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"Doggy style outside." Tommy spouted, grinning like a schoolboy in his chair. Spink snorted and waved a hand over the table.

"Road head." Bodie cocked his brows and tossed a shot, clunking it on the table.

"Sisters, at once." He growled, gesturing to his chest with pride. Billy nodded, smiling at his men as they bragged to each other. The game had started as harmless fun and now, as drinks started to flow, the competition was getting fiercer.

"Twins." Baggy said raising a glass to Bodie with a smirk on his face. Billy finally chimed in and pointed at Baggy, a triumphant smile reaching up to his eyes.

"Those two were my scraps." He turned his finger on Bodie. "Those two were my rejects." And he finally turned a finger on Tommy. "And your girlfriend doesn't count." He groaned and the rest of the men laughed.

"Dude, fuck you guys." He took another shot and slouched in the booth while Billy squinted from laughing. "Fuckin' old joke man." Tommy mumbled, glaring at Jaime who made a fake sad face.

"So Billy…" Heco leaned forward from the end of the booth. "…who you takin' home?" The gang scanned the bar and Baggy groaned.

"God, that chick with the curly hair." He bit his lower lip. "She's tasty." Billy examined the girl, taking in the long, curly brown hair and curvy figure. Not tonight. He turned to Baggy and grinned.

"Yeah?" Baggy nodded.

"She's a good pick, Bill." Billy stood up and cracked his neck, looking down at his men. Without another word he strode over to the bar where she was sitting, sipping from a longneck beer.

"Hey sweetheart." He purred, looming in close. She turned her head and shock registered on her face, raising her brows and opening her mouth. Apparently she hadn't been expecting to see him there.

"Hi." She said weakly, adjusting her body so she faced him from head to toe. He didn't hold back any of his effect, leaning in until he could practically taste her. Billy inhaled and drifted his face near her temple.

"What's your name?" He murmured. His voice was low and gravelly, rumbling through his chest. Billy knew the sound would chill her skin; he'd been told how delicious his voice felt and what it could do.

"Regina." She whispered, eyeing him nervously. Her pulse was visible against her neck and Billy wanted to laugh. He'd barely been standing there five seconds and he'd probably slickened her plenty.

"Regina." He purred, bringing a hand up to curl a finger through a lock of her hair. "You know my guys?" Her eyes practically bugged out of her head and she nodded, swallowing as he drifted inches from her lips.

"Sure." Billy gave her his coy smile, flashing his teeth.

"Well I want you to go home with one." She locked onto his eyes, hope springing into her pupils.

"Yeah?" He ran his hand up one of her thighs. Seduction wasn't always necessary, but this wasn't a typical whore. She'd come here for a ride but she wasn't a used car.

"The one with the mohawk. My boy Baggy." He didn't turn to show her; he just let her glance over his shoulder. She shrugged slightly.

"He's ok." Billy grinned and ran his hand higher.

"Let him buy you a few drinks." It was an order but a silky smooth one; and she bought it. With a small smile, she nodded and Billy squeezed her thigh, backing away with a wink. When he returned to the table, he motioned to Baggy with the flick of his wrist.

"Go fetch." Bodie shook his head and Baggy smiled in surprise.

"For real?" Billy threw him an irritated glare.

"Get goin', she aint gonna purr like that for long." Baggy shot from his seat and walked up to the bar. Bodie snorted.

"What, so I'm chopped liver?" Billy laughed and clapped his friend on the back.

"You catch as much as you want, asshole. I don't fish for you." Heco waved from down the booth.

"I'll take the blonde by the door." He said with a smile. Billy glanced over and pulled a cigarette from his jeans.

"Do I look like a fuckin' menu?" The men laughed as he lit the tip, exhaling with a grin. "Fuckin' do one nice thing…" He drifted off, catching the eye of a black haired girl watching him from another table. She had good legs and naughty lips. Bingo. Billy took a drag and stood up once again, motioning to his men. "Found myself a live one boys." Bodie checked the room and nodded approvingly as Billy crossed the floor.

The raven-haired girl stood and, without any prompting, started to the back. She was practically fucking him with her eyes, swooping up and down his body like he was a feast to be eaten. He charged down the hall as she disappeared in the lone room.

"We playin' tag?" He growled, turning into the entrance.

A figure was sitting on the table in the middle of the room, lit horribly by the small bulb above. Billy squinted, realizing it wasn't his prey, but another person entirely. Scorched blonde hair, long slender arms, hooded face, and dark eyes.

She heard him coming and felt her stomach tighten. This must be what Christmas felt like for a kid. His voice rumbled deeply as he turned the corner, appearing in the doorway. Her body reacted instantly, sensations tingling through her in pulses. Happiness, comfort, and definitely arousal. He squinted into the dark and she reached out to her side.

"Thanks, Sue." She whispered, handing the dark haired woman beside her a few bills. Getting Billy alone had been simpler than she'd imagined, but then again, he'd pulled a fast one on her once.

"The fuck?" He murmured, stepping into the room with an angry glare. He didn't like being tricked and he'd felt situation change. Her heartbeat raced as she reached up and pulled the hood down from her head. His face froze, solidly fixed on her. She looked different, the platinum pixie cut on her head practically glowing in the dark room, but she didn't need to explain herself. Sue glanced between them and clicked out the door.

"Take the back." She called after her. The hooker nodded and did as she was told, leaving down the other side of the hall. Billy's face melted as he heard her voice again. She didn't expect what he did next.

In a swift motion, he charged across the room and grabbed her face, opening his mouth as he devoured hers. She dug her hands into his head. He tasted like whiskey and cigarettes, dark and sweet. Each breath made her plunge further into his mouth and take more of his smell, his warmth. Air was secondary and she didn't need it, not when she had this to inhale. Billy Darley. He pulled away and grasped her head firmly, touching his forehead to hers. Relief, his face was covered with relief.

"Helen." He whispered, closing his eyes and panting for air. This was the best reception yet.

"Hey, Darley." His blue eyes flashed up at her and he shook his head.

"No. Not tonight." She frowned, confused.

"What—" He crushed his mouth to hers again.

"Tonight, I'm Billy." He moaned, pulling her away from the table and standing her in front of him. "And you're Helen." With a quick tug, he brought her against his body, pressing every inch of her against his hard frame. She didn't want to let him have his way; her mind told her it was weak. But her body trumped her mind.

How they got to the motel was a mystery. She remembered his Mustang, their quick separation as he paid for a room, and their heated reunion when he returned with a key. They barely said anything, letting their eyes and throbbing bodies speak for them. They were itching the unscratchable itch, giving into the foolish impulse. But for some reason, it didn't matter why. It just had to happen. Helen needed to do this and she knew Billy felt the same. She hadn't missed the looks in the dark, the shifting hips, and hushed breaths. She'd seen those things because she'd been fighting them herself. But now it was about greed, getting what she wanted while she still could. She'd almost missed out.

Billy was strangely gentle at first as she pulled him against her on the motel door. His hands hesitantly drifted down to her hips and Helen snarled into his ear.

"I didn't come here to play petting zoo." He met her eyes and grinned. "I want a Darley." There was no stopping him then. Her back met the door with a thud and his hands eagerly cupped her breasts, kneading them through her t-shirt. Unable to wait another minute, Helen worked his zipper, all the while keeping their hungry mouths connected. They both were breathing furiously, adrenaline and excitement ruling their minds and pulses.

When she'd freed him, her hand gripped his shaft and Billy growled, deep and primal. He had to break the kiss, panting against her temple as she pumped him. Helen laughed and his hands grabbed her shoulders and turned them, pushing her towards the bed as he bit at her throat. Billy ground his teeth while her hand teased him endlessly, threatening to end the game before it'd started. He shoved her and she moaned, falling back onto the mattress. While she lay on her back, he stripped off his black t-shirt, revealing the body beneath. Her lust tripled and she sat up, grabbing his hips and bringing her lips to his ribs, sucking and licking over his tight stomach with hot exhales. His cock twitched against her chest and she ran her fingers over it while she continued to lap at the flexing flesh. Billy hissed breaths out of his nose, looking down at her. She grinned devilishly and he snarled and pinned her on the bed with an arm, tearing her jeans down her legs without opening them. Helen gasped as the material roughly raked down her thighs. Billy stopped and his face fell flat, fingers tracing the large scar on her right leg.

"Jesus, Hell." Using her knees, she grabbed him under the ribs and rolled, pinning him under her body.

"Don't you fuckin' dare." She hissed, roughly pumping his cock between her legs. Billy snarled and laid his head back. "I will kill you if you're gentle." He looked up and dug his hands into her hips, flipping her yet again.

"Fine." He growled, ripping her shirt over her head. Helen slid her panties down her thighs, kicking them away as Billy tore off her bra and bit at her breasts. She tossed her head back, hissing at the white spots he left with his teeth. They faded to red as he traveled lower, wandering past her belly button. Helen sat up, breathing hard as he neared her parted legs.

"What are you doin'?" She panted. He grinned up at her.

"I'm doin' you right." He purred, sucking at a patch of skin on her thigh. "You're gonna get the full package." His exhales ghosted over her slit and Helen bit her bottom lip, spreading her legs further.

"What is this? A car was—" Her voice cut off as he dipped his tongue inside of her, making her inhale sharply. His big palms splayed out over her hips, pulling her closer to his mouth and he opened her with his thumbs. She gave in a let out a deep moan, pleasing him endlessly. "Oh fuck, Darley." He slid two fingers inside of her, sucking on her clit with a grin. Against her instincts, Helen tossed her head back and moaned again, rocking her hips.

The pleasure that tingled through Billy grew exponentially as she relaxed, enjoying his years of experience and months of fantasy. This felt like a play he'd been rehearsing for all his life and his audience was giving him a standing ovation within minutes. Her ass ground on the comforter and she clutched the burgundy fabric, thrusting into his mouth with gasps. When she started to shake he stopped, moving his face to her knee where he ran his tongue over the skin. Her ferocious temper made an entrance and she sat up yanking his face to hers.

Tasting herself on him flooded Helen with arousal; she gripped his shoulders and threw him onto his back, mounting him in a swift kick of her leg. Billy lay still, hissing air through his nose as she took his cock in hand.

"Remember how this works, Darley?" She panted, pressing him inside of her body with slick precision. He grunted, bucking up into her immediately, filling her to the hilt.

"Stop callin' me that." He snarled, digging his nails into her hips. Helen curled her spine and started to swirl around his shaft like a dance. Billy thrust up and down, groaning and humming at her movements. It only made sense that she didn't fuck like a whore. She ran the whores; she was better than them, superior in every way.

Helen grinned and rose from him, unsheathing his red erection. He growled and flipped her over, forcing her legs wide with violent power. Before he'd even thrust all the way inside, she came, clawing at his back. Billy growled in triumph, pounding into her as Helen cried out in choked moans. "You know what I want." He snarled into her ear as their damp faces met side by side.

When she could command her body again, Helen angled up, digging her heels into the bed. With both hands, she grabbed Billy's ass. He grunted and dug deep, his hips slapping against her thighs.

"No." She whispered, unwilling to surrender to him. Billy growled and she bit his shoulder, bringing her lips around the mark. He shook and hissed, turning his head to try and nip at her. Helen bit him again and he moaned, giving into the pleasure the pain bore. No woman had ever dared to hurt him and normally he wouldn't allow it. But this wasn't just anyone; this was his rival, back from the dead, the one woman who infuriated him and drove him wild in the same instant. The months between her supposed death and now surfaced to mind and Billy rippled with warmth, feeling her claw at his back. She was very much alive and he was going to honor that until he couldn't move. Helen gripped him with her knees and turned him over again, continuing the endless wrestling match for domination.

Billy had to clamp down on his jaw to hold back his climbing release. He didn't want this to end but his body was begging, pleaded for him to let it go. Helen pressed her palms in his pecs, leaning down to lick and bite his nipples. The sensation made him squirm and scratch her lower back as he struggled. She moaned, rocking on his lap cruelly.

"I don't like you enough." She murmured. Billy had almost forgotten they were in the midst of banter. Helen sunk on him hard and he reached up, grabbing her jaw in a hand and forcing her mouth to his. Their tongues fought, each battling to occupy more space, to control the other. Billy sat up, pressing his chest to Helen's.

"Yes you do." He growled. His fingers twisted in her hair and he tugged her head back, exposing her neck to his swollen lips. He was going to mark her in every way possible. As he sucked below her jaw, he knew she felt similarly as her nails dug into his shoulders, prickling like needles. He thrust into her, cock screaming from deep inside. Time was up.

Billy rolled her and grabbed behind her knees, bringing her legs higher on his hips.

"Say it." He snarled, plunging hard. He needed to hear it. Helen was damp with sweat, clinging to him as she neared the edge once again.

"No." Billy reached up to her mouth and parted her lips, darting his tongue between them. He was going to get what he wanted. Her thighs trembled and knees kicked, meeting him in a frenzy.

"Helen Gates…" Her name. He purred the words like they were made of silk. "…scream for me."

"Fuck I hate you." She whispered. Billy panted through a grin. His thumb slipped between them and rubbed her clit. "FUCK." Helen hissed.

"Say it."

"No." Her legs shook and Billy's hips were aflame. He wouldn't let it go.

"Helen." He purred, lapping at her mouth. She looked into his eyes and they went silent, staring. She'd been dead. Gone forever. He needed this from her.

"Billy." She whispered. He shivered and growled, covering her throat with his lips. "Billy." She said, louder. If they were breaking rules, she might as well break this one too. "BILLY!" Helen screamed, climaxing with an arching back, writhing beneath him. He grunted and complied to his aching spine, releasing with a cry. They rocked together, sighing in rhythm with burning breaths. Billy collapsed on top of her, sticking against her with damp skin. Helen slapped his ass.

"Get up, Darley." He groaned and turned his head to look in her eyes.

"No." He grabbed her thighs and pulled out of her, kneeling back between her feet. "I'm nowhere near done with you, Hell." Helen took a deep breath and crossed her arms behind her head, keeping her legs bent and spread.

"Good to hear."


Ok. So I had an epiphany when I finished this. Jacked is a story about Joey and his story was told, for the most part. He and Danny are in a good place and I think I can move on. WAIT! Put down your pitchforks!

I also realized that the plot I'd laid out was very Billy and Helen centric and this was the best place to end Jacked and move onto a their story. Danny and Joey will still exist! They just wont be the centerpiece like they'd been here.

I loved writing this for you and I just wanted to create two separate pieces, keep them neat, I suppose. SO PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR THE SEQUEL. And I hope you continue reading. =)