Everything seemed over. Sam Flynn was standing inside the portal with Quorra, ready to bring her along. On the other side of the bridge, Kevin incited his son: "Sam! It's time!"
Sam lifted the disc over his head and opened his hands. As the disc was pulled up into the portal, Sam's virtual body gradually decomposed into a shining data stream.
"Goodbye, kiddo." his father said. Sam was returning to the real world.

As the light returned to normal, Kevin realized that something did not go as planned. Quorra was still there.
With a fluid motion, Clu backflipped onto the bridge and unhooked his disc. "Looking for this?" he said. He activated the disc. Immediately, a hologram of Kevin's - not Clu's - head, appeared in the middle. Kevin, his mouth agape in disbelief, stepped back involuntarily.
"Oh, don't be so surprised," Clu said in a patronizing tone, "we share the same thought patterns. I realized what you were up to even before you switched the discs, so I made a few switches of my own."
"You can't do that!" yelled Kevin. In response, Clu threw the disc at Quorra, who crumbled down into crystal-like cubes. "Wrong." replied Clu as the disc returned into his hands.

Clu dashed into the portal and released the grip on Kevin's disc, the master key to transport any program to the analog reality. As the disc floated up and he turned into light, he managed to shout out a final "A whole new world awaits!"