So, this is pretty urgent.

I know I'm not allowed Author's Notes, but I think you ought to humour me on this one. Apparently somebody plagiarized this work (Really? Really?) and posted it on another site, according to a reviewer. I'm really not down with that. Just ask me if you want to use any of my stories, all I need is a PM and a link, and due credit, and I'm good. I'm a pretty easygoing sort of gal.

I can't find the plagiarized story through google, but if anybody happens upon a story practically identical to this, please PM me with the link. I'd appreciate it a lot. I'd love to go apeshit on this wannabe's ass.

Kidding, kidding. I'm a nice person. Still, not cool bruddas, not cool. Ask before you touch the goods, please.

If the person who plagiarized reads this, take down the story. Or else I will find you, and trust me on this one, I've taken down far bigger fish in the sea than measly little you.