It's been a while. But not nearly long enough.


Double D might have been raped. That was all Kevin could think about when they shorter boy had bent over to retrieve the fallen keys and his tight bottom had been pressed against Kevin's crotch. It had only been a brush, and it had only been for a few moments until the other teen had turned around and looked up into his eyes. Those eyes. Big and innocent as puppy dog eyes, they were the color of warm chocolate and maple syrup, all the sweet sugary things that made Kevin's mouth water with hunger.

But it wasn't just the eyes, it was their expression; a sort of self-hating helplessness that made Kevin feel like a man; a stronger, more capable man than he had ever been. The kind of man that could protect and take care of a woman, a wife, someone to depend on him and be there to reassure him that he was needed. Someone to rub his feet when he got home from a long day of work, to cook him a proper meal and make him feel like a king at home. Someone to keep him satisfied in the bedroom. And that was no easy feat; Kevin had a libido that most porn stars couldn't achieve.

All of these thoughts, these wishes, daydreams, and needs had come rushing up to the surface when he was faced with those eyes. He had forgotten Double D was a boy; such smooth pale skin, big eyes, and small body, it didn't even register in Kevin's mind. He had acted naturally, moved quickly into a trapping position and started to flirt with the teen, hoping to get a smile from those pale pink lips. Because if a goddamn expression could get him harder than a steel pipe, then imagine what a damn smile could get him.

All those sexy, needy, greedy, lewd, crude, and horny thoughts flew right out the window when Double D's had looked away and left Kevin's trap, easy as you please. No one had every denied him. It was not a fun thing to feel. Kevin nearly howled with rage at being denied the chance to see those sexy pink lips.

But as Double D began to speak faintly about duties and jobs, Kevin stood outside the door and realized something. Double D was a fucking boy. Now Kevin had been in juvie for two long years. And the science was simple. Lots of horny teen9n boys. No relief. You were a top, or you were getting topped. So Kevin had put on a attitude, built up his muscles and kneed a few dozen guys in the nuts. Several times he had to do it to repeating offenders. Because dammit if some men didn't fucking get that no meant no.

It had been after one of those incidences that Kevin swore to never push a girl for sex. Ever. It was a terrible thing to do. And Kevin wouldn't be one of those men; his father hadn't been, and he wanted nothing more than to make his father proud. So he hadn't pushed any of the younger, weaker boys for sex. He hadn't given it to the ones that offered it. Didn't matter how long their hair was or how girly they looked. The plumbing wasn't the same.

Kevin did, however, learn all about man on man sex from his cell mate. That boy had been a horny asshole, who felt no remorse over using and dumping. He had taught Kevin several things on how to lure in the women that came and visited on the conjugal visitation days. The women that came solely to sleep with the boys, because they were twisted perverse women. But hey, Kevin wasn't too picky at that point.

His cellmate though, didn't have a censor on certain subject. So Kevin knew how to please a man as easy as any women. Though he never thought he'd ever. Ever. Fucking ever, even considered using that knowledge.

But as he stood awkwardly with one hand on the wall and the other loosely by his side, Double D still talking, Kevin considered it. He had been so pent up with need and lust and anger at Nazz for not being there, when she had promised she would have been that Kevin would have jumped anyone.

The thought of Double D's pale naked body on top of one of those tables, his legs around Kevin's waist, and moaning as Kevin buried his big, fat and, Jesus Christ, aching, cock into that tight heat. Well...needless to say Kevin was scared shitless. And when Double D began to call out his name and walk back towards the door, Kevin panicked. So he did what he should have done all those years ago; he bolted. Quietly though, he turned and began walking, hiding behind the massive bookcases and making his way up onto the third floor.

Spotting the couch he had been overcome with the tiredness of the sleep that had eluded him last night and he lay there, thinking, trying not to think actually. Jesus, if he hadn't...left, then I would have…I fucking would have raped him. Right there against that wall, no condom, no lube, no regard for him. I'm a monster. I really am a monster. The thought was the last one he had before a gentle nap claimed him. And in that dream…oh he had done naughty things to Double D…

…"Give it to me Kevin, give it to me now!" The voice whispered in his ear, and he felt a tight velvety heat being pressed against the engorged head of his length. He didn't even think twice, he just pushed gently and smoothly into the tight space that seemed to be made for him. He felt a thin pair of legs wrap around his waist and his hands came to grasp narrow hips. Pulling out he smirked at the gasp of whoever was surrounding him. He slammed back in and quickly pulled himself out till just the head was resting there. After hearing the whimper of need and the tight entrance almost sucking him in, he slammed back.

He felt a wet tongue touch his ear and he shuddered as he continued his harsh and yet amazing assault on the tight hole of his lover. He felt hot skin pushing against his own, and soon he was licking someone's throat, enjoying every single moan and whimper that he alighted from the body beneath his.

But his lover was not going to let him have all the fun. As Kevin continued to thrust in and out of the tight heat, he felt a single hand gripping his shoulder, small nails digging into his skin with a delicious sort of pain while another hand was guiding his face up to meet the lips of his lover. Closing his eyes, Kevin pressed his face into the crook of their neck sucking on the skin there, loving the tightening of the legs around his waist and the wanton squirming he caused.

But then he looked up into his lover's face. Looking to see Nazz's blue eyes or maybe the green eyes of one of the women from conjugal days. But instead he saw chocolate brown, and candy pink lips. Smiling his lover said, "You look surprised to see me."

Kevin kissed those lips hard as he slid back into the warm welcoming of his lover's sex. "I'm always happy to see you baby. Surprised or not. Let's have some fun huh?"

He got a long hiss in response to his question, at which he himself smirked with satisfaction. It wasn't everyday that you got a lay as good as this…

…And then the star of his dream had gently waked him up, by placing that small, thin hand on his shoulder, and giving him a look of pure need. A look that had been replace so quickly by cold fire that Kevin thought he had made a mistake by seeing something like that in Double D.

Then Double D had called him stupid. And also had brought up his jail time, and the small incident that had led up to it. And that didn't go over so well with him. He felt a fierce anger rise towards the surface of his skin, and he could tell that his eyes were narrowed with anger. No one, not a single person, had ever called him out on his arrest. Even his parents realized it was a sensitive subject. So for Double D to so blatantly and so damn coldly to talk about it was just…unacceptable.

Who the fuck does he think he is? Kevin thought, standing slowly and approaching the smaller teen, who was now shrinking away from Kevin in fear. "What did you just say to me?" He said with malice. He would beat the shit out of Double D. No one got away with saying things like that to him. And damn him if he was going to let someone start.

"I didn't hear you, Double Dork," He spat out the nickname, "What did you say?" He rounded the couch slowly, stalking the beanie headed teen, who had managed to get himself caught between Kevin and a bookshelf. Double D's eyes were wide with fear and his hands came up in a protective gesture in front of his body.

"K-Kevin I didn't m-mean to…" Double D was stuttering with fear, his head slowly tilting back as Kevin pressed him into the bookshelf. Soon they were mere inches apart, Double D's head tilted back and his body tense from looking up from his 5'7 height to Kevin's 6'2.

"Yes you did. You wanted to sound like a cold bitch." Double D flinched at the last few words, and Kevin felt a small glimmer of remorse for doing this to the smaller boy, but the anger kept pushing up and the remorse sank away. "And because of that, I'm going to treat you like a cold bitch." And get what I want.

Kevin grabbed the arms that Double D had meagerly thrown up in an attempt to shield himself from Kevin, smirking when Double D dew in a quick breath, biting his lip and looking down at his shoes.


Kevin stopped smirking and stopped pushing Double D around, instead he just stared, mouth open. Looking down at those big brown puppy dog eyes that looked back into his own eyes with wide-eyed hopelessness.

"…Alright?" Kevin questioned, with a disbelieving tone, "What? You're just going to…take it?" Kevin harshly spat out the last few words, and Double D flinched silently.

"Yes Kevin, alright." Double D twisted slightly and Kevin reacted without thought, merely lifted Double D's arms up and pinned them above his head, holding the small wrists with one hand. Thrusting his other hand he pushed Double D back until they were pressed against one another, faces mere inches away.

"Alright what?"

"I'm sorry. Please…just let me go." Kevin heard the words, but he barely processed them. All he could think about, all he could look at were those pale pink lips that moved up and down. Unlike Kevin's own chapped lips, rough and dry, Double D's looked soft and moist and smooth and…really, really kissable.

"No…I told you, Double Dork that I was…I was gunna treat you just like you…" He couldn't ignore the feeling anymore. He felt the words fade from his throat and he bent himself down and pressed his lips against Double D's.

It wasn't a hard kiss, and Double D didn't struggle, in fact, he let out a small sound of pleasure. Though the kiss was simple, only a press of the lips, a slight tilt of the head, it was sweet and warm and tender all at the same time.

Kevin kept his lips pressed firmly against Double D's even when he squirmed against Kevin, who in response to the squirming of the smaller boy, pressed his entire body against Double D's. Chest to chest, Double D's back arched off the bookshelf, though his hands were pinned by Kevin's bigger one, and the redhead's other hand slid down to grasp the lower back of Double D and pulled them flush against one another.

Breaking the kiss, Kevin pulled back and looked down at Double D, thoughts swirling and guilt in his stomach at doing this, I'm supposed to be straight. I am straight. I am…screw it. He bent his head down against, this time he was met halfway by the hungry lips of the paler boy. Tilting his head to one side Kevin pressed hard, almost slamming Double D's head against the bookshelf but the blackette was surprisingly strong, and pushed back against Kevin, who made a sound of appreciation low in his throat.

Breaking again for air after a few moments of harsher stronger kisses, Double D turned his head away from Kevin and opened his mouth to say something but Kevin wasn't ready for the cold words of reality the smarter teen was sure to say, so he attacked the exposed and thin neck in front of him, licking the delicately warm skin and scraping his teeth ever so slightly against the veins.

Any words that Double D had been about to say were lost, taken over by a breathy moan that tingle down Kevin's skin to his pants, which had tighten…a lot. The hand he had at Double D's back massaged the skin gently underneath the soft cotton of his shirt.

He lets his lips lick their way down to the sharp bones of Double D's collar bone, placing a kiss upon the tips. He looked up suddenly, when he heard a whimper, and this one was not of pleasure. His eyes connected with Double D's, which were filled with tears that threatened to pour out.

"K-Kevin, n-no, I can't do this…don't do this to me." The voice was so pathetic that Kevin raised his head and looked down at Double D.

And then it hit him. He had pushed a teenage boy against a bookshelf and basically forced himself onto him. The thought was enough to make Kevin rip himself off of Double D, who in turn slumped to the floor, hitting it with a painful sounding thump, and letting out a small cry of pain. Kevin looked down to the body gasping on the floor and then to his hands, which were shaking violently.

Then without a word he ran. Down two flights of stairs, past the doors and down the streets. He didn't stop, didn't blink, didn't think, just ran, and ran, through the twisted streets of Peach creek until he had managed to bury himself in the forest of trees. Past the fences and the old houses of his childhood, through the community of half constructed houses that still sat unfinished, a monument to the lagging economy.

Sinking down onto his knees when he had finally reached a spot far enough away, he threw up. The bitter vile of his breakfast past his lips without pause, sickening him even more until he emptied his stomach completely. Shakily rising from his position on the ground he was able to stumble forward from one tree to another, catching himself with agony and pain of his head, heart, and stomach. Tears of pure hatred made their way down his face silently.

He didn't think, he kept his mind blissfully blank, not letting anything affect him, waiting. Waiting until he could let it all out. He reached the creek, followed the sleepy water down towards the pond they had all used as a pool so long ago. Looking carefully around, making sure nothing and no one was near, he screamed. Loud and pain-filled e let it go until he sank to his knees again, dizzy and light-headed.

But worse than the pain in hid throat or stomach, were the thoughts. Those damn thoughts. Thinking, that's all he could do, as his body shook violently from terror and self-hatred, what have I done, what did I do, what is the matter with me?


What is the matter with me? Double D pushed himself off of the ground after a few minutes of listening to Kevin running away, and then to the sound of silence and his own spastic heart beat. Standing up straight he fixed the hair underneath his beanie and straightened his shirt, walking calmly down the stairs back to the work room, "This is what I get for wear these jeans and this shirt, could have worn simple, easy clothing, but oh no, I had to be different." He muttered to himself the whole way back into the room, though it was said with amusement.

That had been the most…emotionally interesting and physically pleasing four minutes of Double D's life. Then he had to remember who it was that was making him feel so good. He sighed a little as he leaned against the edge of the table, the edge digging into the back of his thighs, shoulders hunching, eyes staring straight ahead into nothingness.

Without knowing it, Double D placed his hand over his heart, feeling the skin stretched over his ribcage without muscle or fat to cushion it, to feel that slower and steady rhythm of cold hard life. His heart didn't hurt; it didn't beat any faster when he pulled Kevin back into his mind, if anything the dull thumping seemed to mock him with its lack of excitement. Maybe it hadn't happened. Maybe it wasn't what he had thought had happened.

But what had happened? Kevin had seemed so mad, so ready to beat him into a pulp, but he hadn't. He had kissed him. Kissed him. Which Double D had never, not even in a million year, been able to calculate or foresee as an option for what had been going to happen. He had been expecting something different. Something not as magical, or special, or as…thrilling.

I hadn't been expecting to get kissed. The thought kept playing, he had been expecting anger, a punch or two, and a lot of empty threats. Now in the moment, he had been scared out of his mind. Who wouldn't be? But when Kevin had kissed him, oh goodness, when Kevin had really kissed him. Double D had found God. They say your first kiss is always the worst, well, if that's the worst, then I want it bad. Double D blushed at his own thoughts, and then sighed heavily with the sinking feelings of reality.

It had been his fault for stopping Kevin. He had wanted it to keep going but…deep down in his heart, under the dripping hot desire for Kevin's kisses, he had known this wasn't what he wanted, or how he wanted it. He wanted romance, and love, and caring, someone who wanted him, not his body.

Maybe it was a mistake to think that it was even a possibility. Double D was practical, and he knew that whatever had occurred was never going to happen again. It was best to file it away a fantasy, a memory, a fleeting wish that had come true by a rare stroke of fate. After all Double D was due for a good dose of fate, and maybe this had been it. He had endured years of humiliation at Kevin's hands, at the hands of the redhead's football friends, and the less than pleasant females that always clung to them.

Perhaps this was a sort of payback to him for all he had endured. The thought was ridiculous though, and so it was quickly locked away behind the wall of practical and smart. His lips tingled delicately with the bruising force and heat that Kevin had pressed against them. a blush rushed up when he thought of the strong hands that had held his own above his head, leaving him essentially helpless.

It had been a pleasant feeling at the beginning, when Kevin had kissed him, but as Kevin let his passion overrule him and he began to assault Double D's neck the panic had set in. And the pleasant feeling of being controlled had turned into the sickening feeling of being captured and being held against his will. And like his fear of the wide open spaces and the great outdoors, the idea of being tortured against his will was sickening to him.

Gently he rubbed his sore wrists and the spot on his neck that still tingled with the feeling of Kevin's lips. I wonder if he's coming back? I wonder where he even went? For a flickering second he felt nervous, but then remember that Kevin wasn't after all, a weak or scared man, like himself. He could handle himself.

Double D looked up suddenly when he heard a clicking sound echo through the library, his eyes darting to the clock up in the corner, and gave a low huff when he realized the other volunteers where here. And Kevin wasn't. Double D's eyes darted around, looking for a solution to the problem at hand.

Quickly deciding his course of action he switched off the lights and locked the door, taking a deep breath, he calm called down the stairs as he descended, "Good morning ladies! How are we this fine morning?"

Iris and Isis were both well into their eighties, but dressed like they were living in the eighteen hundreds, with big dresses and too muck makeup, both fans of the dramatic arts. But then, they were part of the character of the Library. Both good women, Double D had a deep respect for both, and always endeavored to be as accommodating to them as possible.

The sisters looked up at him and smiled, both answering in the usual way, and then asking about their "new little helper". Double D tried his best to control the flush that was attempting to rush up his cheeks. After a moment he let his eyes drift upwards and smile, "He's upstairs in the workroom, doing paperwork and filing. He isn't feeling too good though," He gave a small sigh of empathy, "I told him to do all he could and that we would let him take it easy today."

The lie slipped out so easily, and both of the ladies gave their murmurs of apologies and "poor dearie" before going behind the counter, talking and gossiping merrily. Double D followed them with trepidation, hoping that today wasn't going to be the day that the octogenarians decided to actually go up to the second floor.


Dramatic aren't they?