I have a strange soft spot for Joey and I was randomly inspired to write him some…fun times. Hope you enjoy!

Joey panted, glancing back over his shoulder. Billy's Mustang loomed in the darkness down the block, but the tinted glass barred him from sight. Seeing his brother's face might have been a comfort, calming the nervous fluttering in his gut. With a hard swallow, Joey turned his attention back to the parking lot, his eyes darting all over. He had to steal a car and he didn't even know where to begin.

Billy had chosen a dark parking lot in front of a mini mart. His brother had pushed him out of the car and told him to jack one, refusing to back down. Joey hadn't done anything like this before and his hands shook in his pockets. He'd robbed a store only last month, but this particular crime took skill. Billy had shown him how to jimmy a lock and hot-wire a car; they'd spent a few days at Bones's shop, practicing on the pieces of junk around the lot. But those had been older cars. The ones sitting here were newer and probably harder to crack.

A white 2002 Mercury Mountaineer pulled up to the mini mart and a man jumped out, leaving it running against the curb as he jogged from the driver's seat into the store. Joey nearly laughed. It was like a sign from God. He didn't waste anytime, his heart pounding as he sprinted toward the car. Joey pulled the door open forcefully, his adrenaline in overdrive. In a blur of arms and legs, he put the car in drive and floored it, slamming the door shut as he sped away. He hooted to himself, casting a glance back at Billy's Mustang. The car didn't budge but he knew his brother would be proud, smirking at him from the front seat.

"WHAT THE HELL!" The voice nearly made Joey drive off the side of the road.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" He shouted in reply, staring in the review mirror. A girl gawked at him from the backseat.

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" She screamed, clutching the seat under her like it was threatening to fly away. Joey's face burned with fear and adrenaline. He hadn't seen her back there; he stared at her in shock. She was pale and a redhead, her hair pulled back into a ponytail. Joey took a turn and she flopped against the door.

"OW! She screamed, her face turning redder by the moment. Joey couldn't tell if she was mad or frightened.

"SHUT UP!" He yelled, nervously eyeing the road behind him. No one was following them and he let his breath hiss out of his nose. He had to ditch the car and the chick. He'd stolen the car, which was all that mattered. Then he realized she'd seen his face. Joey groaned. She could ID him for sure.

"STOP THE CAR!" The girl shrieked, kicking the back of his seat with her short legs. She couldn't have been more than 5' 5" but she packed a powerful kick. Joey glanced back at her and he bared his teeth, channeling his older brother.

"SIT STILL AND SHUT UP." He ordered, his tone dangerous. She panted at him, her face flushed. Then she glanced out the window nervously. Joey eyed her, contemplating what to do. Her throat heaved with rushed breaths and his eyes drifted lower. Her frame was small along with her chest; she was wearing a plain pink t-shirt with black shorts. Her legs were surprisingly strong and her calves were covered by dirty, long white socks and mud-covered cleats were on her feet. He'd abducted his worst nightmare.

Joey turned towards the docks, remembering a place where he'd smoked weed with Tommy. The SUV's tires handled the rougher gravel easily, turning nicely into the dark, abandoned buildings. Joey glanced back at the girl and his heart dropped. She was climbing into the second back seat. He slammed on the breaks and she flew back to him, hitting the rear of his seat. She cried out but continued to scurry towards the back. Joey swore and threw the car into park, tearing after her with his long legs.

"Come back here!" He growled, grabbing at her feet. She kicked at him and he narrowly missed a cleat to the face. Joey clutched her calf, pulling on her furiously. He tugged on her shoes, prying them off her feet and throwing them to the floor. He couldn't risk her clocking him with those.

"Get OFF!" She shrieked. The second back seat fell flat as the girl collapsed it, trying to claw her way to the trunk. Joey looked up and saw what she was desperately trying to reach: a bat bag.

"Oh shit." He muttered to himself, his pulse pounding in his fingertips. She was going to beat him to death in the car he'd jacked. He released her leg and pushed off the floor, jumping over the middle seat.

"Get back HERE!" He screamed, grabbing her shoulders and pinning her chest down on the flattened backseat. She reached out, stretching to reach her bag.

"Fuck you!" She groaned, gasping under his weight. Joey glanced at her hand, watching as it dangled inches from the bag. He'd stopped her just in time. Looking down, he cocked his head. The bag was embroidered and he grinned as he read the name out loud.

"Danny Reynolds." He murmured, leaning down to her ear. She bent her knees, kicking in a backwards fashion. Joey grunted when she connected with his thigh.

"Screw you asshole." She growled, squirming under him. This girl was fearless. Joey pulled at her shoulder, turning her over roughly. He used his knees to pin her legs down and grabbed her hands. He crossed her arms over her chest and slammed them down.

"Just relax!" He screamed. She stared up at him, breathing heavily. For a few moments, they just glared at each other. Joey examined her face close up. Her hair was splayed out around her head, the dark red strands messing further as she squirmed. Danny was pretty and Joey had no idea what he was going to do.

"What the fuck do you want?" Danny hissed, wrinkling her nose. Joey panted over her. He wished Billy had followed him. His brother would know what to do.

"I just wanted the car." He grunted, lowering his head. It dangled over her chest. Joey shook his head and his arms started to quiver. "I just wanted the car." He repeated, his voice less angry. Danny stopped moving.

"Why?" She asked. Joey looked up at her. The angry expression was still there, but her eyes had softened.

"I had to." He murmured, unsure of why he was telling her this. He was only burying himself in a bigger hole. She shoved, rocking him back on his knees but Joey pinned her back down.

"That's STUPID!" She snapped at him, flexing her legs under his knees. She was strong and Joey tottered, trying to maintain control. He bent his knees, digging them deeper into her thighs. She groaned, clutching her eyes closed. He was hurting her but he couldn't afford not to. Joey was breathing hard, trying to form a plan. He couldn't let her go. She'd be able identify him easy and he'd get pinned with kidnapping; he didn't want to go away for a serious streak at only nineteen.

Her left arm suddenly ripped out of his grip. He fumbled after it but she made a fist and slammed it into his jaw.

"FUCK!" he grunted. His mouth throbbed but he'd felt worse. Joey grabbed her hair and pulled.

Danny cried out, her free hand reflexively going to his hold on her head. He took the opportunity, taking control over the wandering hand. His heart was racing, anger growing in his stomach.

"Fuckin' prep school bitch. Think you're tough?" He growled, lifting her hand only to slam it down on the seat. The hard surface made her fist crumple and she cried, tears leaking from the sides of her eyes. Joey almost felt bad, hurting a girl like this, but then she snapped at him.

"Tougher than you, stupid punk, stealing a car for no reason." She hissed, her eyes hateful and watery. Joey wanted to punch her in the face. His hand itched to, the impulse tangibly arising under his skin. He had no idea what to do. He couldn't kill her; first she was a girl, second she was a rich girl. Joey figured she was about eighteen, the graduation year on her bag matching the current year. Her eyes were searching him as he furiously hovered.

A bright light appeared over Joey's head and his heart skipped a beat. He ducked, bringing his face inches from Danny's. Her eyes opened in surprise, hope rising at the sight.

"HEL—" She started to scream. Joey crossed her arms under him, pinning them with his chest. He used this leverage to free one hand, clapping it over her mouth. Danny's eyes sparked with fury and she kicked and squirmed. Joey lay on top of her, holding her down as he tucked his head next to her hers, breathing into her ear.

"Shhh." He hissed, terror screaming in his stomach. The light drifted over them, leaking through the windows. Joey prayed it wasn't a cop, checking the docks in the middle of the night. He hoped it was just a horny couple, looking for a place to park. He panted against the skin of her neck and the heat tickled his face. Danny stopped struggling.

The two lay there, waiting for a sound, a movement, anything. After a few minutes, Joey leaned his forehead against the seat and his chin brushed against the curve of her neck. Danny gasped lightly and Joey prepared for her to fight him, but the struggle didn't come. Then she did something unexpected, she pulled her head away from him, exposing more of her throat. Joey glanced at her with his eyes, unsure of what she was doing. She wasn't looking at him but at the ceiling and he'd turned his head to follow her line of sight when his breath brushed over her neck. Danny's eyes closed and Joey looked to her throat in surprise. Her breathing was deepening, his hand over her mouth sweaty from her hot exhales. The light still glowed over them as Joey hesitantly neared the skin of her neck again. Danny's eyes flew open and she continued to stare at the ceiling but he could feel her heart beating rapidly in her chest.

'This is a bad idea.' Joey thought. "Shhhh." He cooed, hissing air through his teeth near her throat. Danny exhaled heavily and Joey's chest grew warm. He drifted his lips over the soft skin of her neck and Danny gasped, closing her eyes again. He paused, afraid of what he was doing. He definitely didn't need a sex crime added to his rap sheet. Then she moved, pushing her neck to him. Joey grinned. She was asking, well, sort of. Her eyes were still closed but her face was relaxed, the tension gone. He put his lips against her skin and she sunk under him. Joey pressed harder and she hummed deeply.

Remaining silent, he dipped the tip of his tongue against her throat and she purred, her mouth open under his hand. Joey had heard this was a sweet spot, but he'd never seen this kind of a reaction. He kissed her again, his tongue moving over the skin lightly as Danny moaned. 'This is crazy.' Joey thought. At this very moment a cop could be circling the SUV, peering in the tinted windows. He drew back, taking a deep breath. What he was doing was stupid. Her eyes opened and she looked at him, locking their eyes in the dimly lit car. No words just impulse.

Joey lowered his head, keeping his line of sight with Danny. He kissed her again, looking at her as he swirled his tongue. She moaned louder and the eye contact drive him crazy. Joey trailed his lips under her ear and she shuddered. He was evoking such a delicious response that it riled him and his jeans tightened. He stopped when this happened, waiting for her to react, his crotch resting on her thighs. Their eyes met again. Her knees slowly separated under him and Joey raised his eyebrows in surprise. Seconds earlier, she would have rather clubbed him with a bat; but now she was opening her legs slowly, giving into his hardening erection. He angled his hips and dipped between her thighs.

Danny closed her eyes, rubbing against him eagerly as Joey hungrily kissed her neck again, taking bigger patches of her skin into his mouth. Something tickled his hand. He pulled back and saw her eyes were half open, drooped in pleasure. He felt the tickle again and realized she was lightly licking his palm.

'Such a bad idea.' He thought. She could easily call for help if he moved. But Joey slowly slid his hand away from her mouth, revealing her parted lips. He moved closer gradually, testing carefully. Danny rubbed against him and he hissed, the contact hardening him further. Then his lips were on hers, their tongues slipping back and fourth in each other's mouths. The light still shone over them but their minds were elsewhere, forgetting everything else, forgetting they'd been enemies moments prior.

Danny's fingers fidgeted under his chest and Joey remembered her arms. He pushed himself off her chest, freeing the trapped limbs. He expected her to strike him, to try to get away, but she didn't. Her hands went to the base of his spine, pressing against him as he propped himself up on his arms, giving into her rhythmic pushing with his hips. She gasped, arching her back and her legs opened wider. Joey pulled away and knelt between her knees. She watched as he left, lifting her head up to see and propping herself on her elbows. He looked into her eyes as he slid a hand down her thigh. Her shorts were loose and allowed him access as he approached her center. Danny whimpered, opening further and Joey's jeans tightened, tingling waves spreading down his abdomen. His fingers found her panties and he pet her softly.

"Oh god." Danny whispered, dropping her head back as she ground her hips. Joey groaned when she spoke, her arousal making him ache. His head was in full view of the bright light, but he didn't notice, his attention on the panting girl in front of him. He teased her opening, feeling how wet she was through the fabric. She whined again, bringing her head up to look at him. He extended over her and kissed her softly as he slipped a finger under her panties and into her folds. He plunged his tongue in her mouth simultaneously, taking both hot openings with a groan. Danny gasped, her hips riding his finger. She was so tight it drove Joey crazy. He could image his cock inside of her, rubbing hard inside the tight walls. Danny shuddered and he felt her nearing an orgasm as she took staggering breaths. He pushed her panties aside and dipped a second finger inside, turning his hand palm up. She cried out in his mouth, a hand flying to his head, tugging lightly at his hair.

He curled his fingers upwards, stroking hard while buried to the knuckles. Danny pushed her legs further apart, wrenching her mouth from his.

"Oh my god." She clamped around his fingers, her orgasm rocking her inside and out. Danny bit her lower lip and ground her ass against the folded seat as Joey kissed her neck, listening to her swear softly. He groaned at the slickened flesh around his fingers, his cock pulsing with desire.

When her breathing calmed, she touched his jaw, bringing him up from her throat. She kissed him and her hands drifted to his jeans. Joey hesitated as she fumbled with his zipper. The line hadn't been crossed yet but she was intent on changing that. She pulled him out from his boxers and he moaned as she gripped his length. Danny pulled from their kiss, looking down at her hand. Joey grinned. He was big and throbbing, product of good breeding and excellent foreplay. She swallowed loudly and moved her hand slowly down his shaft. He hummed in his chest, closing his eyes to restrain himself.

Then her hand pumped him harder, evoking a wave of pleasure.

"Shit." He hissed. Danny pumped him again, rougher than before. His hips bucked and he melted, leaning forward over her. His dick was weeping with need and he whined as he remembered how tight she was. He shook the thought from his head, instead kissing her throat as she pumped him again. Joey met her hand, groaning deeply. He wanted her heat, her slick walls. He probed his tongue on her throat and Danny moaned, rewarding him with a faster pump. His hand flew under her shorts, the impulse to penetrate her overwhelming. As he dipped inside her, she cursed, her body ultra sensitive to his touch. She gripped him harder and stroked him until he ached, unable to contain himself.

"Please." He groaned the word loudly, panting hard into her mouth. Her hand disappeared and his erection twitched, begging to be touched. Joey watched as she slipped out of her shorts and panties, unveiling her pink and glossy opening. He was on top of her in seconds, lifting her hips from the seat. Danny panted, gripping onto his neck and looking between them as Joey spread her with two fingers. She yelped in anticipation when the head of his cock rested in her entrance and Joey growled, restraining himself. Danny's hips drove into him and he plunged inside, taking her with unabated lust.

"Oh fuck." He whimpered, digging his fingers into her butt. Danny started to whine with his thrust, biting her lips closed. Joey pulled out slowly only to buck back inside of her, growling at the sensation. Danny ground her hips and he slipped in deeper, filling her completely.

"God." She panted, wrapping her left leg around his waist. "You're so…" She moaned as he pulled out and jammed into her again. "…BIG." She groaned, thrusting up to meet him. Joey chuckled softly. He'd forgotten what it was like to fuck a normal girl. The whores his brother paid for had seen everything and done everything, nothing was exciting to them.

He picked up the pace and she clung to him, gasping with each thrust. Joey kissed her throat, remembering how much she'd reacted before. The sweet spot made Danny cum again, her body clutching Joey unbelievably tight. She arched and cried out, gasping for air with wide eyes. He thrust harder, wanting to join her as Danny ground against him, purring as she rode him.

"Your name." She moaned, clutching his neck. "Tell me your name." Joey felt himself nearing the finish, the pressure in his hips building and tingling. He slipped a hand from her butt between her legs, rubbing her clit gently. Danny let out a strangled whine.

"Joey." He purred, circling her button in rapid movements. Her legs kicked furiously as she thrust onto him.

"Joey." She cried, panting hard. "God Joey." He loved hearing his name on her lips and he clutched his eyes closed, pounding into her. "Joey!" Danny was begging. He felt her cum again and lost control. Bucking hard, he released deep inside her while her orgasm clamped around him. The pleasure made him rigid, hissing through his teeth as he trembled in waves. When he couldn't hold his own weight any longer, he collapsed next to her, careful not to land on her tiny frame. They lay next to each other; Joey's pants around his knees and Danny bare from the waist down aside from her knee high socks. After a minute, she sighed.

"Why the fuck did that happen?" She asked quietly, looking over at him. Joey chuckled deeply, his breath still heavy.

"You fuckin' seduced me." He panted. Danny laughed.

"You stole my car." She retorted, an evil grin on her face. "I should have scratched your face off." Joey snorted.

"The adrenaline. It can sometimes do things…" He trailed off, remembering his first robbery and the massive hard-on he'd had all the way home. Danny shook her head.

"What am I? A horny freak?" She chuckled, covering her face with her hands. The anger between them had gone long ago and all that was left was endorphins and throbbing bodies.

"What can I say?" Joey teased. "I'm hard to resist." Danny lowered her hands and rolled her eyes.

"You got lucky. I haven't been laid in forever and anything felt good." Joey frowned, sitting up on his elbows.

"Are you kidding? I made you cum three times!" Danny blushed, covering her face again. He grinned. "Your prep school boyfriends ever do that?" He teased. She moaned into her hands.

"No." Joey smirked, pride filling his chest.

"Then I say, you got lucky." Danny looked at him, shoving playfully.

"Shut up."

The light outside suddenly moved and the two remembered it, falling quiet as they peered out the window. Joey rubbed his forearm over the fogged glass as a small station wagon pulled away, backing out of sight.

"Horny couple." He murmured, casting a smirk over his shoulder at Danny. Shook her head, shoving him again.

"You were fuckin' car jacking me!" She whined, flopping back onto the seat. "What the hell is wrong with me!" Joey laughed, rolling over.

"No complaints here." He purred, running a finger up her thigh. She slapped it away, jamming her legs together.

"UGH! I don't even know you!" She whined, thumping her head repeatedly on the seat. "I just opened up like a cheap whore." Her voice was starting to sound serious and Joey tried to reassure her.

"Hey, you're not the one who could go to jail." Danny looked up at him.

"Jail?" She asked. He let out a laugh and Danny sat up, her head even with his."You think after what I just did I'm gonna tell the police?" Joey stared at her, amazed.

"You aren't?" This time she laughed.

"Yes. I'm going to tell the police I was car jacked, give them your name, and then describe how I managed to survive by opening my legs like a ten dollar hooker." She pulled on her shorts and panties, frustration mounting in her voice. Joey fixed his pants and zipped them closed.

"I wasn't going to hurt you but, I will admit, I wasn't expecting that." He slowly said, watching her frown. "…but I don't think you're a whore. I think you were freaked out and I was freaked out and so we…" He trailed off. Danny smirked.

"…freaked out?" She added. He laughed.

"Yeah." Danny fidgeted with her socks, pulling them up and untwisting them.

"Why did you have to steal the car?" Joey was startled by her question and faced her with a blank face. She looked genuinely curious, studying his expression.

"My brother told me to." He answered. Danny wrinkled her nose.


"To prove I'm a man." Joey couldn't look at her when he said it.

"That's still stupid." She whispered.

"Not on my end of the sewer." He used his brother's favorite metaphor, hoping to drive his point home. Her clothes, her bag, the car, they all pointed to money. This girl wouldn't understand. Joey reached for his back pocket, groping for his phone. When he didn't feel it, he twisted around, looking for it in the car. It lay on the floor between the front and middle seats. Danny sat still as he climbed over the seat to pick it up. He opened it and the screen flashed that he'd missed five calls. He groaned. Billy was probably pissed, wondering where he'd gone.

"Want a ride?" Danny asked, raising an eyebrow. Joey grinned.

"Nah. My brother will be suspicious if I don't call for a one." Danny nodded. Joey opened the door and stepped out into the cool air. It was quiet and dark. He flipped open his phone and dialed Billy's number.

"I need a ride." He mumbled when Billy answered. His brother growled angrily into his ear for a few seconds and Joey rolled his eyes. "I had to ditch it. I'm at the docks." Billy ranted a little more then abruptly hung up. Joey turned back to the car and saw that Danny was pulling her cleats back on, sitting in the middle seat.

"He'll be here soon." He told her, watching her retie the muddy laces.

"I'll hide in the back then?" She asked, dangling her legs over the side of the seat out the door.

"Yeah. Til we're gone. Then you'll be free and clear." He leaned against the passenger door next to her.

"What are you gonna tell your…" Joey started, unsure of who the man left at the mini mart had been. Danny grinned.

"My dad?"

"Yeah." She grinned wider.

"I took the car, dad. I had an anxiety attack and needed to be alone." Joey smiled at her.

"Wow. That's lame." He teased. She raised an eyebrow.

"Take it or leave it." Joey raised his hands in defeat.

"I'll take it, I'll take it." He joked, throwing her a grin. "Thank you." He whispered. Her face flushed. This had been the weirdest night ever. The roar of Billy's Mustang approached and Joey moved to close the side door.

"Don't let him see you." He whispered and she ducked into the seat, throwing him a quick smile before he shut the door.

Billy pulled up and blew a puff of smoke out the window, revving his engine. Joey strutted slowly to the car, a smirk on his face.

"Where the fuck did you go?" Billy barked. Joey grinned as he opened the passenger door, sliding into the seat.

"Around. Had to make sure I wasn't followed." Billy rolled his eyes.

"You fuckin' idiot." He put the car in drive, taking a drag on his cigarette. Joey rolled his window down, a smile still on his face. Billy wrinkled his nose as he put his foot down. He could have sworn he smelled sex as he peeled out of the lot.

UPDATE: Went back and redid this a little. Hope you enjoyed.