Childhood Returns

Genre: Romance

Rating: T for language and suggested themes

Pairing: AtemuxYuugi (female), later some RyouxBakura, MarikxMalik, and SetoxJoey

Summary: Everyone knew they were meant to be together. All the hardships and heartbreak they went through just to get back to each other. However there are some people who refuse to let others be happy.

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Warnings: No yaoi because it is a female Yuugi, but it's still puzzleshipping or blindshipping whichever way people want to look at it. Also Yuugi is a little OC, because she is not some shy little high schooler, which you will see in this chapter.

Chapter 1: I love you

A young lady no older than eighteen years of age stood before the huge estate. She had not been to this place in eight long years, but today she wanted to change that. This woman had long raven black hair with blond bangs and unique amethyst eyes. The clothes she wore were a simple blue jean skirt and a black tank top. In her hands was an overnight duffle bag.

She waited quietly for the doors before her to open and when they did, the family butler greeted her with a warm smile.

"My word…" He said in a surprised British accent. "Lady Yuugi, it is so good to see you again."

The lady now known as Yuugi curtsy for the butler and then made her way inside as the door was held open for her. "It's nice to see you again Henry. I hope the family has been doing well."

The butler took her bag and sat it on the side table near the door. "All as been well miss, except for lord Atemu. Things have not been right with him these last few days." He sounded a little on the sad side.

Yuugi flashed him a smile to try and cheer him up. "I can assure you Henry that after today Atemu will be right as rain."

This statement took the butler by surprise, before he nodded his head. "Oh please do help lord Atemu out. I would hate to see him throw his life away." He took the lead and led Yuugi with quick steps toward the back garden. This was where his young master was taking his afternoon lunch.

As they entered the garden, Yuugi took a minute to take in its beauty before her eyes fell on the patio table which two people were seated at. One of them was the young master himself, Atemu Sennen. He was the youngest son of four children having just turned 22. This man was the next in line toward owning a big music company his father currently owned that had been passed down through many generations.

Atemu was a handsome individual with sharp crimson eyes and a perfect tan. His black hair was spiked up into the shape of a star with crimson tips and blond bangs framing his face. Some of the blond went back into his hair like lightning bolts.

There happened to be a lady across from him talking nonstop about something. She was not such to look at with long curly blond hair and ugly green eyes which sparkled with greed and lust.

With a smirk on her face, Yuugi approached the two and cleared her throat to get their attention. When both eyes were on her, the crimson pair belonging to Atemu widened.

"Yuugi…" It was a simple whisper of her name that left his lips.

A smile broke out on Yuugi's face, glad that Atemu had not forgotten her. "I'm so happy to see you again Atemu. I hope you didn't miss me too much."

Atemu was still in a state of shock to really reply to that.

The other female looked to Atemu disappointed at being interrupted and having Atemu's attention taken away from her. "Atemu dear, who is this?"

A devilish smirk worked its way onto Yuugi's face as she faced the unknown female. "I'm Yuugi Sennen, Atemu's wife…"

There was dead silence for a good two minutes, before the lady at the table stood up quickly with a look of rage on her face. "What?" She yelled before turning to Atemu. "What is the meaning of this Atemu? You are engaged to me!"

Atemu looked between the two unsure about what to do. He had no idea Yuugi would ever come back into his life. "I…" For once he was at a complete lost for words.

Yuugi smiled sweetly again and moved closer to Atemu. She started to run her fingers through his hair and her other hand cupped his chin. "When I read in the newspapers that you were engaged I just had to come rushing home. I have no idea you would leave me for some slut so quickly."

"Slut!" The other woman exclaimed. "I am by no means a slut! I am a lady, who is engaged to the man you are touching. We are going to be married."

A glare was sent her way with such hate in its depth that it made the woman flinch. "Henry, would you be as kind as to escort this 'lady' out of here so I may have a word with Atemu."

Henry approached the table and gently placed his hand on the upset woman's shoulder. "Miss if you will just come this way."

The woman slapped his hand away and turned to her soon to be husband. "Honey!"

Atemu sighed and rubbed his forehead. "I think it would be wise for you to go with him for the time being. I will fix this matter do not worry."

"Fine, but you better make sure this matter is fixed before I tell my daddy about this." The woman stuck her nose up in the air and walked off with Henry.

Once they were out of ear shot, Atemu glared at the grinning girl before him. "Was there a point in all this?" He asked not one bit amused.

Yuugi continued to grin at him. "I put on quite the show didn't I. I had her so fooled that I was your wife."

Atemu sighed and rubbed his forehead again. "What are you doing here Yuugi?"

Yuugi's face grew serious as she looked at him again. "I came to stop you from making a huge mistake. There is no way I can let you marry a girl like that. She probably doesn't even love you just all the money you have."

"Why do you even care?" He sounded angry. "I haven't seen you for eight freaking years Yuugi and now you just randomly come around and care about me."

Out of nowhere Yuugi slapped him right across the face. Atemu didn't even know he had been slapped until a red mark started to appear on his right cheek and really started to hurt.

Yuugi glared at him with such hate Atemu flinched just like his 'fiancé' had. "If I remember correctly you were the one who told me you didn't want me around you anymore…" She stated with venom in her voice. "I have never once stopped caring about you after that incident, but you were the one who drove me to leave this place."

Atemu watched as Yuugi's face started to soften and tears fell down her face.

"Ever since that incident you have never been the same as the little boy I grew up with. I love the old Atemu who would shelter me and promise to always be there. You were the one guy who ever made me feel love." She reached into her shirt and pulled out a thin chain with a ring hanging off it. The ring was a black plastic band with a broken fake white diamond. It looked like it would fit a child's finger. "I remember when you gave me this and proposal to me when I was six. You told me I was your wife and that you loved me."

Atemu looked away with his eyes downcast. "We were children Yuugi."

Yuugi's eyes closed and she too looked away. Her voice broke with her next words. "But I have never stopped loving you…"


Yuugi looked back at Atemu to see the disbelief in his eyes. "I said I have never stopped loving you. Ever since you pushed me away and I left I could not stop thinking about you. Every time I read the paper to see you with another girl, I could feel myself getting so mad, that I would date the first guy who asked me out even if they would break my heart in the end. I have been through so much heart ache, but every time I read that you are single again my heart beats faster because I think to myself that I have a chance to be with you again. However it was never long before another bitch was on your arm." She stopped to take a breath and balled her hands into fists.

"This last one finally threw me over the edge when I read that you were engaged. I got lucky when I got some good advice from a friend and he told me if really loved you I should come and fight for you."

Atemu then reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring. He looked at it before handing it out to Yuugi. "I had this made for you after I yelled at you all those years ago to try and apologize but I found out you had left. I kept trying to find the perfect time to send it to you and try and get you back, but every time I would chicken out scared of what you would say to me."

Yuugi reached out and took the ring getting a good look at it. It looked just like the plastic ring she had, but this one was real and the diamond was a real amethyst stone that sparkled in the sun. It was such a breath taking ring that Yuugi couldn't believe Atemu was giving it to her. "Why are you giving it to me?"

"I always carry it around because I have never stopped loving you either." He replied as he reached out and took her hand into his. "All those girls never meant anything to me. The stupid publicist my dad hired for himself has hooked me up with all those girls to get my image up before I took over the company."

More tears spilt from Yuugi's eyes, but they were tears of happiness not sadness. "All this time I thought you hated me."

Atemu pulled her closer until she was sitting on his lap. "I could never hate you. I was just upset after what happened and I sadly took everything out on you." He explained as he put his arms around her. "I regret ever pushing you away and I will do whatever it takes to keep you in my arms, so I don't lose you again."

They looked into each other eyes seeing the love they still held for each other. Yuugi held out her hand to present Atemu with the ring. "You know what to say."

Atemu took the ring and chuckled. "Well Yuugi, would you do me the honor of marrying me?"

Yuugi tapped her chin in fake thought. "I don't know…"

Slipping the ring on Yuugi's finger, Atemu rolled his eyes. "Yuugi…"

"Duh!" Yuugi announced as she turned around to kiss him right on the lips. When they broke she had a wide grin on her face. "So can I go tell the bimbo to hit the road?"

"She's not a bimbo and I think it would be wise if I let her know we are over."

Yuugi's eyes took on a kicked puppy look. "Pwease! I promise to keep it PG."

A sigh came from Atemu before he nodded. "Okay go ahead, but I better not hear you cursed her out like a sailor."

The newly engaged Yuugi stood up and saluted him. "Aye Aye captain!" She started to leave, but turned around for a moment to ask another question. "By the way, if you never loved her why did you propose to her?"

"I got her a ring as a birthday gift and she took it the wrong way and started rumors that I proposed. That idiot publicist wanted me to go along with it for the time being because my dad has this party coming up, but I was going to break it off before the party and then use that as my excuse to stay home since I don't go out to parties with my family."

Yuugi flashed Atemu her ring with a smile. "It's time to get this show on the road."

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