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7 year old Jim walked down to his father's office quietly. He pushed open the door and walked in.
"hey jimmy, watchya doing here? I thought mommy told you to get reading for bed?" his father asked sifting through a pile of papers.
"I wanted to ask you something" Jim said. Still sifting through papers he said "shoot."(Not the curse)
"why don't you have magic?" he asked innocently.
"What?" his father said taken by the question.
"I said, why don't you have magic? Why does Auntie Alex have them instead?" Jim repeated.
"Well, because I don't need them." Jim's dad said pulling Jim up onto his lap.
"well sometimes, you don't need things even though you want them. And other people could need them more than you do."
"I still don't understand why Auntie Alex needs it more than you do."
"why don't you ask Auntie Alex then? I bet she has your answer hiding somewhere in that apartment of hers. You know how she loves to hide stuff" Jim's father said in a playful tone. Jim just nodded and walked off to bed.

Alex Russo pulled up the sheets and got into her bed. Tonight she would be alone because it was a full moon and Mason would be out hunting. She took his pillow and hugged it wishing the pillow was Mason instead of white fluff. Eventually she fell asleep still hugging the pillow.

Alex woke up to the sound of the shower running. She smiled at the thought of Mason being home again. She tiptoed to the bathroom and pushed open the door.
"Looks like you're cheating on me with that pillow." Mason said in his British accent as she opened the door. Apparently he heard her open the door with his werewolf hearing ability.
"What does it have that I don't, hmm? I want an explanation, Miss Russo, or else I will have to tickle you to death." He continued.
"Well, it's fluffy and white and smells like you. I must say it was comforting to squish it to death. But on the other hand, squishing you is much more fun." Alex said in a fake British accent. She leaned against the door frame listening to the shower run behind the shower curtain, thinking 'why the heck did we get a shower curtain'. The water stopped and a hand grabbed the towel that was sitting on towel rack on the wall. Mason came out from behind the shower curtain with the towel wrapped around his waist. He headed towards Alex with a smile on his face. He wrapped his strong arms around her waist and said "'morning, love." She smiled back and put her arms around his neck and replied "right back atchya." Then leaned into a kiss.

What interrupted them was the sound of their door bell ringing. They pulled apart and Alex said "I'll get the door, and you get dressed." And then they went in separate ways.

Alex walked out of the bedroom and into the living room. She reached the door in seconds, considering the apartment wasn't that big. She opened the door and found her little nephew, Jim, on the other side.
"Hey buddy what are you doing here?" Alex asked closing the door behind him.
"I wanted to ask you something."
"so your parents know you're here, alone, right?"
"pft , you can't lie to me. I practically invented it." Alex said. Seeing the fear and worry in his eyes she added "don't worry, your secret is safe with me." He seemed relieved after that. Jim was a lot like Justin in a way, he didn't break the rules, bend them, or anything else.
"So, that question?" Alex asked.
"Um ya, uh…why did dad give you his powers?" Jim asked.

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