1Twokinds: Chaos Saga

-Part 1: Chaos Takes Hold-


The sun was at its zenith, a breeze blowing in from the north. The Grand Templar stood at the top of her tower, basking in the sunlight as she surveyed the land around. The Great Mana Crystal that powered her tower hummed behind her, its soft hum mingling with the sounds of nature as it slowly turned above its conduit. The powerful magician sighed. "Damn... the north wind is cold... I sense a storm coming. A big one..."

"Grand Templar, ma'am..." one of her students popped his head up over the landing, "Not to... you know... boss you around, but its really not safe for you up here with the weather shield down... One good gust could topple you over the edge!"

The ginger-haired young woman turned with a smile. "I've not been blown off this tower yet, and I've been up here with the shield down plenty of times. Don't worry about me, Marik. If the wind gets too strong, I'll come down. Get back to your studies." She dismissed him with a wave of her hand, turning back to look down at the land hundreds of meters below. When she sensed that Marik had gone, she sighed. "I'll be down soon enough..."

Marik walked slowly down the spiral stairs leading to the roof of the tower, absently tossing a tiny fireball between his hands. He was one of the Grand Templar's star pupils, and cared for the young woman like a sister. I really hope she comes down soon... I sense a huge storm brewing, and its headed this way... he shook his head, stopping at a door and entering into the tower's library to study some more. I know its not my place, but I do worry about her.

Just as he was about to sit down, he suddenly jerked straight up as, for a split second, he sensed an immense surge of power. That... that was... what the hell was that? It was coming this way... he dashed back to the door, only to see a black haired individual heading up the stairs, an expression of deep confidence on his face. Marik opened the door and made a mad sprint up the stairs, trying to get past the dark individual.

He was stopped by a translucent, multicolored wall, its colors and patterns shifting and contorting in a sickeningly mesmerizing manner. The voice of the man was twisted in a similar way. "Stay out of my way, boy..."

Marik covered his ears and shut his eyes tight, his stomach churning. What is this! I've never felt anything like it! Agh... I think im gonna be sick!

The figure merely chuckled and continued his march up to the apex of the tower. "Everything is going as planned... Kehkehkeh..."

Meanwhile, several kilometers away the storm had already struck. A village of the Keidran, an animal-like people, lay in ruins beneath the storm's onslaught. Smoke rose form decimated buildings and scorched earth, the bodies of the unfortunate villagers strewn about where they were struck down. A lone man stood at the center of town, cackling with glee as the rain pelted him, the sinister red glow of dark magic surrounding him.

"Bwahahahaaa! AAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAA! You poor, helpless animals... LIKE PIGS TO THE SLAUGHTER! BwahahaHAAHAHAA!"

He let loose with another blast of magic at the only building still standing, causing it to sag a little more as it became less stable. The roof caved in with the sound of crashing timber, the building finally giving way to the elements and his magic, falling to the ground as embers and sparks fountained from the windows and ruined roof.

From the trees, a lone, fox-featured Keidran watched with horror. That man... He destroyed my village! My friends... My FAMILY!

He leaped from the trees and charged the mage, whirling his glaive. "YOU! I WILL KILL YOU, FOUL HUMAN!" The mage turned to the lone warrior and held out his hand. In a flash of red, the fox was slammed to the ground, his weapon flying many yards away.

"A survivor, eh? No matter, you'll join them all..."

The warrior fox staggered to his feet, moaning. "Damn you..." He began making his way to the mage again, despite being weaponless. His features shifted, his muzzle lengthening, his stance becoming beastial as his claws lengthened into talons. With a growl he rushed the human, only to be blasted again.

"Why wont you stay down? It'll just be easier..." the mage chuckled, but took a startled step back when the fox only got to his feet again. "Fine then..."

Time and time again, the young warrior was brought down, only to get back up. His fur was singed, blood pouring from a dozen wounds, both from being smashed by spell after spell, and by smouldering debris he was constantly being thrown into. "Why wont you die, lousy Keidran?"

"You killed them all... My only purpose now is to kill you..."

"Speak common! I KNOW YOU CAN, SCUM!" The warrior was brought down again, only to grasp the mage's robes and haul himself back up. "UNHAND ME! IM A TEMPLAR!"

"Templar is afraid? Good... What is the name of you, Templar?"

The Templar frowned. "It is only fitting that you know the name of your killer, I suppose... I am Gordon. And you... are dead meat."

With a surge of lightning, the fox warrior was brought to his knees, and fell face first to the ground. Gordon grinned wickedly, and walked away from the scene, cackling to himself.

The storm had reached the Templar's Tower quickly, and the rain and lightning framed the scene on the apex. The Grand Templar was fighting frantically against an opponent she had never imagined. The man she was fighting used a magic of chaotic, swirling colors that made her feel ill with every spell he slung, and she was rapidly losing strength. Finally, he sent her flying off the edge of the tower. Before she fell, he grasped her in his power.

"Looks like I've won, Gwendoline..." he stepped towards her, his gait swaying and his head tilting back and forth in insanity. "But what to do with you?"

-A curse shall work wonders on her, child...-

A mask of black stone, its eye sockets glowing with the same sickening swirl of color that the man was using, materialized behind him. -Take her magic... a Templar without any power will not bother you...- it chuckled, its voice feminine.

"Wh-what are you?"

"That is of no concern... a curse, eh? Kehkehkeh... I cannot take your magic, per se... after all, you are a GRAND Templar... but I can make you afraid to use it... what are you afraid of, Gwendoline?"

Gwendoline struggled against the bonds holding her. "Let me go, you monster!"

The man grinned. "I know... you are afraid of losing your humanity... soooo..." He chuckled evilly, the Grand Templar being surrounded by a bright flash of the chaotic energy. "That should do it... you will still be able to use your magic, but I should warn you... every spell you cast will rob you of your humanity bit by bit... Kehkehkeh... your mind will be mostly unaffected... So you can savor the delightful horror of it all... goodbye, Gwendoline..."

The Grand Templar was surrounded by the magic as she fell, and vanished in a flash.

-Excellent... you've done well, my child...-

The man turned to the mask with a grin, only to scream with horror as the mask placed itself on his face. He struggled to get it off, but it only laughed as his screams of agony became feeble whimpers, and finally went silent.

"-But now... your purpose is done... mmmhmmhmmhmmm...-"

The figure, now wearing the mask, looked to the Great Mana Crystal as it took on the same glow of the vile magic. It chuckled, its voice laced with evil power. "-A tight fit, being in control of a man... no matter, ill soon fix that... and this world will be mine... mmmhmmhmmhmm...-"

The storm raged on...