So I was walking my dog and talking with my sis, where most of our story-telling happens, and we started this little thing called The Adventures of Ace: The Bathound. It's just a series of one-shots, and I'll be submitting her's as soon as she writes/types it.

This is also an open one-shot. (I'm not sure what it's formally know as...) Basically, if you have an idea for an Adventure of Ace: The Bathound, and you want it submitted here as it's own little chapter, you have two options. Which will be explained in more context at the bottom. ;)

Welcome Home

"I'm home!" Dick Grayson called as he teleported into Mount Justice, being careful not to drop the squirmy little gray bundle in his arms.

"Hey Rob- OhMyGoshWhatIsThat?" Wally yelled as he zipped beside his friend, peering into his arms.

"Oh this," Robin asked as if he hardly even noticed what he was holding. "This, my dear friend, is Ace the Bathound." Dropping the little charcoal mass on the tile floor, Wally squealed like a school-girl when he saw the roly-poly creature try to sit up.

"Oh my- dude! Where'd you get him?" the speedster asked while squatting to pet the greyhound puppy.

"He followed me home," Robin said after giving permission to Wally, allowing him to hold the flab of wrinkles.

They both turned when they heard a small, yet happy, shriek come from M'Gann. "Oh my gosh, Wally what is that?" she asked excitedly.

"It's Rob's dog, Ace the Bathound." Wally said proudly showing the creature to M'Gann as if it were his own.

"He followed me home," Robin said, attempting to clarify what the Martian never asked.

"He is absolutely adorable! Can I hold him?" she squealed as she addressed Wally.

"Of course you can beautiful," the speedster tenderly flopped the drooling puppy into her arms.

"He's mine- M'Gann!" Robin yelled as he dove forward, catching the puppy before it hit ground after slipping out of M'Gann's grip.

"Oh, I'm sorry Wally! It's just a bit more... squirmy then I expected," she sweetly, yet hesitantly, apologized, being careful not to offend the creature.

"Oh that's okay!" Wally said, really not even listening to her because he was again absorbed in the puppy's cuteness as it lounged in Robin's careful arms. "Hey Conner, what to meet Ace?" he called, hearing Superboy walk in.

Conner froze and, even though he was on the other side of the large room, he stared at the sight in horror. "Um..," he hesitatingly began.

"Oh com'on! He's really sweet! Aren't you, oh- yes you are," Wally cooed Ace before swiping him from Robin's arms and racing him over to Conner. "Com'on!" he pleaded to the clone, holding the puppy in his face. As Robin and M'Gann made their way over, The Boy Wonder clarifying that the dog followed him home, Wally used his thumbs to bring the folds of skin and wrinkles out of Ace's large, black eyes. Happy that he managed to reveal the windows to the dog's very soul, the speedster shoved the Dane back into Conner's face. "PWEASE HOLD ME!" he made Ace beg.

"No," Conner replied, gently pushing the thing away. Wally brought him back happily, and tossed the creature into the air, catching him soon after the descent.

"Wally, you'll hurt him!" Robin yelled at the speedster, swiping the dog from his arms. "Now, now, Daddy's got you," he calmed the puppy who licked his human's pointed chin with a tiny, bright pink tongue.

The group admired the action and awed when Robin hugged Ace only tighter, shoving the puppy's head into his thin cheek.

Wally wiped a pretend tear just as Artemis walked in. "What's going on in here?" she asked, making her way over to the three as Conner began to walk toward the TV.

"Rob got a dog. His name is Ace the Bathound." Wally and M'Gann said at the same time, but not at all in unison.

Robin looked up from the eyes of his pet and smiled at his teammates failure. "He followed me home," The Boy Wonder added for comic affect.

"So what is it?" the archer asked, strutting over.

"It's only the most adorable, cutest, most loveable puppy that you've ever seen!" Wally said, furiously rubbing Ace's head.

"Purebred Great Dane. Followed me home," Robin told Artemis, answering her question.

"Cute. What, you're seriously keeping him?" she clarified.

"Batman said that I could keep him at the Mountain," Robin cuddled Ace in his arms as the pup let out a large yawn, which again made the group "ooh" and "awe" the cute creature.

"Wait, I thought you said that he followed you home?" Wally asked, again squatting to pet Ace as Robin plopped the dog on the floor.

"Well he did," the proud puppy owner clarified.

"Wait, he's a Great Dane? Like purebred? Do you have any idea how big he's gonna' be when he grows up?" Artemis sat down and pet Ace as he wondered over to her and climbed on her lap.

"Huge, I know. That's what I'm goin' for," Robin dropped to scratch his pet. "One day he's going to be as fast as Wally, as agile as you," he addressed the archer. "And as smart as me," he finished, again scooping the gray mass into his arms.

"Yeah, and he'll be able to jump doghouses with a single bound!" Wally said both dramatically and triumphantly as he rose to his feet.

"That's kinda what I'm going for too. But maybe a car for your birthday!" he again snuggled the puppy against his face.

"You here that Conner!" Wally yelled to the clone who had retreated to the sofas. "One day this dog is going to save your life and you won't pet him!" Wally's voiced returned to that of a person talking to a baby halfway through his sentence.

"Good for him," Conner returned, still showing no interest in a mass of fur that drools.

"So Rob, where are you gonna' keep him?" Wally asked, carefully taking the sleeping puppy from Rob's arms again.

"His room. Or the room formerly known as my room. I'll hike him around the mountain for exercise, and when we're on a mission, he can run on your treadmill."

"Whoa dude, I'm all for long walks in the park, and newspaper, covering he floors, but my treadmill. How is that even gonna' work?" Wally asked as he flung Ace half over his shoulder.

"It will with the new Wayne Tech Pet Walker Attachment. Comes with a leash hook, and both food and water compartments. And if that doesn't work, then I'll just get him his own treadmill." Robin took Ace from Wally when the pup started squirming. "See, he's an athlete already. I even mention run and he gets all excited," Robin dropped the puppy on the tile floor.

"Uh dude, I don' think that's a 'I want to go outside and exercise' dance. I think that's more the 'I want to go outside for OTHER business dance'," Wally eyed the thing curiously as it wondered around the room, it's black nose to the ground. The whole group cringed as they watched Ace squat down near one of the stools at the bar. "But oddly enough, still adorable," Wally quipped as Robin raced toward his pet.

So those two options right? Yes, read below:

1) You can type it up, have it ready to send in, but before doing so, message me telling me that you have one and that's it's already typed up. I will then send you my e-mail address, where you can send it. Once I receive it, it will be posted here as a chapter, and the credit given to you along with anything else that you wish to specify in the Author's Notes.

2) But if you have an idea and the thought of typing it up yourself doesn't float your boat, then message me with it and I will type it for you. It will then be submitted here, and you will be given the credit for the inspiration.


1) Keep it clean. I will NOT submit, or write, anything that has SLASH or LANGUAGE. And I clarify that "Crap" and "suck" are okay, depending on the context.

2) One chapter only. It doesn't matter how long the chapter is, just as long as it's only one.

3) The story can focus on any point of Ace's life with Young Justice, and I may allow throwing in some Raven in there, but that's as far a crossovers fly with me.

4) All stories must have a title. If it's doesn't, depending on whether I am typing it or not, I will ask you for one before it is posted, or make one myself. The title is the name of the chapter, so it's important.

Thanks to everyone that participates!