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As soon as the bell went for lunch, there was a flood of children flowing through the doors which lead to the playground behind the school. There were children all over the place, racing down The Big Hill, having mini matches and even pretending to go on missions. Everyone was having fun playing with each other, making most of their lunch break. Everyone except a small, red headed boy, playing alone in the sandbox.

"Can't we play in the sandbox too? We never get to play in the sandbox!"
"No! Are you crazy? Gaara's there!"
"Yea! Do you want to die?"

Even though they try to whisper, he could still hear them.
"Hmpf. Like I need them to play with me." Thought the little Gaara, as he made a small window on one side of his lumped castle. Just as he made the window, that side of his castle toppled down. He gave out a small growl as he started to rebuild it. As soon as he was done, it fell again. He tried once more and again it fell. Gaara became more and more frustrated with each failed try.

"I can control sand! How is this so hard!"

As he began rebuilding it for the sixth time, he heard a shy voice from behind him.

"Umm…I-if you be more g-gentle, it'll stay up."

Gaara snapped his head towards the voice, where he saw a small, nervous girl bending down and looking at him. A girl spoke to him. A person actually spoke to him without any intension of abusing or shouting at him.
But that went right over his head as the only thought in his mind right now was "No-one tells me what to do!" Gaara got up and faced her with an enraged look in his eye. He moved his sand to wrap around the legs and torso of the timid girl. He wasn't going to kill her, no. He just wanted to teach her a lesson. No-one, absolutely no-one, can tell him what to do. As he was waiting for that all too familiar screaming and begging, he was taken aback by something else.
Laughing. Soft, gentle laughing. He quickly realised the laugh was coming from the girl covered in his sand.

"She's laughing? Laughing! Why isn't she screaming? Or begging me to stop? She's not even shaking in fear!" Gaara was utterly confused.

"G-G-Gaara-kun!…P-Please st-op it! I-it -tickles!" Giggled Hinata as she tried to squirm her way out of the sand.

"Tickles? Since when did my torturous, threatening sand- which brings out the fear and horror in others- tickle! Especially someone as little as her!" At this point, Gaara was so baffled by this unusual reaction, he dropped her on the grass.

Hinata wiped the tears of laughter away from her eyes and got up. She then plopped down beside Gaara and his attempt at a sandcastle and tugged at him to sit down too. Gaara, still not over what just happened, sat down automatically.

"Here, if you handle the sand more gently, it will stay up." said Hinata while taking Gaara's hands and showing him how to do light movements with the sand. Her stuttering had gone and she seems more comfortable now. "See." Smiled Hinata.

"Hnn." nodded Gaara, as his cheeks lit up with a slight reddish hue.

"Fine, only she can tell me what to do."

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EDIT: I have made a sequel to this! [Kinda…] It's called "Who Would Have Thought"
Here's the link - .net/s/6882393/1/Who_Would_Have_Thought