What I've Become


Buffy is twenty years old, she's been slaying for five years now along side her friends Willow and Xander, her sister Dawn, her watcher Giles, and her boyfriend Angel.

When the Big Bad makes his way into town, things start to get a little rough.

The scoobies are in some desperate need of help, and the only one to turn to is a blood lust filled Master Vamp.
Buffy has to learn to deal with the drama created by her new friend Spike and his rivalry with… Everyone. And also figure out a way to deal with a crazy hell god.
A little bit of magic, plot twists, romance, and drama. Hope you enjoy!

A/N: So this is my third fanfiction going at the moment, but I promise to update them all quite often. I hope you enjoy, R&R please!

"Angel heads up!" Buffy chucked a wooden stake across the graveyard, and Angel caught it swiftly and stabbed it into their latest vampire's heart. "On your left!" He pivoted to take out another member of the large coven, receiving a very painful punch in the jaw. He fell to the ground dazed, but managed to kick the vamp in the chest when it jumped on him.

"Buffy help!" Willow shouted when a curly haired female vampire pinned her against the mausoleum.

Buffy responded to the call by doing a flip over the vampire she was fighting with, and staking him in the back before sprinting over to her red haired friend and ripping a thirsty fiend off of her.

This was just a usual Tuesday for Buffy and her tag team. Every night for the past six years (a little longer on Buffy's side), the group would go out to slay a couple of vampires, maybe a demon or two. That was just the way it was. This night however, there were a little more than a "couple of vampires", there were about fifteen of them. It was another one of those nights. Every once in a while, a group of something or another would come and try to get rid of the slayer.

Giles ran his stake through the last vampire, and then leaned tiredly against the mausoleum with a sigh. He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand. "Well that was definitely interesting." He muttered to himself, standing straight.

"Wow, I haven't seen that many vampires at one time since… Since wow I don't think I've ever seen that many – No, no there was that one time. With the… Yeah wow." Willow said with a surprised but proud grin.

"Let's do something else." Xander groans. "We've been at this for hours!"

"It's been an hour Xan." Angel pitches in.

"Come on; let's go to the Bronze or something." He pleads.

"Hey guys did you hear something?" Angel perks his head up and scans the graveyard.

Buffy listens carefully too. She doesn't sense any more vampires… Oh, there it is. She scowls in her mind.

Another vampire jumps out from behind a large tomb stone and throws itself at Giles. Buffy is there in a second and stakes him in mid air. The vamp turns to dust and blows away in the breeze that is just beginning to pick up.

"To the Bronze." Buffy sais leading the way. Xander makes a fist and makes a 'yessss' type of gesture with his arm before trotting off behind her. The rest of the group roles their eyes before going along.

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