The next morning I went outside in Severus' garden. I was lying on a blanket reading my new romance-novel.

I was wearing the brown jumper he had picked out for me and blue jeans. Last night I had slept well, there had been no nightmares, no screaming or crying.

Severus came down at noon he took a cup of coffee with him and sat down on the blanket next to me.

"Did you sleep well?"

"No." He blew at his coffee, "But you did?"

I nodded smiling.

"That's good to hear."

"Did you have nightmares?" I asked carefully wondering what his nightmares were about.

"No. I just couldn't fall asleep."

"Yesterday was perfect, thank you for it."

"There's no need to say thanks." He spoke honestly, "It was perfect for me too." After taking a sip of his coffee, he nodded at the book in my hands, "Is that any good?"

"I think it is. You won't like it though."

"How come?"

I had to laugh, "Well it's a tragic love story. I don't think it's your thing."

He snorted "You'd be surprised. When you're through with it I'll give it a try, ok?"

"Ok." I grinned before closing the book on my lap, "Severus…I want to help."

He glared at me, holding the mug of coffee in front of his face, "Do you, now?"

"Not like…I don't know if I can ever go back to Malfoy again, but…" I paused and he didn't comment, "Maybe I could help you brew some polyjuice-potion or something?"

Severus raised his eyebrows, "You know how to brew a poly-juice-potion?"

I blushed, "Please don't make me say it."

"I remember a few years back supplies were stolen from my cupboard…"

"You know I always wanted to apologize for that."

"Twelve-year- olds brewing Poly-juice-potions…" He shook his head, "It was ridiculous, but I knew it was you."

"We thought Malfoy was the heir of Slytherin!" I cried out, "We had to find out if it was true!"

"And you turned into a cat if I'm not mistaken."

I blushed even deeper, "Yes, that went horribly wrong…"

"That sounds more like a twelve-year-old." He was laughing and I joined in.

"But it worked! Harry and Ron turned into Crabbe and Goyle!"

"And that is very impressive!" He chuckled, "It was stealing nonetheless."

"I really was sorry."

"Was?" He repeated with a grin and I shrugged my shoulders

"At some point I just forgot about it."

"I think I should give you detention for that."

I rolled my eyes, "I would like to see you try!" But then I turned serious again, "So…can I help? With the potions?"

"Sure." He lied down on the blanket and closed his eyes, the empty mug still in his hands, "But not now."

"No." I smiled, opening my book, "Not now."

We spent the whole day outside. I got halfway through my novel and he started his historical one. We were sprawled out on the blanket and I enjoyed lying so close to him. It felt nice and safe.

The book was called "We'll meet at midnight" and was written by an "L.M.D". The couple Mathew and Dana were secretly together and always met up at midnight at Big Ben. Then they lost their memories and he was working at the small café she stopped by daily. She was engaged to a terrible man called Carl and Matthew was "searching for something" at least that is what he told his co-workers.

In the beginning of each chapter there were flashbacks, telling the reader the couples story. It was actually a very emotional depressing book, because they were so close and yet so far away and yet lying in the sun, next to Severus and listening to the birds singing I felt comfortable, not at all sad.

But at some point we went down into the cellar, where his potions lab was. We cut roots, stirred mixtures and what was rather disturbing: He had a box full of Steves hair and one with Janices hair as well.

All the while we listened to music and laughed, teasing each other. At some point he sighed and said,

"I miss Hogwarts."

"Me too." I agreed, "But…I don't know if I can go back there, like this. As your slave."

"We've still got time to think about that. There's no hurry."

I looked up and smiled. We. We were making this decision.

As the day came to an end I was to finish the potion we had started and clean up the lab and he would begin to cook our dinner.

I hurried up so I could still help him prepare our meal and as I entered the kitchen I heard his voice. I gasped and stopped dead in my tracks. Had someone come over? My body froze, had Lucius come over?

"I don't now how to tell you this Hermione…no…" He took a deep breath, "This may come as a shock to you, no. I've got something to tell you and it might…no! Damnit!"

He sounded like he was talking to himself, like he was practicing…

"What do you need to tell me?" I walked into the kitchen, my body tense, worried, "Did something happen?! Is something wrong with Ginny?! Oh Merlin, it's Ginny, isn't it? Is she pregnant? Is she dead?!"

"No." He turned the stove of and turned around to me, "No it's not that. Ginny's fine."

"Then what it is?" I was growing more nervous by the second, "Is it something to do with Lucius? Do I need to go there again?!"

"No." Severus stepped forward, "No, it's not that. It's…" He took a deep shuddering breath, "It's just…I think I'm in love with you."

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