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Zoro sat down in the lawn chair next to Robin. He handed her one of the plates Sanji had saved for them. Robin smiled at him sweetly. She was so happy. Dinner under the stars with the man she loved more than anything. She glanced over at Zoro as she began to eat. His expression was pensive as he stabbed at his food. It seemed as though something was on his mind.

Just as she was about to ask what he was thinking, Sanji appeared at her side. He had a tray balanced on his hand and on it were two drinks. "Here you go Robin-chwan." He handed a cup of hot tea to her. "Be careful. I figured I would make you something hot since it is chilly tonight."

"Thank you Sanji-san."

He then walked over to Zoro and handed a bottle of sake down to him. "There you go Marimo."


"Enjoy the rest of your night." Sanji disappeared after that exchange.

Robin found this quite odd. Never before had Sanji done something thoughtful for Zoro. Come to think of it, Zoro had a full plate of food matching the one she had resting on her lap. When Zoro missed dinner in the past, he was left to his own devise to procure food.

She swallowed the mouthful of food she had been chewing and spoke. "You appear to be deep in thought. Would you like to share what's on your mind?"

Zoro shrugged. "Eh, its nothing."

"Really?" Normally, she wouldn't press him if he gave a dismissive response, but for some reason she really wanted to know. "You and Sanji weren't at each other's throats. Lately, you two have been quite hostile when you're in the same room."

This time, Zoro only shrugged, then he continued eating. Robin knew that was his way of signing out of the conversation, so she let it drop. She was just thankful that there was some amount of peace between them.

"The stars are beautiful tonight. Simply breathtaking." Robin changed the subject as she placed her empty plate on the deck, below her chair. Sanji's food was so satisfying, even cold.

Zoro had finished his food moments after Robin and he did the same. "Yep." He laid back in the lounge chair and made himself comfortable. "But not as beautiful as you."

Robin blushed. "You are too sweet."

"I do what I can." Zoro was, once again, pleased with himself. "Get over here." he said with a jerk of his head, motioning for Robin to come to him.

She complied, and walked the short distance to Zoro. He scooched to the side to make room for her and opened his arms. A smile crept onto Robin's face as she nestled herself into his solid chest. This moment was perfect. Everything was perfect. Robin knew that she would always be safe, and never have to have that worrying feeling in the pit of her stomach again. This made her heart swell. She almost couldn't take the amount of happiness she felt. It made a light tear form in the corner of her glittering eye.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a strong squeeze from Zoro. He hugged her tightly, drawing her even closer to him. "I love you." He said into her ear. His words were so gentle, yet they were uttered in his deep, masculine tone that made her heart swoon.

Although Zoro had left her speechless, Robin reciprocated the sentiment with a deep kiss. Once they both caught their breath from the kiss Robin found herself able to speak again. "I love you too, my Kenshi-san. I always will."

The night air swept across the deck, causing the two lovers to shiver. Utilizing her powers, Robin pulled a blanked from the crows nest and like an assembly line, her hands brought the blanket to them. Before making them disappear into a wisp of sakura petals, Robin had them tuck the blanket around her and Zoro.

As they lay on the deck, gazing up at the stars, they simply relished in the moment they were sharing. There was no need to talk. Everything that needed to be said was done so in their embrace.

Zoro was thinking about how lucky he was. Robin was perfect for him. She wasn't clingy, and understood him wholly. She was willing to protect and support him and never once put down his dream of becoming the world's greatest swordsman.

As for Robin, she too was thinking of how lucky she was. Two years ago, she was almost dead in Enies Lobby, but it was Zoro's key that freed her, along with the hard work of all the Strawhats. She chuckled inwardly. Zoro freed her from the clutches of death, and he freed her heart from the bonds of doubt and mistrust.

At that moment, Zoro let our a big yawn. This caused Robin to yawn as well. The thought has crossed her mind to tell Zoro that they should go to the crows nest to sleep, but she quickly discarded it. This was perfect. Who cared if anyone discovered them. Everyone approved now.

The two lovers gave one last glance up to the stars just in time to see a shooting star dart across the dark sky. They turned their gaze to each other. "Goodnight beautiful." Zoro whispered huskily.

"Goodnight my Kenshi-san." Robin cooed in her silky voice Zoro loved so much.

They snuggled closer to each other. And with that, the brave swordsman and the beautiful historian drifted off to sleep together.

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