Edward and I didn't know each other well. I knew he had a messed up childhood and he knew I had an obsession with my age and a need to marry for a feeling of self worth. Aside from that we were pretty much a blank slate to each other.

I saw another side of his personality I hadn't seen before. He took a few steps away from me, still wrapped lusciously in a towel and then exploded. "I knew it," he screamed. "I knew this would happen. You get me to fall for you and then toss me aside."

"Toss you aside?" I asked in exasperation. "I'm the one who wants to marry, remember?"

"You don't want to get married, you just want a wedding," he accused and it really burned my socks off.

"Fuck you," I screamed.

"You already did," he screamed back.

Oh man, it was on buddy. He bought the box full of condoms, not me. Of course I had to put it on him, but it was just because he was such a pussy. I grabbed my clothes and began tossing them into my suitcase and dressing quickly.

"You can't leave," he said angrily.

"Yes, I can, I can drive," I said to aim low.

"I love you," he said with a strained voice.

Yeah, well, not enough. I refused to answer and kept packing. He came over and grabbed my arm, holding tightly as I tried to fight my way out of his grasp.

"Bella, it is your birthday, don't do this," he begged.

I collapsed on the floor in tears. This wasn't what I wanted either, but it was our reality. Edward had a lot of work to do. I knew that and I also knew I had no idea what he was really like. I just knew he was sweet and romantic. I was making him into what I wanted just to be married soon.

The same went for Jake. I didn't love him, he fit the criteria and I molded him in my mind for the rest. Something was seriously wrong with me.

He knelt down in front of me and said very sweetly, "Don't you love me?"

I sobbed as I nodded my head up and down. I did love him, very much, and I did realize we couldn't marry anytime soon. He had his dreams to chase and I needed to reevaluate my own goals. I needed to become happy with Bella Swan before I could be happy as Bella Cullen, or Black, or any other name I may end up carrying around.

I put my arms around his neck and he pulled me to him. I don't know how he suddenly became more mature than me, but it really pissed me off, especially since he was still in his twenties. "I'm sorry," I said into his ear.

"No, don't apologize," he said because he was suddenly all manlike.

He wiped my tears with his thumbs and kissed my lips gently. "Let's order room service," he suggested and I nodded, planning to order the most expensive things I could. I was getting something out of this, damn it.

I changed into a nightgown and put my stuff away while Edward shaved. When our food arrived we got into bed and sat facing each other as we ate. The lobster was only so so, but it was expensive. He got the last of the covered dishes and pulled it off to reveal a small birthday cake….just great.

He lit the candle and told me to make a wish. Did he really need to add that part, I mean come on; he knew what I would wish for!

I closed my eyes and thought silently, I wish we would both want the same things. That wasn't too hopeful, right? I blew out the candle and he cut us both a piece before reaching for his coat and pulling out a small box….ring size.

This was actually quite cruel after the conversation we just had. He held it out to me and said, "Bella, I'm doing everything I can to reach my dreams and fix my life. I'm doing it for you. I hope you know that."

I smiled and took the box from his hands. I opened it and saw a gorgeous sapphire ring surrounded in diamonds. Real funny, jackass.

He took it from the box and held up my right hand, *sighs sadly*. "Bella, a sapphire means courage, strength, and comfort. It stands for consistency in love. I want you to have this because you are my sapphire."

"It's beautiful," I admitted and held my hand out to look at it sparkling on my finger.

"I love you," he said as he looked into my eyes.

"Yeah, I love you too," I said begrudgingly, and he laughed.

It was time for the box again, and not the ring box. Maybe he would graduate from college early because he was sure a quick learner.

The next day I went with him to where he worked. We entered a large studio and he entered a booth full of equipment. I sat next to him as he pushed various knobs and buttons. It was about as exciting as my faxes.

Someone walked into the area on the other side of a glass wall and I glanced over and then gasped loudly. "Is that Tim Wray?"

"Yeah, you know him?" Edward asked in surprise.

"I love him, is he singing First Rodeo?" I asked in hope.

"No, Velvet Ditch," he replied and I screamed in excitement. I suddenly remembered something and asked, "This isn't who you said had a bad voice, is it?"

"No," he replied and I relaxed.

The day got so much more exciting and I loved watching the way an artist worked. Edward didn't talk much, but he really didn't have to. I got an autograph and a picture and planned on photo shopping Edward out of it. I loved my guy, but this was TIM WRAY!

We went to the Art Institute after working and spent hours looking at the abstract art. I was beginning to get a feel for the stuff. We returned to the hotel and used the box again for the last time. I was flying home Monday afternoon and we would spend tomorrow with his parents. I dreaded the idea.

Edward had made a lot of progress. He was talking and doing great things when not talking. I wasn't sure if mommy and daddy made any progress at all. What if she brought a priest with her to offer Edward absolution and damn me to eternal hell? It was still worth it.

We had arranged to meet at a restaurant for breakfast. I was shaking when we walked in and saw Esme sitting with her blouse buttoned up to her chin and Carlisle smiling at a young waitress. We took our seats and I held firmly to Edward's hand.

"I've made us an appointment for a session," Esme said with a tight jaw.

"Perfect," Edward replied.

Tick, tick, tick, wink from Carlisle, gag from me, chirp, chirp, chirp.

"I think it is very brave of you to go into counseling," I offered and Esme looked at me with distain. "I'm going to give it a try, also," I admitted.

Edward looked at me with surprise.

"I'm old, remember?" I mumbled and he laughed and kissed my cheek, right in front of his sexually repressed mamma.

I glanced at Carlisle and decided to go after him and make him feel a bit uncomfortable for once. "So Carlisle, what do you feel you need to change?"

He stumbled over his words and began to turn a little pale, so I helped him come up with a thing or two. "Maybe older house staff? Less internet time?"

"I'm sure there are a plethora of behaviors I could address," he finally admitted.

Esme lowered her head and smiled to herself. Maybe there was help for them after all.

"Edward wants to get his education," I announced and they both looked at him with pride. God, who would be proud of an almost twenty-nine year old getting his high school diploma? And then to top it off, this almost twenty-nine year old who couldn't drive and didn't have his GED didn't want to marry me. Life sucks.

Breakfast wasn't too awful but I was happy when it was time to say goodbye. We didn't talk about seeing each other again, because at the moment they had no desire to see me and I had no desire to see them.

Edward and I went to the aquarium and tried to postpone our heartache by looking at colorful fish. We stared at all the varieties as we clung to each other. The place was full of school children and I wanted one so badly. But, Edward only noticed the fish.

It was finally time to go to the airport. We sat in the back of the limo and tried to talk about the future visits. Edward had a bunch of places I just had to see and I told him of things to do in Seattle. When the airport came into view I began to cry.

It wasn't just over the thought of leaving him; it was a feeling of finality to what could have been. I had changed him, but not in the way I had intended. I put on a brave face and kissed him aggressively. He responded move for move and it was evidence of just how much growth he had made.

I got out of the car and reached for my bag but Edward insisted on taking it inside for me. I checked my bag and then turned to say our final goodbye.

"Thank you for the ring and the box of," I glanced around to see if anyone could hear, "Condoms."

"Thank you for allowing me to love you," he said and my heart hurt.

We stood awkwardly and didn't know what to say so I finally kissed his mouth and pulled away. He watched me leave, because my butt really was quite special. And that was that.

I arrived home to find a box by my door. I thought Edward arranged another surprise but the note on top was from Jake. I opened the box to find it full of chocolates, at the moment it was better than condoms and I ate a bunch out of depression.

I had promised Jake a date for the weekend, a serious date, the kind that usually ends with nudity. So I had two things I had to do, tell Jake about Edward, and set up a counseling session. I wasn't sure which one I dreaded the most.

I called Jake and arranged to meet him at a corner pub. I ordered a strong drink for courage and because I ached for Edward. He walked in with a big smile and came to sit across from me. "You look beautiful," he said and I gave a half hearted smile.

"I flew in from Chicago this afternoon. I was there with a guy," I admitted.

"Oh," he said softly.

"I turned thirty on Saturday and…"

"Happy Birthday," he said and tapped his glass to mine.

"Thanks. I'm a bit freaked out about it," I confessed.

"I remember when I turned thirty," he chuckled. "All my accomplishments suddenly turned into failures because I wasn't married."

"Yes," I gasped. "Do men feel that too?"

"Not as much as women. We get more grief for dating women in their twenties after turning thirty."

"Really, because there are a lot of men in their forties dating girls in the twenties."

He laughed and nodded. "It becomes acceptable again when we turn forty."

God, I hate men.

"Well, the guy I'm seeing is not at the same point in life I'm at. It is frustrating and complicated," I said sadly.

"Bella, I'm going to be straight with you since you are being straight with me. I'm thirty-four. I'm done playing around and I want to settle down. I want a wife, and kids, and a dog."

Yuk, I hate dogs.

"I think you want the same things I do. I want the chance to get to know you better. Is it something you would consider?"

It was all right here in front of me, a man who was looking for the same things I wanted. I could see the dress, and hear the music. I could forget about condoms and buy pregnancy tests. Jake was kind and handsome and came from a great family, how could I turn that down?

I finally gave him a quick nod, "Yeah, I'll consider it."


"And I told Jake I would consider him. Am I totally insane?" I asked the therapist who sat before me.

I felt crazy at times, but I never actually considered I was crazy until I met Edward. His virginity made me insane, I just know it.

The woman bit on her pen for a few moments and then said, "Edward is chronologically twenty-eight, but emotionally he is a teenager. Most teenage boys don't consider marriage an option. He may change his mind as he catches up to his real age. Are you willing to wait?"

"I have a man who wants me now, what if I wait for Edward and he never wants marriage and a family?" I asked in fear.

"Then your choice is simple," she said with a shrug.

No it isn't, it is still confusing and complicated. I love him, I love an emotional kid. What if I marry Jake and never stop loving Edward? "I'm terrified," I admitted.

"Of what?" she asked.

I tried to identify my fear and finally said, "Of being alone. All my friends have partners and I'm an outsider."

"Bella, there is nothing more lonely than being with a man you don't love. If it is simply company you want, buy a dog."

"I hate dogs," I said adamantly.

"Are you afraid of them?" she asked, because she was sensing a need for a lot more visits.

"No, they shit in the yard, they're gross."

"Okay, a bird," she laughed.

"The fact my eggs are aging is something I have to admit," I told her.

"Okay, if you are worried about it, freeze some eggs," she instructed.

"Will my kids be normal if they come from thawed old eggs?"

She laughed and refused to promise anything. "As normal as children from you and Edward could be."

Touché, she got me with that one.

"Bella, women have babies into their early forties. Yes, it becomes more difficult but science has made wonderful strides."

"Okay, so let's say Edward is emotionally sixteen. How long will it take to bring him up to speed?" I asked.

"It depends on him. While he works on his goals, what are some you want to work on?"

I thought about my life and tried to find the short comings I could do something about. I could save for breast enhancement surgery, I could get a better job, and I could learn to play an instrument. I turned my attention back to my therapist and said, "My job bites. I get faxed all day long. The pay is good, but man it's boring."

"What would you like to do, what would be your dream job?" she asked.

I laughed and said, "I want to be a professional friend. I would rock at being someone's friend if they paid me."

"That is called prostitution dear," she said and we both laughed loudly.

I finally said, "I want to be a teacher, a kindergarten teacher. I know the pay is awful, but I think I would love it." I also knew the boob job would never happen with less pay.

"Okay, why don't you look into taking some night classes to get your certification? It would be easy since you already have a degree."

"What should I do about Jake?" I asked.

"That my dear is up to you, but I want you to think about something. There is a woman out there who will feel the same way about Jake that you feel about Edward. Is it fair to make him settle for less?"

That was the clarity I needed. It wasn't about me; it was about Jake finding the right woman for him. He was my safety net and that wasn't fair to him. I gave the woman a hug, knowing it didn't come anywhere close to what she deserved, but she was billing my insurance for that.

I invited Jake over for dinner and planned on ending everything with him. I fixed Mexican food so I wouldn't be tempted to make out with him. Onions were a great chastity belt.

He showed up looking really cute and wearing some great cologne. I looked at the tacos and felt a bit of relief when I saw the onions cooked into the meat. We ate the food and I overdosed on the salsa. It was time for the DTR and I poured some extra margarita into both of our glasses.

"Jake, I saw a therapist and she pointed out a few things to me," I began.

"What did she point out," he said amusingly.

This wasn't funny; this was a deeply psychological issue I needed to deal with. My future happiness depended on her advice and at the moment his did too.

"I like that you are at the same place I am in life and I think you are a really great guy, but the fact remains I am in love with Edward and I can't just forget about him. This isn't a game and my heart wants him."

"So are you going to wait for him to be ready for something permanent?" he asked.

"No, I'm going on with my life. I'm going back to school to be a teacher and concentrate on myself for now." Wow, it sounded so mature, and not in a grandmother kind of mature, but in a having my shit together kind of mature.

I smiled and placed my hand on Jake's. "There is a great girl waiting for you to find her. I would hate to ruin the love she has for you. You deserve her, not me."

"Bella, you are really sweet and I hope the best for you. I hope Edward pulls his head out really soon. He's a lucky man."

Jake took it really well, because he was such a nice man and he had his own clock ticking.

My counseling was simple compared to Edward's. He would attend a family session with one counselor and a private session with another. Then for a few days he would sink into depression. I was told it was normal and I needed to be patient. Things got easier for me when my classes started.

I walked into the night class and wore a short skirt with a funky sweater as I tried to look like a college coed. I was stunned to see old people, like older than me. I was actually one of the youngest in the class, it was freaking awesome!

Edward took a six week GED course and passed on the first try. Esme was a pretty good teacher as it turns out. He attended a junior college and tested out of some art courses and Portuguese language courses. We hadn't seen each other since school got in the way and we were both super busy. Our phone calls soon got further apart and our emails became updates about school.

I took classes throughout the spring and summer and was eligible to do my student teaching in the fall. I could only work part time and hated the idea of getting a roommate but funds demanded it. I also babysat Alice's daughter, Amy, for money. I had become a teenager myself.

I walked in to my first grade class to see the smiling faces of the adorable children and completely forgot about my thirty-first birthday. A little girl rushed forward and handed me a picture she colored. It wasn't purposefully abstract, but it turned out that way.

"It is for your birthday, Miss Swan," she said.

"Oh thank you, Taryn. I love it." At least my nipple wasn't represented.

We began working on the alphabet and the day rushed by. I gave each child a hug as they left the room and felt a warm feeling in my heart. I watched as they ran to their various busses and when the large yellow monsters pulled away I saw a man with balloons and roses standing across the street.

I rushed out the door and saw Edward smile and walk toward me. I knew he was missing class and I also felt guilty for only calling on his birthday, but I was ecstatic that he came. I ran into his arms and smothered him with kisses.

"What are you doing here?" I asked through my tears.

"I came to celebrate the loss of my virginity with you," he teased, I think he was teasing. But any normal guy would pretty much travel for the certainty of getting laid. Ah, Edward was turning into a normal guy.

"You're missing school," I told him and watched for his reaction.

"I'm getting all A's, I can miss a day or two," he smiled.

I'm so proud of my old man who is competing with college kids. I just hope he was smart enough to bring his magic box with him. I grabbed my coat and we headed home to my apartment. My roommate was there so we changed and went out for dinner. Edward was talkative and excited about the changes in his life.

"How are things with your parents?" I asked.

"They are doing really well," he said. "My mother was really messed up and my dad took her to the island to make her feel safe. He did his best with the limited knowledge he had. She's really learning to trust him and lean on him."

"Trust?" I asked, because that would be huge to trust that perv.

"It is easier for my father now my mom isn't so…."

"Prudish," I offered.

"Yeah, they really seem to be falling in love all over again," he said proudly.

"I'm happy for all of you," I said and held up my glass.

"I have something to tell you," he said and I could tell by his smile he had been waiting for this moment.

"Go ahead," I smiled in return.

"I've gotten my own house."

"House, really?" Man, I was downsizing while he was moving up in the world.

He pulled out some pictures from his pocket and showed me a brownstone with three bedrooms and a finished basement. "God, that's a lot of room, do you have roommates?"

"Not yet," he said and I nodded.

"Tell me about your class," he prompted and I went off for almost an hour about the kids. I told him about the bratty boys and the prissy girls. I told him about how they always tell me I'm beautiful and mistakenly call me mom sometimes. I loved teaching and in two and a half months I would be official.

"I'm really proud of you Bella," he said with wet eyes. "You light up when you talk about them."

"I can't believe I processed claims for so long, what was I thinking?" I said and shook my head.

At that moment I looked over and saw Jake walk in with a pretty woman on his arm. The hostess walked them right past our table and I raised my hand to wave oddly. Jake stopped and smiled at both me and Edward.

"Hello," he said. "Bella, Edward, this is my wife Leah."

I reached out and shook her hand, noticing she was pregnant. Damn you Edward Cullen. We chatted for a moment and they both wished me a happy birthday before going to their table. I looked across the table at my stunted man and smiled. I still loved him, even if he was still a little bent.

He smiled widely at me before giving me some more good news. "I sold a CD cover," he said and I screamed and jumped out of my chair to congratulate him. I couldn't believe he didn't lead with that. Was it really only a year ago when I met an awkward, silent man, who thought God was watching to ruin him? He now sat confidently telling me of all his successes. Surely he was emotionally in his twenties by now.

We decided to take dessert home and went right to my bedroom. I reached down to remove my shirt and he reached out to stop me. Crap, he was back to his God complex. "I assumed you would be staying here tonight," I said softly.

He smiled and nodded, "I want to talk first."

Great, the first time he came here he wouldn't speak, now he won't shut up. I sighed loudly and sat on the edge of my bed. He stood in front of me and said, "Bella, I've worked really hard in my therapy and I was wrong when I said marriage wasn't necessary."

Okay, good words, keep talking.

"I couldn't imagine being responsible for another person," he continued.

Yeah, my therapist was right; he grew up and now saw things differently. I was afraid to hope and found myself holding my breath. He paced the room for a bit and finally turned to look at me and got down onto one knee.


Holy Matrimony, Batman! Was he really going to propose or was he simply tying his shoe? We hadn't talked about anything personal for several months and he was kneeling in front of me. On my last birthday he gave me sex, this time he was proposing, how was he going to top this next year?

Edward smiled and didn't look away or hesitate. He cleared his throat and said clearly. "Bella, you are my only love. Will you marry me and spend the rest of your life by my side?"

Hum…only by his side? I planned on being by the side of him, on top of him, and underneath him. I didn't care he was a college sophomore; I'd live in a dorm with him if I had to.

I looked at the diamond he was holding in his hand and I felt my entire body spring to life. I played the dating game for at least fifteen years and finally reached the prize. I moved my game piece to the final square and said, "Yes, Edward, I will marry you."

He held out his hand for my left hand, my LEFT HAND! I watched with tears as he placed the diamond ring on my finger and then kissed it gently. It felt glorious, and heavy. Yeah, I had a heavy rock on my left hand and it was amazing. Edward pulled me to my feet and kissed me like a collage man, deep and dirty.

He pulled on my shirt and I raised my hands for him to remove it. He quickly obliged and I pulled on his shirt. I received the rock, but not the box, so I wasn't sure if he came prepared or not. I removed his shirt and then began feeling around in his jeans pocket.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Do you have any condoms?"

"Oh yeah, that's another thing I want to talk about," he said and moved away from me.

Wait, was he seriously putting on the brakes. Come on, I have a rock to earn! I looked at him with my mouth hanging open and he said, "I'm not sure we should use condoms anymore. I mean, I'll be thirty soon."

Where's a bat? I need something heavy that I can swing with a lot of force. Did he seriously want a child because he was turning thirty? I'm going to kill him.

"Wait, wait, wait," I exclaimed. "You expect me to walk down the aisle pregnant? Are you crazy?"

He chuckled and nodded his head. "I'm crazy for you, Love."

Okay, knock me up, my mother doesn't mind so why should I? I quickly disposed of the rest of my clothing and jumped into my bed. He followed closely behind and we went at it like vultures on a carcass. He did something new this time. He talked through sex. He only used singled word sentences, but this was a big change for my stunted man. He also regained the religion he lost and called on God many times.

After we got the most important matter out of the way we concentrated on the smaller details. We decided on a Christmas wedding. I would finish my teaching degree here in Washington and then we would marry over break and honeymoon on his island. I planned on staying far from any offered Kool-Aid.

The first people we told were Emmett and Rose. We showed up uninvited at Emmett's house. "Edward, I didn't know you were in town," he said with shock.

"I surprised Bella for her birthday," Edward replied with a smile.

"Yeah, look at my gift," I announced and held up my hand. Rose screamed along with me and then gave Emmett a long glare.

"You said we had to go slow," he said in his own defense.

"Not like a turtle," she complained and poor Emmett rubbed his face with frustration.

I didn't have to worry about games like that anymore. I was a freaking engaged woman. Next we drove to Forks to tell my folks that spinster Bella was a thing of the past. My parents stared silently. I knew they had little to no faith in Edward, so I gave them a bone.

"We want to have a baby right away," I announced. It sounded better than saying we were having sex without any protection, which just sounded like we humped while drunk.

"You don't have much time to plan a wedding," mom pointed out. Was she freaking kidding? I have been planning for years, heck I even had the dress picked out.

I broke into my details as my father and Edward sat in silence. This was something every girl would understand and every boy wouldn't. Edward just had to show up, and he had no idea how vital that one duty was.

He stayed for two more days, but he was basically just in the way. I had a wedding to plan and I couldn't just play with him. I think he boarded the plane back to Chicago with relief, he didn't find tulle shopping as fun as I did.

I chose the fairytale. I rented a horse drawn carriage, I had glass slippers at every table, my cake topper was a castle, and my groom was a prince. I walked down the aisle in my huge princess gown that felt like I was pulling a cart behind me. But my small boobs looked great.

I reached Edward and saw his eyes were full of tears, God, I hope it is because I look amazing and not because his one duty was too hard.

We wrote our own vows, because my bent guy wasn't too psyched about the men of the cloth right now. He pulled out a small card and I felt my fingers go numb. He had a four by five card and I had two full pages. Crap, I need to condense and quickly.

He stared at his tiny card and then suddenly tore it in half. Oh my God, he was going to bail. He looked into my terrified eyes and said, "Bella, there are no words to tell you how much I love you. It all resides in here," he said and touched his heart. "It is a feeling that is indescribable. You saved me, you brought me to life, you taught me to love, thank you for turning around."

Well, now I'm not even pulling out my two paged diatribe. I knew a way to top this. I reached into my small pearl bag hanging from my wrist and pulled out something to hand to Edward. He looked at it for a couple of moments to figure out what it was and then looked back at me. "Are you serious?" he asked and a smile formed.

"Yep, but don't tell anyone," I whispered.

He threw his arms around me and would have twirled me around, but the freaking dress weighted eighty pounds and Edward's size was somewhere other than his upper body.

Yeah, I was a pregnant bride dressed in white, but who cares? Well, maybe Esme would care but she was looking pretty hot herself with a dress that dipped to her waist in the front. Damn she had great boobs.

We ate and danced and partied into the wee hours of the morning, having just enough time to change and grab our suitcases to head to paradise, or prison, either way we were going together. My Gilligan fantasy was shot all to hell when I saw the palatial island home. He lied, this wasn't prison!

We brought our bags in from the boat and the first thing that greeted us was a huge statue of Christ rebuking Satan. Not really honeymoon art. I got a blanket off a spare bed and covered the marble, I'd ask for forgiveness later.

The first night we did it in the bed, the next morning we did it in the kitchen, that afternoon we did it on the sand, and finally that night we did it in the shower. I could easily live here forever. Everything was just perfect until I fell asleep on the beach naked and burned my prefect butt.

It hurt to lie on my back and it hurt to sit. I was totally screwed and unable to totally screw. Edward didn't mind rubbing lotion on it constantly. He actually enjoyed it. It was during one of my rub down sessions he brought up our baby.

"Bella, do you want a girl or a boy?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered because I wasn't stopping at just one.

"Do you have a name you like?"

Was he just plain stupid? Of course I had a name; I had names for all nine children I planned on having, plus their middle names.

"Seattle Skye for a girl," I announced, "And Chicago Dash for a boy."

Edward rolled onto his back in laughter and I looked over to give him a very indignant look for laughing at our babies. He must have gotten a peek at his testicles because he suddenly took a firm hold and crushed my plans. "No way in hell we are naming our son a name that would be shortened to Chi, and a girl name that sounds like a saddle."

"What do you suggest, smartass?"

He spoke right up so I knew he must have been giving it a lot of thought. "I like Elizabeth, after my grandmother."

I said the name over and over again and finally nodded. I liked it.

"Do you want to use Charles, after your father?" he asked.

There was no way my son was going to be called Chuck Cullen, it sounded like a stomach ailment. I came up with a better solution. "My grandfather was named Jack, I like that."

He smiled and leaned over to kiss me. "We make a great team," he said and I melted, if only my stupidass ass wasn't so burned!

After our honeymoon I made the move to Chicago. I didn't have to work because Edward's money turned out to be A LOT of money. But I did substitute at a grade school around the corner from our house. Edward went to school, like a good boy, and I grew larger and larger. I didn't mind, because my boobs were looking pretty dang nice.

He let me decorate the house and I made sure there wasn't a devil anywhere in the décor. I bought things that looked homey and lived in, not stuffy things his parents had, although, Esme was softening quickly and my growing body held no interest for Carlisle anymore. He rarely leered at anyone.

It was on Edward's thirtieth birthday that I stood in the middle of our back yard, surrounded by my parents and his, when my water broke. I had his cake in my hands and I dropped it instantly, smashing it onto the ground.

We headed to the hospital and my mother never told me women in our family deliver quickly. Three hours later I was holding Jack Edward. It was so much better than the new belt I got Edward for his birthday. And I was glad my thirty year old husband was out of school for the summer.

"He looks just like you," I said as I stared at my son's beautiful face.

"How did I get so lucky?" Edward asked through his tears.

When you really think about it, he did luck out. I mean, how many women would date a guy who couldn't even hold a conversation and thought sex was evil? But I was the really the lucky one. I was desperate and gave him a chance. If I had a full social calendar, or wasn't a bit bent myself, I would not have even considered him.

The dating game was like a roulette wheel, it was all a game of chance.

"Happy Birthday, daddy," I said with love.

Edward leaned over and kissed my head. "You gave me a son for my birthday, how can I compete with that?" he laughed.

I saw his point, I mean sex was good, a ring was better, but what can top a child? I looked down at my son as he nursed happily at my now semi normal chest and glanced up at Edward with a big smile. He had money so saving for an enhancement wouldn't be necessary.

I knew exactly what I wanted for my next birthday.

The End.