Chapter One Introductions and Journey

My name is Sarah and I'm the Red Dragon Ranger of the Mythical Power Rangers. We rangers don't protect earth but the mythical creatures that reside on earth. It was Zordon who told us who our ancestors were and how they passed down they're power and titles from generation to generation.

Until the mythical creature elders decided it was time to go into hiding and let the humans live in peace. That was over 1,000 years ago and ever since then the Mythical Power Rangers protect all types of creatures from fiery dragons to tiny fairies.

We rangers lived normal human lives but we were not human. When Zordon told us who we were we he activated something in our blood that was part mythical creature and that was how we picked which ranger we were to be.

But now that you know about me how about I tell you about the time I met the other red rangers and helped save the earth.

I was sitting in my favorite meadow in the mythical realm one day when I felt something big was about to happen and I knew I was the only one who could help stop it, alone, without my team. I stood up and made my way to see the elders.

I was now riding the wind in my dragon form toward the NASADA space port where my instincts were telling me to go. As I was closing in I saw another figure on a motorcycle closing in on the space port as well. When I was close enough to land I hovered for a minute and watched and then I saw 7 men run out from the space port to meet the one on the motorcycle, one I recognise being Tommy who had been my friend for ages. After they all talked for a minute I roar and landed on the ground behind them.

They all turned and got in to a defence stance. I smirked in my head and thought to myself as I changed back to human form, 'Like these humans could take me on with or without ranger powers.' When I fully human they all were staring at me and then looked to my clothes.

I was wearing a Blood red dress that hooked the sleeves around my upper arms. It had a yellow golden sash hanging on my hips and it flowed freely from my hips to my feet. My hair was hanging partly in my face and flowing down all of my back. I had a necklace with an amulet hanged loosely around my neck; it had been my ancestors and was what told other mythical creature who I was when not in ranger form and a Dragon arm band on my right arm. I was barefoot and had a dragon tattoo on my right outside ankle. (Pictures link on profile.)

When Tommy saw it was me he smiled big and came and hugged me. I hugged back and said to him, "I've come to help."