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The Diary

By: Astral Fou-lu

Part One: In which things had not gone unnoticed or Remus Lupin's discovery

There it is. Godric's Hollow.

Remus Lupin walked over to the shambles that had once been Lily and Jame's home. The wreck of a house, without a rooftop, was covered in wild climbing vines with purple flowers. The whole place was, in fact, ideal for a secret tryst in the midnight. Remus smiled ruefully at the thought.

Never dreamed to do it, though, he thought as he pushed away an errant brick with his foot. No 'lover'.

Sunlight beat unmercifully against his back, on which he had, foolishly, put a black-colored cloak, which uncomfortably absorbed light, and at the same time, heat. Remus wiped his forehead with his sleeve as he looked at a piece of parchment he had recovered from his stints as a private detective for Dumbledore, It was Peter Pettigrew's contract as the Potter's secret-keeper.

Remus Lupin had not known the Potter's residence whereabouts, it was only known to the secret-keeper, and only when he found Pettigrew's contract did he find out a few of details and particulars regarding Lily and James' marriage.

"I will not divulge Lily and James Potter's whereabouts, on Godric Hollow, to anybody, not even to those closely associated with me or to the couple."

Remus remembered that he howled with derisive laughter as he read that particular line on the contract. Well, well, Wormtail, it is as if you are itching to tell your master their whereabouts, hmm? You didn't have to write the damn address of the contract—unless you wanted to make sure…

Putting back the piece of evidence that will undoubtedly clear Sirius Black's name into his cloak pocket, Remus with both hands lifted a roofbeam that blocked the entrance and went inside the wreckage. Dust poured down on him as the piece of roof had broken from the ceiling, making him cough and his turning his formerly black cloak into shades of gray. Wheezing, his eyes watering, he futilely dusted off his cloak and whipping out his sharp 13-inch blade, started cutting away vines and chopping off errant plywood. "Shit!" he cursed as a long piece of wood somehow made its way onto Remus' foot.

Too bad the Ministry will be able to detect me if I use my wand too much. Such is life. Wincing, he removed his shoe and rubbed his aching toes.

When he had finished, he resumed his check on the Potter's ruined residence.

Four hours later

Remus sat cross-legged under the blooming cherry blossom tree, with his only find lying on his lap: Lily's diary. Seeing that the sun will set soon, he opened the diary's latch ("Forgive me, Lily," he whispered) and opened the bookmarked-page of the leather-bound volume.

On the date of Lily and Jame's wedding, Lily wrote:

I don't feel well, something bad is in the air—James doesn't seem to realize it, but I feel that something has gone wrong. I wasn't aware of the switch until this morning, when Peter showed up. James assured me its for the best, but…I had to admit that I haven't trusted Peter that much, even in the old days I was wary of Peter ever since I met him. I sense that something is quite amiss…

Remus chuckled as he read the passage. It was so unlike of Lily to say, even in her diary, that she did not trust anyone, so it was quite predictable that she had crossed out that particular line.

Seeing that he should start from the entries written on the critical dates, he licked his forefinger and started flipping the pages backwards, when he glimpsed a name, Severus.

Wondering how Severus Snape's name could have ended up on Lily's diary (Or on Lily's life either, Remus had thought,) he stopped at that page and started reading from there.

Severus had not meant it, I'm sure. The news had shocked him, as I did when I found out myself. But what hurt me—the most… (a splash of dried moisture has smudged the following word…tears?) was angry about it, he started throwing and breaking things and he terrified me, and I felt like he had as good as killed me. But he didn't even touch me. He kept on saying things like I ruined his plans, that my carelessness had ruined his chances. But I don't understand!

His brows furrowed as he read the page. Severus and Lily fighting? But why? Removing his eyes, and attention, from the diary for a moment, he recalled that a week before James and Lily were married Severus was rather…close to Lily. In fact, he had thought that they were an item, something that pissed Sirius off enough to tell Lily off, that 'James was better,' or that 'Severus is a bastard and would hurt her soon enough'.

Remus read on.

He told me that he himself did not know what to do about it, but he was willing to help and no, he was not inhumane enough to even suggest that I kill the child (Remus was confused even further, though the warp of Lily's usually beautiful handwriting had given him a hint of Lily's disposition as she wrote the entry). But Severus was adamant in telling me that he will not marry me.

"What?" Remus exclaimed loudly. Then…that means…

I hope I was terribly mistaken. But Severus had changed…he would not give our child his name…oh

The entry ended there. Presumably because Lily cannot bear it anymore and just dropped the quill to cry, Remus mused darkly. Sirius was right, Severus is a damned bastard

One vague factor that he had learned that Lily's pregnancy to Harry had 'ruined' Severus plans. But the most disconcerting, most obvious of all was this: Lily had been impregnated by Severus, and NOT James.

He read on, and learned that Lily had persuaded James to marry her. Remus recalled that James had loved Lily enough to not to question her. "Stupid prat," he murmured to the air, meant for James. "You did not even have the slightest idea."

I am sure that if the others find out, they will go and kill Severus outright. Most especially Sirius. They are capable of it, and Sirius himself almost succeeded in it once. If James and the others are misled enough to think that the child I'm carrying is Jame's child, then Severus' life, at least, will be saved. To think, by this James will save his life the second time.

Even if Severus does not care for me anymore, at least he's still alive. I can't live if he's dead. I'm certain that I'm not exaggerating, Sirius Black is capable of things and I am aware of his feelings for me.

"Damned right Sirius is going to kill Severus once he finds out," Remus muttered as he closed the diary after he marked the page he had just read. The sky was darkening to purple, and he was certain that this was something that Dumbledore should be notified about. He certainly was not up to covering for Snape after what he had done to him that had cost him his job, and he was currently working for Dumbledore as a secret agent. And this was undoubtedly part of the information that Dumbledore had paid him to attain.

As he put back his things into his cloak one line in Lily's entry flashed through his mind:

He kept on saying things like I ruined his plans, that my carelessness had ruined his chances. But I don't understand!

"I don't understand either," Remus whispered to the wind. "But I'm going to find out soon enough."

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