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"I got a reason why you should take me home tonight."

Kurt was not one to get drunk, knowing from past experiences that alcohol did not agree with him, and that hangovers were not worth the fun of the night before.

But then there was Mercedes' party. Mercedes' party with the latest Rihanna song (or was it Britney? Kurt did not care) trilling out of a boombox in the corner, and Puck's ambitious friend had outdone himself this time on alcohol, how could he resist it, when there was a bed upstairs with his name on, and a cute boy who he needed confidence for his plans tonight to work.

Because this was the night that Kurt would confess to Blaine about his feelings, and that he definitely was not content with waiting any more – he needed an answer right now.

So he was enjoying his liquid confidence, watching Lauren grind against Puck, Santana dancing by herself, and Rachel practically serenading her cup. He laughed as he saw Blaine trip down the stairs. When Blaine sat on the seat next to Kurt, Kurt shied away from him, and decided that he was best to act incognito – sitting on the edge of his seat was the best choice. Quite obviously, thank you very much.

"Kuuuuurt," Blaine whimpered?

Kurt's eyes shot open – wondering why they were closed in the first place – and he looked at Blaine cautiously, answering, "yes, Blaine?"

"Why are you so pretty?" Blaine said exasperatedly.

Kurt just frowned. "Pretty? Blaine, I know I'm gay but I'm still a boy."

Blaine nodded, very seriously. "I know, I know, I know. You are gay. And so am I,"

Kurt inhaled air slightly too quickly, and started to cough. He doubled over and felt Blaine's hand rubbing his back a little bit too hard. Drawing himself up again, he looked at Blaine with watering eyes.

"But you're also very pretty," Blaine then added, after what seemed like serious thought. "For instance; your eyes. Oh, they're my favourite!"

"What about my eyes Blaine?" At this point, the said body parts were wide and bright.

"Well," Blaine said, turning very serious again. "They are light blue. But not just light blue, they kind of sparkle. And they are on your face. Your face also features a nose, that is cute and just waiting to be tapped-" at which point, Blaine did try and tap his nose, missing and catching his cheek, which he then cupped with the same hand "-and then there is your lips."

Blaine's eyes were staring at his lips, and Kurt did not think he'd ever been so self-conscious, and yet so comfortable in his entire life. His breathing hitched and he was suddenly closer to Blaine.

"And I love your lips Kurt,"

Kurt looked into Blaine's eyes, and saw that Blaine was also looking into his.

"I want you to-"

Blaine was happily cut off by Kurt's lips pressing against his. He had next-to-nothing experience-wise, and he also didn't care.

Kurt was tender, his lips keeping still until Blaine started to react, and pulled him closer. Kurt had no idea what to do next. Blaine's hand slipped into his hair and tilted Kurt's head to the side, and suddenly Kurt felt like he had leverage. He pressed his lips harder against Blaine's, and Blaine replied by doing the same.

Kurt lifted his hand up to grab hold of Blaine's neck, and all of a sudden, their lips were moving together, Blaine's tongue sliding across Kurt's lower lip to open his mouth, Kurt's gasp gave just that effect.

Blaine pulled back, his hand dropping to Kurt's and holding it softly.

"So are we together or...?" Kurt asked after a few moments silence.

"I would like to think so," Blaine whispered. "However I haven't actually asked you yet."

"Blaine," Kurt said loudly, their hands still intertwined. "Would you do me the honour to be my boyfriend please?"

Blaine laughed quite loudly, and kissed Kurt hard on the lips. "Of course I will, silly."

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