Hey, so this is a new drabble series that I'm creating. It's based on Kurt and Blaine, the ins and outs of their relationship. It is not linear, as you only see snippets of what life is like, from different points of views etc.

I hope you enjoy it - it's my first Klaine (and Glee for that matter) fanfic, so don't be too harsh, but still help me out!

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Bed Sheets

It was midnight, and Kurt was trying to fall asleep in his dorm room. But how was he expected to sleep, when he knew who he was going to see tomorrow, Blaine?

He was so charming, so handsome and just so … so Blaine.

And Kurt felt as though he was falling for him. He knew he had told his friends (and Mr. Shuester...oops) that he was in love with Blaine, but he was starting to regret telling them that. He truly believed then that he did love Blaine, but that was when he was blinded by the fact that someone who was gay (and also out) was in front of him.

What Kurt felt made him fall further for Blaine, was that Blaine was his friend. He listened to Kurt and he understood Kurt.

Kurt grinned into his bed sheets, thinking of their kiss earlier that day. He couldn't wait to kiss those lips again, to pull him closer … to be able to be with the shorter boy.

His phone vibrated underneath his pillow. Smiling to himself thinking it was Mercedes (again – he had told her about how him and Blaine had kissed and his phone had been blowing up all night). Instead, it was from Blaine.

Kurt's heart became lighter, and his stomach seemed to have disappeared.

Open your window and lean out. Blaine x

Kurt frowned, but did it anyway. Oh no, Blaine might do that overly-cheesy thing when boys serenade their loves from the window.

If he did that though … even though Blaine might have as well be cheddar, it would still mean that he saw Kurt as his love.

Grinning even wider than before, Kurt jumped out of bed, and in his rush, he didn't even check what he looked like. He threw open his wooden framed window, and looked down, expecting Blaine to be surrounded by candles, but instead found himself looking at the empty courtyard.

Confused, Kurt looked around back into his room, and seeing it was empty as well, he reached out to the handle on his window and was about to pull it back in when he heard a voice.

"Kurt!" it whispered.

Kurt jumped, and whispered back into the night, "who's that?"

"It's me silly, Blaine!"

Kurt, frowning, looked around.

"I'm above you!" Blaine whispered.

Kurt looked up, and saw that Blaine was half-hanging out of his window, holding a rolled up bed sheet.

"What are you doing?" Kurt asked, still whispering.

Blaine shook his head and lowered the bed sheet down to Kurt. Frowning, Kurt grabbed it.

Attached to it was a letter.

"Read it."

Kurt nodded and walked further into his room, switching on his lamp and settling on his bed. He opened the envelope, noticing Blaine's careful handwriting of his name.

Dear Kurt,

I really enjoyed our kissing today and I would like to make this a permanent thing.

Will you be my boyfriend?

Love from Blaine.

Kurt grinned and ran to his window, where he now noticed, dangling from another bed sheet was a bouquet of red roses. Smiling even harder, Kurt looked up to see Blaine chewing on his lip.

"Don't chew on your lip," Kurt whispered up at Blaine, "if you do that too often, that'll give us less time to kiss."

Blaine stopped biting his lip at once and grinned.

An understanding silence fell between them.

But then Blaine spoke, "Uh Kurt, do you have any spare bed sheets?"

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