you doing out in the parking lot? Isn't your show about to start?"

"It is," She shrugs at him, smiling. "But my family and friends usually wish me luck beforehand. So, wish me luck?"

"Good luck, Lucy," He smirks at her.

Then her tiny body flies at him and she hugs him tightly. Into his broad chest, she says, "Thanks for coming, Scorpius."

"You should be thankful," He says.

She pulls back, not looking annoyed at him at all, which surprises him- usually girls will tell him off. But she just beams at him. "Oh, I am. And I hope you enjoy the show!"

"Hope that I will," He tells her, but it's too late- she's already bounded away to hug her other family members.

He can't help but think as she walks off, brown hair shining, that she's not your average Weasley at all.

Imagine that she teaches him how to dream.

As she walks out onto the stage, the stage seems to light up with her. Her incredible stage presence is incredibly obvious. She makes the play about another world that exists right under people's noses with faeries, wood nymphs, and assorted other creatures come to life.

His imagination runs wild as he watches her play. Never before has he questioned his strong disbelief in real magic before now.

If witches are real, why not faeries? He wonders, tapping his chin. Why not nymphs? If our world is so cleverly disguised from the Muggles, couldn't there be other worlds that are disguised from us?

His mind is racing, which it never does- he's always been the boring Slytherin with zero imagination. But now he's starting to think, to dream- and it's so weird to him. In the back of his mind, he has to wonder how this little girl can make him dreams so vividly.

"She's really great, isn't she?" Lorcan whispers to him with a smile. "Lucy. She's quite the actress, she is."

Scorpius smiles back at him, though he and (Lorcan) Scamander haven't ever gotten on to well. "She really is."

The play continues, with Lucy still leading the play as the faerie who refused to grow up. Her character is just so well-performed and as the writer Molly in the row ahead of him (sitting with the other Scamander) exclaims, "So well developed!"

Scorpius just laughs and is glad that this is the first Muggle play that he's been to. Otherwise, he doesn't believe that he would've gotten so hooked.

After the play, he walks up to Lucy. "Your play was amazing."

"Was it?" Lucy beams back at him. "I really hope so. We surely did try our best!"

"You made me dream for once, Lucy, and that's definitely worth something," He says with a grin.

A pretty smile paints its way across her face as she looks at him. "I'm glad I made you dream, Scorpius. That's what we're all about."

Then she's whisked away by the crowd, brown straight hair glinting under the harsh lights of the lobby, and all he can do is stand and stare after her.

Imagine that they become unlikely friends.

A tray clatters to the table. Someone swallows nervously. Glancing up, Scorpius is surprised to see Lucy Weasley standing in front of him. He grins up at her. "What are you doing over at the Slytherin table, Lucy?"

She shifts nervously from foot to foot. "I was kind of… sort of… wondering if I could sit here?"

At this, he has to laugh at her obvious insecurity. "You aren't scared that we Slytherins will corrupt you?"

"No," She replies, her face breaking into a slight smile as she bounces on the tips of her toes. "I think you all are rather funny, actually."

"All right," He relents with a smirk playing on his face. "I suppose you can sit here then."

Giggling, she sits down across from him. She confides, "I feel quite a bit like a rebel."

"You should," He remarks dryly. "Everyone's sort of staring at you. Lucy Weasley, the innocent little Ravenclaw, sitting down at the Slytherin table. It's like the beginning of the apocalypse or something. The world is apparently going wild."

Turning around, she catches sight of all of the people that are staring at her and laughs. "Good thing I don't really care much, right? I mean, I should be able to sit with whoever I want to sit with, even if it's a Slytherin."

"You should be able to," Scorpius confirms with a smile. "But Luce, this is Hogwarts, where rumours are like families of bees- plentiful and annoying."

Raising an eyebrow, she grins at him. "Oh, so now I've gone from 'Weasley' to 'Luce'?"

"Do you want me to call you 'Weasley'?" He asks, raising an eyebrow. "With your huge family that multiplies like rabbits, it might get a bit confusing, don't you think?"

"I'll have to agree with that one," She laughs. Then, suddenly, she stops. Blinking, she says in a voice that's even quieter and more serious than usual, "Why are you so nice to me, Scorpius? You're usually so cold and sarcastic to everyone…"

"Cause you're just sort of sweet, Lucy," He says, raising his eyebrow. "It makes everyone want to be nice to you or feel guilty about not being nice to you. Besides, I sort of like you- do you want me not to like you? Because I'm fully capable of doing that…"

Lucy just laughs. "No, Scorp, that's fine if you like me. I was just wondering, why me?"

"Well, now you know," Scorpius says with a grin.

"We're some unlikely friends, aren't we?" Lucy asks.

"Yep, that we are," He tells her, seeing the crinkle of her smile and hoping that she'll never stop smiling.


Imagine that he helps to comfort her when she's down.

"What do you mean that idiot Scamander broke up with you?" He places careful emphasis on the word idiot.

"Lorcan broke up with me," Lucy sniffles, wiping her tears with the back of her hand. "Don't blame it on him, Scorp, really, it was all me."

"What do you mean by that, Lucy?" Scorpius demands. "I mean, what would you have done? Scamander's an idiot, that's it, to break up with you and hurt you like… this." Reaching over to her, he places his hand on her cheek, wiping away a tear. "Don't cry, Lucy, he's not worth it."

"What do you mean, he's not worth it?" Lucy looks up at him with her tearstained face. "It's me that's not worth it. It's me that's too sweet, too nice."

"You're definitely worth it, Luce," He says, rubbing her back. "Do you want me to go beat up Lorcan? Because I'm more than capable of doing that." He flexes a muscle, smirking.

"I'm sure you are," Lucy says, her voice cracking and barely more than a whisper. "But don't do it, anyway, because it's not his fault if he doesn't- if he doesn't like me anymore. You can't control your feelings, can you?"

"But you can control who you beat up," Scorpius says eagerly with a smirk at her.

Lucy just shakes her head. "Scorpius, don't go beat up Lorcan. I'll… never forgive myself if you do, even though I don't exactly like him at the moment. It's not his fault, I've told you many times before. He can't help it if he doesn't fancy me anymore."

"Okay, fine, Lucy," He sits down beside her, sliding against the wall. "I won't beat him up, but only because you asked me to."

She smiles over at him, and taking his hand, she squeezes it. "Thank you, Scorpius."


Imagine that they fell in love.

"Would you consider going out with me, Lucy?" Scorpius asks with a smirk. He's never been worried about whether the person would say yes before, so why start now?

Lucy just looks up at him, a spare strand of brown hair falling in her eyes. Reaching out, he brushes it back out of her eyes, waiting for her response. Finally, she just nods, looking lost for words, before she bursts out with an, "of course!"

He laughs, wrapping his arm around her shoulders because it's Lucy and he doesn't want to scare her by going in too fast or too strong. Instead, he just decides to take it slow with her.

"We're going to be the school controversy again, aren't we?" Lucy lifts her shining eyes up to look at Scorpius.

He smiles at his new girlfriend. "Probably. But hey, it should be fun! Why not turn the school upside down when you've got nothing better to do?"

"It could be fun," Lucy replies, a smile playing at the edges of her lips. After it quiets down for a minute, she turns to him, slipping her fingers through his. "Scorp, do you believe in magic?"

"Of course I believe in magic, Luce," Scorpius says with a tiny smile. "We go to a magic school. I've seen a Patronus shoot out of the tip of my wand. I've seen people healed, brought back to life, all of that. Is it possible for me not to believe in magic, Lucy?"

"Not that kind of magic," Lucy says with a soft smile. "Like love at first sight, happily ever afters, fairytales, faeries, knights in shining armour, all of that. Magic that lasts forever, not the kind that will fade in this school."

"What do you mean it's going to fade?" Scorpius' eyes widen. "But to answer your question, yes, I believe that I do." What he doesn't add is that it's her who makes him believe in magic.

She squeezes his hand. "Good… I'm glad that you do."

Glancing into her shining blue eyes that never seem to fade, he hopes that this magic will never fade either.

That's when he leans in and kisses her for the first time.


Imagine that they fall apart in a good way and remain friends.

It's not until he realises that she basically lives inside her intricately woven field of dreams, and she realises that he doesn't really know what dreaming is, that they both realise that they'll never work out. The breakup isn't messy like so many others- they agree wholeheartedly to remain friends (because really, they work as friends too). There's not really any leftover feelings.

It's pretty much just the natural process of things.

They still smile and wave when they see each other in the halls. They still hang out sometimes on the weekends. They still have that unlikely friendship.

But it's not the same thing, is it?


Imagine that they both get their happy endings with other people.

Everyone knows that players and dreamers just aren't meant to be.


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