This ADORABLE story was written by cooliochick5, thanks for submitting and reading! Keep them coming!


That night Robin carried the puppy into his room and made it a little bed out of a pillow and some blankets.

"You'll sleep here tonight ok." Robin said, Ace just sniffed at the nest then attempted to jump into Robin's bed.

"Ok, you can sleep in my bed." Dick laughed as he helped Ace up. Ace ran in a circle a couple of times before curling in a ball at the center of the bed. Dick climbed into bed and slowly drifted asleep, unfortunately about 2 hours later curiosity got the best of Superboy, who just had to see why everyone was fussing about the dog, went to Robin's room. He slowly opened the door and was greeted by a pair of green eyes, next thing he knew a small puppy leaped of the bed and went running out into the hallway barking.

"What the!" Robin exclaimed now wide awake, his question was answered when he saw the clone by the door and the puppy running past his door.

"Ace, get back here!" Robin called running out the door, his calls must have woken up the other members who picked up on what was happening and ran after. They had run around for nearly an hour when they realized they couldn't find Ace or Superboy for that matter.

"What if we left the front door open, he might have gotten out," Megan began to say but was cut off by a small happy bark coming from the living room. The team walked in to find Superboy petting Ace as gently as possible.

"You were right, Megan." He said, "He is adorable."

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