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I'll spend forever wondering if you knew

I was enchanted to meet you...

Another year, another school, another struggle to fit in and make friends. Hopefully, something in this cycle will change soon...

I stared at the unopened boxes scattered around my new room. This happens every summer. Another year, another school, another phase in this endless cycle. When will this ever stop? And just when I was getting used to my old school.

This time, my parents threw me in this newly-opened-to-the-female-population boarding school specializing in Astronomy. This school was definitely different from all the past schools I attended before, in a good way if I may say so myself. Though I've yet to discover everything Seigatsu Academy has to offer.

A knock on my door disturbed me from my thoughts. I stood up from my not-so-but-relatively comfortable sitting position on the floor and tried to fix my auburn hair to look as presentable as possible before opening the door.

"Ah, good evening! You must be Shiraga Seika-san. My name's Yahisa Tsukiko." as soon as I opened the door, I was greeted by this cheerful brown haired girl. "My room is just beside yours."

"Good evening, Yahisa-san. Um.." it was a relief to have another girl in this mostly populated by boys school. I knew we'd be great friends although I'm a bit awkward with situations like this but this is the time to do my best. "Nice to meet you." I knew that sounded awkward. Darn.

"Aw, Shiraga-san, you're too cute!" She giggled. I blushed from embarrassment. "I know we're gonna be great friends!" she said as she held out a hand. I reached out my hand for a friendly handshake.

"Yes, please take care of me, Tsukiko-chan." we both smiled, feeling the bond growing between us. "Oh, and just call me Seika."

She had a not so serious contemplative look on her face. "Hmm, only if you call me Tsukiko all the time. Deal?" she asked.

"Deal." I replied.

"Oh, do you need help unpacking?" she said looking above my shoulder to the stacked boxes.

"No, I'm fine. And I'm pretty sure you have homework to do, eh Tsukiko-chan?" I said, knowing what she planning to do. She blushed at being figured out so easily.

"How do you know that, Seika-chan? You must be psychic!" She laughed and I laughed along with her.

"Hey, I don't wanna be an excuse for you to not do your homework just yet." I semi-reprimanded her.

"Okay, Okay. I get you. Are you sure you really don't need help though?" she asked, genuinely concerned for my (and my room's) well being.

"Yes, I'm sure." reassuring her that I'm fine.

"Oh, anyway. What year are you in Seika-chan?" she asked.

"Second. You?" I hoped we were in the same year.

"Second as well! I hope we'll be classmates. I'm sorta sick of being stuck around boys all the time."

"All the time? Where's the rest of the girls?"

"I'm the only girl in school. Until now. I finally have another girl to hang out with!" She sang. I can feel the relief and joy radiating from her and relief from myself.

"So yeah, I'll see you tomorrow then, Seika-chan! I've still got homework to do. It was nice meeting you!" she said as she gave a short bow.

I returned the gesture by giving a short bow as well. "Good night then, Tsukiko-chan. See you tomorrow."

Her personality's so much different than mine. She was cheerful and seemed optimistic while I've given up hoping for the best. I used to think of the brighter things in life... But I soon learned it was useless and just crushed me even more.

And with that she left as I closed the door, sighing as I stared at the boxes once again. This is gonna be a long night.

I woke up next morning finding myself sprawled across the floor, right in the middle of the room. I probably passed out from 'over-unpacking'. Most of the boxes stacked were empty which probably meant I was done, or maybe almost done.

I tried to push myself up but to no avail. My back hurts from lying down on the cold, hard floor. Lesson learned, definitely. Instead of trying, I inspected the thing I was apparently holding right before I fell asleep. It was a picture of two kids holding hands, big smiles plastered on their young, blushing faces... It was a picture of me and a silvery-blue haired boy... Was that? Oh no! I suddenly remembered, making me stand up and hurriedly start fixing myself. Ugh, late as usual.

I ran towards the school's main entrance. Seigatsu Academy sure had complex uniforms. Perfectly tailored blouses tucked underneath waist-high miniskirts, thigh high black socks (more like stockings, really.), and color designated ribbons per year, red for second year. But because I was in such a hurry, blame short-term memory loss this time, my uniform had two buttons unbuttoned in my blouse, unfixed socks (one was higher than the other), and a ribbon u-neatly tied around my neck. Other students stared at me either because I looked like such a mess or because I looked like I was in a hurry when school's not about to start yet. But boy, was I in a hurry.

A ran until I saw the mess of silver-blue hair I missed oh so much, Kanakubo Homare. I stopped a few feet away from him feeling all teary-eyed. Our gazes meet and the cheery smile plastered on his face brought me back memories of the good old days. I feel so old now.

He slowly walked towards me and I felt his arms wrap around me in a gentle embrace.


"Homare-kun!" I exclaimed trying to calm down, returning the gesture. I tightened my hold on him. He was the only real friend I've made so far, making him very dear to my heart.

"Calm down, Seika-chan." he laughed as I gave him a childish pout. "I missed you too."

"Homare-kuuuun" I whined like a little child. And I felt like one too. He was at least a half a foot taller than me. "How...why... You're so tall now..." I said, slightly in awe.

"You're just short. Not my fault." I smacked him on the arms. How dare he call me short.

I continued to stare at his face. He's grown up to be such a handsome young man too. I blushed, how can I think of these things right now? Teenage hormones are crazy.

"Is there something in my face, Seika?" he asked, totally unaware of my red-tinted cheeks. Which was a good thing, by the way.

"N..nothing. It's just that... It's been too long hasn't it, Homare-kun?" I stuttered, trying to find a nice way to distract me from my thoughts.

"Yeah, it was a good thing we still contacted each other. I'm glad you came back, Seika." he could be such a sap sometime. But that doesn't mean I dislike that part of him. It was...Endearing.

He started fixing my blouse, buttoning the rest and fixing my ribbon like a mother would. Of course this made me blush both from the contact and from embarrassment of having look like a messy child in front of him. I started fixing my socks/stockings and my hair, trying to look decent enough.

"Good thing you're here, Homare-kun. I didn't want to go to another school where everyone's a stranger." I took a step back and bowed towards him in an almost 90 degree angle. "Please take care of me, senpai!" I said loudly, now looking at him with a big smile on my face.

My smile reflected on his face. "So now you call me senpai, eh, Seika-chan?" his smile was so innocent yet so reprimanding at the same time. It made me smile sheepishly.

"Do you want me to call you senpai, senpai?" I batted my eyes as if I was some kid acting innocently. This earned me a chuckle from him.

"You'll never change. Still as cute as a kid." he was pinching my cheeks like they were made of rubber. It definitely hurt, dammit.

As I said, he was the only real friend I have right now. He's the only one I feel comfortable around with. What if I've never met him, what if we've never been friends, What if...



"Thank you."

"What for?"

The bell rang signaling the students to be in their respective classrooms. Unfortunately I have no idea where the second year rooms are.

"Oh I have to go. Bye Homare-kun!" I started going the opposite way when he called out.

"Seika-chan! Drop by the archery club later!"

I ran not able to reply to him. I wanted to go but, I didn't really know where the archery club is... Let alone my own classroom. I thought of ways to find just exactly where my classroom was.

Principal's office? Nah. Might get even more lost than I already am.

Ask a random person? No. Too shy.

Try to follow a random group of student? That might work.

Is there really no other way? I should've asked Homare-kun before I left-


I thought I collided with a wall when I heard a deep voice trying to catch my attention and another one who sounded a bit familiar.

"Hey, are you okay?"

I looked up and almost instantly my eyes found themselves glued on a guy's face. The sun glorified his golden brown hair, making it appear even more golden than brown. His skin was perfect and his face was pretty, maybe even prettier than a girl but still had than handsome boy-ish appeal. But what mesmerized me the most were his eyes. They were gray. But as I gazed longer, it was lighter, shinier, it looked metallic, enchanting... Like silver.

I know it's rude to stare at a person, more so a stranger so I tried to divert my attention to something else but I found it difficult to do so. There's something about him, especially his eyes, that draws me in.

Though, everything about him seemed familiar yet so distant. As if that memory was only in a dream.

"Hey, uh, I said are you okay?" his voice surprised me and I lowered my head to hide my reddening face.

And just like that my heart rate went haywire. I think this is the first time I've experience this, and I'm sure not liking it. It makes me feel stupid and restless and embarrassed. I decided to calm myself down. And I knew I had to answer fast because his voice might cause my heart to go crazy again.

I looked up at him once more and noticed he was reaching out his hand to me. I decided to ignore it. Well, I wasn't known being polite and I kind of hate myself for that.

I stood by without his help and quickly brushed myself off.

"Yes, I'm fine." I said, shooting him a smile.

It looked as if he was caught off guard but quickly regained his composure. "That's good."

God, it's that voice of his again. I stared at him once again, and our eyes met each other's gaze. Oh gosh, I can feel my insides melting.

"Hey! Miyaji-kun! Wh-" I saw a familiar face walk up to us. Oh, so it was Tsukiko-chan. So they know each other? She looked at me and a smile replaced her reprimanding scowl "Seika! Did this jerk hurt you?" she asked, the jerk referring to the guy in front of me. Apparently she saw what happened.

"Nah, not at all." I laughed, trying to calm her down.

She turned to face the boy. "Hey, if you hurt her, you're gonna face eternal pain from me, got that?" It's funny how concerned she was for me. So I guess we really are friends.

"Tsukiko, I think that's a bit too harsh. I mean, it was just a slight bump, right... Uh..." So I really don't know him yet. And calling him 'really handsome dude I just met' is a bit inappropriate.

On cue, He looked straight to my eyes and told me his name while giving a short bow. "Miyaji Ryunosuke."

I feel a bit too flustered from all the happenings right now and I can feel myself stuttering, "uh, r-right, Miyaji-san?" he just shrugged, I didn't really know what that meant though.

"Oh, and my name's Shiraga Seika." I bowed at around ninety degrees. "Nice to meet you."

I heard Tsukiko scoff beside me. "Seika, you don't have to be too polite to a person like that." she said while dragging me away from Miyaji.

Miyaji rolled his eyes, probably from Tsukiko's childish antics before following us.

Tsukiko slowed down a bit, which relieved me a bit since she was dragging me. Miyaji had caught up with us making us walk side by side.

"So, Seika-chan, what's your room?" She asked me, breaking the silence.

"2-D, I think." She stopped and looked at me in disbelief.

"2-D? What rotten luck. I'm in 2-C" she said feeling dejected.

"That's too bad, I guess." I said while smiling sadly. Deep inside, I was distressed.

"Hey, Miyaji-kun! You go watch Seika for me, okay?" She said to Miyaji, having a determined look on her face. "We can't have the guys eat her alive." I looked at her with wide eyes. What is she talking about? She pinched my cheeks just like how Homare did a few moments ago. "Especially with a face this cute!" she squealed.

I couldn't really retort at her because she was still pinching and stretching my cheeks but I did have a tsundere face on. Well, this is embarrassing.

I heard Miyaji sigh and look away. "Fine. I will, I will." he said, bringing his hands at the back of his head looking relaxed as ever.

God, he didn't want to, he could just say so. Chivalry is so dead nowadays.

"It's okay if you don't want to. I mean, if it's too much of a hassle." told him, trying to keep up my poker face.

"It's fine, really." he replied. This time looking at me with those stern eyes of his.

"Okay then. Thanks in advance, I guess." I told him, unable to look into his eyes.

This time, I could feel his gaze at me. I didn't want to look up at him since he might see the blush on my cheeks. It was then when I felt his hands lift up my chin, trying to get a better look at my face. Again, my eyes almost automatically locks with his. His eyes were asking me the same question I wanted to ask.

'Have we met?'

"Nevermind" He lets go and mumbled as if he was frustrated with something.

"HEY! If you guys don't hurry up, we're gonna be late!" Tsukiko yelled from where she was. We didn't notice that she was already ways ahead of us. I just stared at his back as he continued walking towards where Tsukiko was and I follow a bit behind him before Tsukiko took my arm and dragged me with her.

Hence, the rest of our walk there was left in silence.

All I know is I was enchanted to meet you.

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