I slammed my empty locker shut, and darted out of the school building with my best friend Becca. If we didn't hurry up we'd miss the bus and I didn't want to hang around for another half an hour, waiting for the next one. The summer holidays had officially begun!

Luckily we made it to the bus stop with seconds to spare and it didn't take long before we were back at my house. It was so sunny out that we decided to go to go to our special tree to hang out for the afternoon. I live opposite a forest and one day we discovered a perfect climbing tree that you can climb so high, you can see for miles. We climbed halfway this time; to the platform we made, and talked there for hours on end; mostly about One Direction, but who can blame us. Their amazing. I love everything about them but I must say...Liam is my favourite. His voice is incredible and his eyes are so brown, you could stare into them for ages. Like him, I love Toy Story and I get shy at times too. He has a lovely personality and I love him for him, not just his looks; even though he's adorable. Becca preferred Harry, which was good because we never fought over the same person.

Becca and I spent as much time as we could together that week because the following week I was going to a Summer Camp to study Art. I was so thrilled when my application was accepted. The Camp was more like a school, where you could focus on something you really like and get an extra GCSE for it; if you pass the exam at the end. The camp was called 'Riverside View' and it is aimed at 16-18 year olds who had just finished their exams. The camp lasted a month and I was so nervous. What if I don't fit in? What if I failed the exam at the end? At least I'd bring my sketch book with me, I hate going anywhere without it. We both went on one final shopping trip before I was leaving the next day. I was going to miss Becca so much and I promised to text her everyday (if there was any signal). I hugged Becca goodbye and went home for my final night. I could barely sleep that night because I was so anxious and went morning came I didn't want to get up and leave my cosy bed behind. I picked my outfit out the night before; skinny jeans, converses and my favourite jack wills top. The morning went quickly and before I knew it I lifted my suitcase into car ready to set off. The drive from my house was about an hour and soon we pulled into a lane surrounded my tree's which ended in the middle of the forest in a big wide open space with lots of big school buildings everywhere. There were fields behind some more trees on one side and picnic tables in the sunshine where some people were already sitting. I got out of the car and gathered my things. A tall, dark haired lady came over to me with her clipboard.

"And you are?" she asked

"Katie" I replied, while my mum managed to get my suitcase out of the car.

The lady scanned the list and ticked my name off.

"I'll introduce you to the others if you want?" she said, smiling.

I said goodbye to my mum and started to drag my suitcase towards the picnic table, where some of the other girls were sitting. I glanced back, watching the car disappear down the forest lane. This is it...I thought excitedly.