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Chapter 21: Things I'll Never Say

The music awards lasted about three hours and then it was time for the after parties. There were after parties all over Tokyo, but the Sennen Siblings were going to a more relaxed after party at one of Tokyo's fancies hotels. Amun would have loved to go clubbing with his siblings, but since Joey and Yuugi were tagging along clubbing would have to wait for another time.

The hotel was within walking distance of the Stadium and it happened to be booked full of celebrities who had traveled in for the awards. The ball room had been closed off for only celebrities and media to keep any crazy fans out. It was set up lavish with a huge chandelier in the middle of the room and tables off to the sides so that the dance floor was clear for dancers. A simple DJ had been set up on stage playing old and new hits from artists who had been given awards that night.

As soon as the Sennen siblings showed up they were led into the ball room and shown to their own private table near the back. Celebrities of all types were on the dance floor or siting at their own tables. Most were trying to look good for the reporters and cameras hidden and not so hidden around the room, while others were talking in groups about their achievements and wealth.

Joey had to try her best to stop gasping like a crazed fan, but it was so hard when she had never been this close to any type of celebrity.

Amun had long since disappeared with Yumi as soon as they arrived, while Kek stayed with them for a few minutes until he too disappeared.

"Do they always do that?" Joey asked as she sipped her water.

Atemu nodded his head as he took the red wine the waiter offered him. "As much as they do not seem like it at home, my brothers and sister can't help but like to be in the spot light. They may not show off their wealth, but they are proud of what they have achieved."

"You wouldn't believe it from the way they are, but all three of them had to fight to get to where they are." Yuugi pointed out, she sat between the two of them and had the perfect view of the dance floor. "Amun's music took a while to take off because of his unique rock sound. Yumi used to be shy in front of cameras, but she really wanted to become an actress. It took years for her to break out of her shell. Kek was always so athletic, but until he went to college no one really saw how amazing he was at soccer."

Joey then looked across the table at Atemu, "What about you?"

"I've always had a thing for the company since I was little. My father used to take me to his work all the time. It took years for him to build the company and I knew I wanted him to keep it within the family. I'm still proving myself to my father, since he's just is not ready to let go. He never has believed I could not run the company by myself and he is not worried about my disability." Atemu explained. "It's just I think him and my mother fear me taking over, because it would mean I've grown up enough that I do not need them anymore. I'm the baby of the family so they are rather protective of me."

Yuugi reached over and held Atemu's hand. "I think they also fear of how others will treat you. The people you deal with will see the disability and try to walk all over you."

Atemu smirked at her. "I'm not that easy to just walk all over. I can hold my own."

"So did you ever come to things like this often?" Joey asked next. If she had been born into the high class life she would be one of those individuals who parties all the time.

Atemu shook his head. "No, I lived most of my life in that manor because I was ashamed of what had happened to me. It wasn't my fault, but I hate the looks I get when in public."

Joey could understand where he was coming from. "I couldn't imagine going through what you went through. I've seen others who have lost the use of their legs, but I never understood how they still live a normal life."

"It just takes a lot of love and support." Yuugi said with a smile. "He may be limited by a few things, but that doesn't change who he is."

Joey grinned at her friend. "I see why you too fell for each other. You both have so much in common, plus Yuugi has always seen past the faults of people and sees the best in them."

Those words caused Yuugi to blush. "Joey…" She hissed, while her friend just giggled.

They continued causal talk for a while until Joey excused herself to the restroom. That left Yuugi and Atemu to just relax and watch everyone else enjoying themselves.

Atemu let out a sigh, which caused Yuugi to look at him. "What?"

"It's nothing really, but sometimes I wish I could still walk." Atemu told her. "I could be out there dancing with you. I remember when we were little and would dance all the time in my parent's living room, because you wanted me to overcome my two left feet."

Yuugi could not help but giggle at the memory. "I remember those days, but it's not all bad. I'm just glad to have you with me. I would rather be sitting here with you relaxing than out there dancing."

"I'm glad you feel that way, because I've noticed a lot of people staring at you looking like they would like to dance with you." Atemu pointed out. He had seen the way some of the men in the room looked at his fiancée and he did not like it.

"I only have eyes for you sweetie." Yuugi lean over and gave Atemu a kiss to make him feel better.

"Aw isn't that cute!"

Both broke apart to look in front of them. There stood a woman with long wavy blond hair and violet eyes. She wore a long V-neck dark purple dress with a slit that went to her mid-thigh on both sides. While besides her was a male about a few inches shorter than her with short dark brown hair that spiked up in a few areas and grey eyes. He wore a simple black suit with a purple shirt to match her dress.

"Mai, what are you doing here?"

Yuugi looked at her fiancée in shock and then back at the woman. "That's Mai?"

The woman now known as Mai smiled at the two. "Yes it's me, so why haven't I heard from you in the last year Atemu?"

Atemu blushed. "Well, I've been busy..."

Mai rolled her eyes. "Sure you have and you couldn't call your dear cousin and let her know you finally got engaged to the right woman." She then looked at Yuugi with another smile. "It's good to see you again doll."

"It's good to see you too Mai. What have you been up to?"

Mai and her partner sat down opposite Atemu and Yuugi. "Well I've been in Europe for a modeling job and I also took some time off to do some sightseeing."

Mai was Atemu's distant cousin on his mother's side of the family. The only reason Mai was close to the family was because she looked up to Amara as a role model. As a young girl Mai always wanted to be model and be on the cover of every magazine she could. Once she was old enough Mai moved to Tokyo to start her modeling career with Amara's help. The adult was two years older than Amun at the age of thirty, but she could still pass as being in her early twenties.

Atemu then looked at Mai's partner. "You must be Valon, correct?"

The male known as Valon nodded.

Mai blushed. "Sorry I forgot you two haven't met before. Atemu, Yuugi, this is my husband Valon. He is a well-known photographer from Australia. We met during a photo shoot I did in his hometown about ten years ago."

"How long have you been married?" Yuugi asked.

Mai smiled at Valon. "Five years now…" She then glared at Atemu. "Someone decided to miss out on that wedding."

Atemu rolled his eyes. "Excuse me for not being able to make it."

Mai sighed and gave a sad smile to Atemu. "I know you were going through a tough time, but I still hate that you missed out. It would have been nice to see you there."

Atemu smiled back at her. He couldn't blame her for being upset. "I know, but I just wasn't up to traveling and I wish I could have been there too."

The small group continued talking mostly Yuugi and Valon letting Mai and Atemu catch up with each other.

After a stop at the restroom, Joey made a small trip to the finger food table. The waiters were walking around with trays of finger foods for the guest, but there was no way she was going to hunt down any of them. She had no idea when the main dishes would be served and after sitting in one seat for three hours, she was hungry.

The blond found small plates near the food, so she grabbed one and started to fill it. This was her first time at a party like this, so she had no idea if she was allowed to serve herself, however Joey did not see the point in having someone else bring her finger food when she was perfectly capable herself.

After picking a few different sandwiches to share with Atemu and Yuugi, she moved on to the fruit, but as she grabbed a small hand full of grapes, a few rolled off the table. Deciding it was best not to leave them there she set her plate down and kneel down to get the runaway grapes.

"I thought only dogs ate off the floor…"


Joey looked up to see the Seto Kaiba and his little brother Mokuba standing near the table now. The younger Kaiba had grabbed a plate, probably getting ready to get some food.

"Sorry about that Joey, Seto doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut." Mokuba said with a glare to his older brother. "Apologize to Joey now Seto…"

"It's alright Mokuba I'm sure he did not mean it." Joey said with a forced smile as she stood back up. "I'm sure he just thought I was someone else, didn't you?"

Seto stood there looking at Joey for a good long minute, before turning and leaving without saying a word.

Joey's fist clenched at her side because of that. "The nerve of that guy!"

Mokuba sighed and shook his head. "Don't worry Joey he tends to insult everyone including his family." He then grinned at the blond. "Although with the way he took off I would think he was scared to be around you."

Without another word Joey finished with her plate and headed back to Yuugi and Atemu, her mood turning slightly sour after running into Kaiba.

Yuugi and Atemu had been enjoying their casual conversation with Mai and Valon when Joey came back over and pretty much slammed her plate on the table. Everyone at the table jumped and turned their eyes to the visible angered Joey.

"What happened?" Yuugi bravely asked, hoping her friend's anger would not turn on her.

Joey let out a sigh and took her spot back beside Yuugi. "I ran into Mokuba and his brother at the snack table…."

"Let me guess Seto insulted you?" Atemu questioned and he was not surprised by the surprised look Joey gave him.

"How did you know?"

Atemu shrugged it off like it was nothing new. "He does it to everyone he talks to pretty much. Mostly at the people close to him, but he will sometimes insult people he doesn't know or thinks are beneath him. My father thinks he has trouble showing emotions because of his childhood."

Joey couldn't imagine going through life insulting people. "Yuugi told me Seto and Mokuba are your cousins correct?"

"Yeah," Atemu conformed. "Seto has insulted me plenty of times as a child and as an adult. He doesn't mean to hurt anyone it's just the way he is. Never in my life have I seen him cry or being caring to anyone who is not his brother. Sometimes I even see him insult his own brother, but Mokuba grew up with him so he is used to it."

"Kind of a sad way to live life," Joey pointed out. "I couldn't even imagine being like that to Serenity."

Just as Joey was starting to cool down and was introduced to Mai and Valon, two certain individuals arrived at the table. Mokuba pulled up a chair between Mai and Atemu.

"Hey guys…"

Atemu reached over and ruffled Mokuba's hair. "Hey kiddo how is school?"

Mokuba grabbed Atemu's arm and pushed it away from him. "I'm not a little kid anymore Atemu, but school is fine. I'm just glad to get away for the weekend."

"I hear Mr. Ice heart is here also…" Mai said with a grin.

Mokuba sighed, but before he could talk someone appeared behind the younger Kaiba.

"I'm surprised the Ice queen as graced us with her presence." Seto restored back with a smirk.

Mai stuck out her tongue at Kaiba.

"Seto come on, can't you let loose?" Atemu asked his cousin. He rarely got to see Mokuba and Seto since they lived in Domino and he wanted tonight to be a good night.

"A CEO is not allowed to just let loose as you put it." Seto replied back as he stood his ground. "I still see the co-CEO of Sennen records is as lazy as ever."

Atemu put on a smirk that could match Kaiba's. "At least I don't have a stick up my ass and know how to have a good time."

All the others had to cover their mouths to keep from laughing, while Yuugi glared at her fiancée and slapped him upside the head. "Really Atemu..?"

Atemu shrugged. "What? He had it coming."

Once things had calm down, Joey stood up and went around to Seto. He was considered family to Yuugi and Atemu so she thought they better start over on the right foot. She held out her hand with a smile. "Hi I'm Joey, friend of Yuugi. I think we got off on the wrong foot by the snack table."

"Yeah I remember you, picking up food off the floor like a dog."

Slowly Joey's smile started to fall but she tried again. "I'm not a dog."

"I guess your right dog is not the right term for someone like you. I think mutt is a better term don't you think?"

"I'm not a freaking Mutt!" Joey shouted already losing her cool. "I dropped something so I picked it up end of story."

Seto just chuckled. "Yuugi I think the mutt needs to be put back on her leash."

Yuugi bowed her head and just prayed for the best.

Before anyone could stop her, Joey had grabbed Atemu's wine and poured it all down the front of Seto's suit. It was bad timing for sure because a few cameras caught all the action. She stuck out her tongue at Seto, before walking off and out of the ball room.

Everyone was in a state of shock, except Yuugi who quickly went after Joey to help calm her friend down. Once the shock wore off Atemu couldn't stop the laugh that escaped his mouth.

"Wow Seto, I've never seen you go at it like that with a woman. I think someone has a crush." He teased his cousin. This was turning into an exciting night.

Seto glared at Atemu before turning and walking off without another word.

Atemu watched as he made his way through the crowd pushing reporters out of his way who wanted to know what had happened. There were things Seto would never say out loud, but something in his eyes told Atemu that his cousin had the hots for a Ms. Josephine Wheeler.

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