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Stepping into the shower quietly, so as not to disturb him any more than need be, I'm stopped abruptly in my tracks, struggling to breathe as my eyes fall upon him. Edward's back is taut and tight. The hot, steamy water and leftover shampoo suds cascade down and around each and every roped and defined muscle, running deliciously over his plump, firm ass, slipping between his crack and sliding seductively down his toned thighs.

And although lust and want erupt within me, my brow still feels the need to frown worriedly. His stance and body language are just a little too stressed for my liking; his arms are strained and outstretched as his hands press firmly against the tiled wall.

But as my hungry eyes drink him in, I slip oh so softly towards him. Not wanting to startle him in any way, I lean gently against his broad back, letting my arm fold firmly around his lean waist and pulling him to me.

His wet, sudsy head falls back heavily upon my shoulder, and a deep, primal, wanton moan pours from his plump lips.

Wrapping him in me, I place soft, open-mouthed kisses across his outstretched neck and stubbly chin. I listen as he whimpers deliciously and takes a few deep content sighs.

Bringing his hand up placing it on the back of my head, pulling me tighter, his long fingers tangle playfully in my hair. With my palm placed firmly on his hip, my thumb painting lazy circles on its bone, my other glides smoothly up his tight abs, letting my fingers dance as they come in contact with his hardened nipple.

My chest heaves heavily, listening intently as his delicious groans vibrate off the tiled walls, bouncing back to join us. Swirling with the steam, it engulfs our dampened bodies. My eyes fall closed as I pull him tighter, and I'm taken back to younger years, when I could only hope and pray that it was not just the acoustics of the bathroom making my boy sound this way. But after years of wanting him, exploring him, loving him and worshiping every inch of him, I now know without a doubt its definitely me – and only me – that has this wonderful effect on this mans body.

And oh what a body! This man has.

He still has his slim build, broad shoulders, and firm toned legs that go on forever. And the fucked up hair that I love so much. Well! It's still in every way fucked up and just as red and unruly as it ever was. And yeah! You know it, he can still smile me that lazy, crooked morning smile that gets me every fucking time, and all I'm able to do is sigh and melt like a fucking school girl.

'Cause the boy, after all these years, still owns my ass, I tell ya! Just fucking owns it.'

We've been together eighteen wonderful years. Fuck! Eighteen years. That's longer than I lived before I met him! And now we're about to celebrate our twelfth wedding anniversary. And still to this day, he has the ability to make me crazy. Even at the ripe old age of thirty-four, the boy is beautiful, and from time to time, likes to drive me wild with his amazing mind and his fuckhot body. Hence the reason for me devilishly sneaking into the shower to join him.

I've set Branden and Blain, who are now five – 'Wow, five! Where does the fucking time go?' – up in the living room with their favorite DVD. It's an action movie, so I'm hoping to all that is holy that they won't kill each other trying out all the new stunts or, for that matter, destroy the living-room, which would really piss Edward off right now, and we can't be having that – well not before I get done spending some well-deserved time with him, that is.

'You do remember? Hey! Who could forget! How much of a selfish bastard I can be from time to time? It's nice to see some things haven't changed. Right?'

I'm taken aback as that, and all other coherent thoughts, leave me. As I feel his body squirm eagerly against mine, listening intently as he softly whimpers and wantonly moans, making my attention return to him and only him. Both his hands are behind my head now, pulling me tighter, pressing me to him, begging me for more. His firm ass rolls on my hardened dick as he groans deep and loud.

Instinctively bringing my hand up to cover his plump lips, I remind him silently that we have kids close by. 'I pray to all that is holy that they do not choose this very fucking moment for their nosiness and need to inquire about every God damn thing to kick in.' I hiss to myself as I feel him playfully bite down on my skin as he breathlessly begs into my palm

"Please Jasssssssper. Fuck! Please! It's been way too long. Please, babe."

Taking my hand away, releasing him slowly, I try to turn him, but I'm abruptly stopped. His long fingers grip desperately at my hair, tugging on my damp curls. Leaning his head back upon my shoulder once more, he whispers, "Don't fucking move, Jasper Hale-Cullen! I want you to fuck me, and fuck me hard! Babe! There's no time for mercy, please, just do it."

And you all damn well know where my thoughts immediately go. 'Fuck! Yeah! And it's not even Christmas or my birthday.'

Reaching for the lube on the shower shelf, I pump a few drops onto my awaiting fingers, spreading it quickly and nervously over my hand. 'Oh please, people! Don't be surprised. You know what this does to me. Don't tell me you've forgotten already. And in a sick little way, I know Edward remembers, the little mind-blowing fucker that he is.' Sliding my fingers between us, I let one sink slowly into his awaiting hole, and with that, he releases his hold on my hair and lets his weight fall heavily against the tiled wall, his head dropping with a slight thud on his folded arms.

Slipping another lean, shaky finger into him, I watch in awe as he bucks back forcefully, arching upwards and releasing a deep, throaty groan. And as goosebumps dance upon his alabaster skin, I let my hand take the journey from his hip up his spine, having it come to rest on his shoulder. Bracing myself against him, I finger fuck him fanatically, growing more excited with every slap of my palm when his ass pushes back to meet it.

His groans and moans fill the air as his eager pleas fill my ears. "Yes Jasper - Please Jasper - More Jasper." Roughly kicking his legs apart with my foot, I listen as his breath hitches anxiously in his throat. Smirking to myself gleefully, I excitedly ready myself at his entrance, impatient to fill the space my fingers will leave behind. And with one awesome ninja-stealth move, leaving Edward to wonder what the fuck hit him, not giving him a minute or chance to sense it coming, the thick head of my dick penetrates my boy's amenable body.

His head drops heavier as he lets his forehead hit the tile, bringing shaky hands up to each side of his face as he feels the need to brace himself. Smart boy! Gripping him a little tighter around the hips, I push in harder, listening as his delicious gravelly groans vibrate and bounce off the walls.

I push forward fast and pull back slow, letting the sensation of being buried deep inside him take me over. My heavy eyes follow the trail from where we are intimately connected over his firm, plump ass, along the slight curve of his hips, up his strong back and broad shoulders, coming to rest on the exquisite mop of copper hair pressed firmly against the shower wall. And as I watch his back expand with every deep and heavy breath he takes, I can't help myself. My primal need takes over. Reaching up, grabbing him roughly by the hair on the nape of his neck, I pull him towards me.

A gush of air leaves him as he strains to straighten himself, the force of my action not giving him time to steady or prepare, catching him a little off balance. As I feel him sway, I firmly fold my arm around him, pulling him to me, bringing him tighter, enabling me to burying my cock even deeper into his delectable heat, causing us both to growl in unison. "Fuck Yes!."

And as his back hits my heaving chest, his strong hands reach around, cupping my butt, his blunt nails digging into the supple flesh, causing me to hiss and bite down on his collarbone while I bury myself deeper. Silently begging my eyes to remain on him, I watch lustfully over his shoulder as his long, heavy cock sways and bounces with every thrust I make. His feet braced firmly on the floor, his thigh muscles quivering from the strain, heavy hearty pants leave his beautiful lips as I watch his abs and chest contract and expand each time I bury myself deep within his hole.

Quickly pumping a few more drops of the lube into my hand, I wrap my long fingers around his dancing cock, momentarily ceasing its movements. His heavy lids shoot open and his dark lust-filled eyes meet mine, and as I stroke downward, his lips part, releasing a soft drawn out groan. I catch his breath as I let my mouth attack his. Sucking frantically on his tongue, I pour all my needs and wants into this eager kiss, sucking his bottom lip biting it gently, listening as our grunts and groans echo off the walls, causing our bodies to vibrate and goose bump in response.

As my mouth travels, I gently suck on the soft skin of his throat, bringing my lips slowly to his ear. Taking the lobe roughly between my teeth, I demand sternly, "Sweetness, spread your fucking legs further, and I advise you to brace yourself against the wall, cause I'm about to fuck you into oblivion. I feel the need to make sure your ass doesn't forget that I've paid it a visit. Taday!"

And in an instant, I have his body thrown forward. His feet slap heavily on the wet floor and his taut, tight stance from earlier returns, as his hands make contact with the shower wall. And without blinking or giving it a second thought, I ride him like there's no tomorrow. My hand pumping his hard cock with every deep thrust I make, he's starting to pulse. I feel the beat on my palm as his eager ass slaps noisily against my braced thighs. The feeling hits my toes first, traveling excitedly up my legs as my orgasm tingles in my belly and balls. Leaning my weight across his back, I whisper seductively in his ear, "Edward, come for me. Babe! Come for me now!" And with that and a staggered hiss, he erupts, hot cum covering my fingers, his abs and the shower. And as he screams my name and prayers for saints and sinners alike, his hole tightens around my length, enabling me to join him in this moment of epic euphoria.

Trying desperately to straighten myself on shaky legs, I rub tender circles onto Edward's heaving back. Watching as he carefully uses his hands for leverage gradually climbing the shower's slippery surface, turning slowly, he faces me. And when his awe-filled heavy eyes meet mine, I attack his mouth with vigor, sucking on his tongue, breathing in his breath, doing my utmost to convey the passion and love I still hold dear for this man -this boy. He pulls away gently,as he moans lustfully into my mouth. He gently replies with a soft chuckle. "I love you too, babe."

And then we freeze! Both our breaths catch and we swallow hard, as we hear the small shy whisper, "Dads?"

Edward straightens quickly, releasing his hold on me. I eye him worriedly, kicking myself mentally for not remembering to lock the God damn bathroom door.

Reaching behind him, turning the cooling water off, Edward shakily questions. "Yes, Blain? Whats up, son? You guys okay?"

"I'm good, Dad. But I'm just telling ya that Branden stuck his grilling cheese in the movie maker. Again!"

Edward eyes me sternly as he mouths. "Grilled fucking cheese in the living room, Jasper? Really! Again!"

I eye him as innocently as I can possibly muster, taking a step toward him, my arms outstretched, feeling the need to hold him to me - or was it the need for self preservation wanting desperately to distract him so he wouldn't kick my sorry ass right now? But as I move closer, his hand falls flush with my chest, pushing me back, his angry gaze warning me off. Once again I mentally kick myself for not locking that fucking God damn bathroom door.

In a higher pitched voice, Edward answers our eagerly awaiting son. "Okay, Sweetie! Daddy will be right there to clean it up. Oh! And please inform your brother to stay put. He's not to move from where he is. You hear me? Blain? Mr Branden has some explaining to do."

I smirk to myself as Blain gleefully replies, "Sure will, Dad!" We listen intently, shivering silently as his little footsteps make their exit. Our breaths hitch one more time, sensing him come to a complete stop before making it to the door. Fuck! Wanting nothing more than to kick my own sorry ass thoroughly, I hear him quietly return, planting himself right in front of the God damn shower stall.

And with a small cough and a deep sigh, the questioning begins:


Edward raises an eyebrow in my direction before answering. "Yes, son?"

Wait for it! ...Wait... for... it...!

"You guys okay?"

Bingo! And so the fuckery begins.

Edward eyes me warily. His lips tighten as he roughly pushes me further away from him.

"Yes, Blain! We're fine! Go back to the living room and wait with your brother. We'll be right there, sweetie."

Our eyes dart nervously around the shower stall, anxiously looking for something to cover us, but failing miserably, as we wait shivering patiently for Blain's reaction.

I hear another deep sigh. And I brace myself. "Dads?"

Fuck my life! Damn it to hell!

Edward pokes me in the chest with his pointer finger, taking me out of my head and bringing my attention to him as he mouths sternly, "Your turn, asshole! This is all your fault! Couldn't just let me take a five minute shower alone. could ya? The horny teenage you! Was unable to wait until tonight when the kids would be sleeping! Jassssper."

And so the fuckery continues!

I eye him cockily, giving him my best 'Yeah right!' glare, as I mouth back, slightly hissing under my breath, "Oh yeah, all my fault! Didn't hear you complain five minutes ago, Mister! When your ass was eagerly riding my dick. Now, did I, Edwwwwward?"

We're brought back to reality again, when Blain inquires further, "You sure you're okay? Are you hurted? Should I call 911? I know how to does that now! Ya know?"

I start to chuckle, my reaction getting a well deserved slap on the arm from Edward, though I can't help smiling to myself as my heart swells for our poor little worried, over-thinking boy.

Coughing back another chuckle, I answer him, "No, baby, we're fine. No need to call 911. And yes, we know you can do that, sweetie, cause you're very smart. But that won't be necessary. Now run along, Blain; we'll be right there to help in a second."

"But Dadssssss...?"

Edward's eyes darken and his voice begins to raise. "But nothing, Blain! Run along, son."

"Bu? But? But Dads? I hearded scary noises, finking you were hurted."

Covering my husband's mouth with my fingers before he hits the roof, I calmly answer Edward's little clone. "We are not hurt, baby. Dads were just wrestling, having some fun. Give us a minute to get dried off, sweetheart, and we'll be right out to help with Branden."

And with a satisfied sigh, he hurriedly exits the bathroom, yelling at the top of his lungs as he goes. "Branden, you are so deaded. Dads is so mad at you, mister! You have to stay put, Branden, cause Dad saided you got some plaining to do."

We both look at each other bewildered and confused as we hear Branden's replay.

"Naha! No way! Blain! You ratted? Son of a...! So not fair! Bro!"

Opening the shower door, I pop my head out, eagerly glancing from side to side, checking if the coast was clear. Then grabbing the towels from the heating rack, I hand one to a goose bumped, shivering Edward, who grabs it from me – 'Quite sternly, if you ask me.' – before stepping out of the stall.

And as we dry off quickly, he inquires, "Was our son just about to call us bitches? And what the hell's with this Bro crap all of a sudden?" I shrug my shoulders in his direction before answering, "Too much time with Uncle Emmett, I guess!"

And as we both enter the bedroom, Edward shoots me a look. Raising an eyebrow, he whispers, "Remind me to have a little word with good old Uncle Emmett later. Will ya?" Nodding my head in agreement, I head for the closet, yelling over my shoulder, "Will do!.Bro!"

And fuck me if I didn't see it coming! The bed pillow hit me smack damn in the center of my back, causing me to stumble forward as our laughter now fills the room. Both of us try to dress with knowing, smirky smiles upon our faces.

Heading to the living-room with Edward still mumbling under his breath about the fucking 'grilling cheese, Uncle Emmett, and our sons' lack of vocabulary,' I'm the one to hear it first. A small, delicate whimper hits my ears, and I stop suddenly.

Edward eyes me wearily, his exhausted facial expression telling me he hears it too. But the poor guy was up all night with said whimper, and I'm assuming after the shower incident, his patience is running a bit thin right now.

I nod in understanding, and give him a small smile, silently letting him know I'll take care of it, as he heads off in the direction of Branden and Blain and the now oh-so-sick 'movie maker.'

Pushing the door open, gently giving my eyes time to adjust to the darkened room, I glance towards the crib. And there, braced against the rails, little white knuckles gripping on for dear life in all her pink nightgown glory, is the cause of said whimper, our youngest, Lily.

Her strawberry blond hair is in disarray, and her sleep-filled, dampened blue eyes indicate how exhausted she, like her poor father, really is. But still when she sees me, and recognition crosses her face, she smiles the widest, brightest, crooked grin ever, taking my breath away and stealing my heart, for at this moment, as I gaze upon our beautiful daughter, I see no one but my just as equally beautiful husband smiling back at me.

I approach the crib softly, causing her to bounce on her heels eagerly, hands raised and chubby little fingers outstretched. Picking her up, squeezing her tightly to my chest, I breathe her in, and the faint scent of baby power and lilac shampoo invade my senses. Pressing her pouty little cherry lips to my neck, she whispers, "Da Da." 'And yes you know it, people,' once again, I fucking melt.

Lily will be celebrating her first birthday soon. Aunt Alice and Aunt Rose, have taken the reins on this one. 'Cause you all know by now, this is not our kid,' and they're not trusting her Fathers with any arrangements for a party fit for their little princess.

It's being held upstate, at Mrs. Sweeney's bed and breakfast, the plan being we all stay for the weekend. Sally gushes with love and pride as she practically begs us to spend some time with her and Mr. Sweeney. Eagerly explaining her plans, she wants nothing but the best for her honorary Godchild's first party.

I'm hearing rumors of ponies, clowns and shocking pink streamers, causing me to have scary visions of princess tiaras and tea parties dancing around in my head, making me wonder if there's a doctor's note that would excuse me from attending such a fuckery. But I'm sorry to say there's not. 'Cause believe me, I've checked.'

Changing and straighting Lily the best I can, we head for the living room and the stern voice of Edward. Lily's brow frowns and her Cupid lips tighten when she hears him preach at her brothers, something to do with responsibilities and the cost of the poor 'movie maker.' But when he hears our approach, his attention turns from the boys to us, and the wide, crooked smile on his face tells all. He jumps to his feet eagerly, heading in our direction, and with a mirrored grin and chubby fingers outstretched, Edward gets his very own morning welcome as Lily once again screams in glee: "Da Da!" causing his fatigue from his late night to become nothing but a distant memory.

Handing her over, I catch myself smirking, watching in amusement as Branden and Blain take a deep sigh of relief, knowing their baby sister has once again saved their sorry asses for the umpteenth time this year. And as Edward and Lily set off for the kitchen in search of breakfast, I get to work cleaning up the mess they've made in the living room, sternly instructing the boys to pitch in and help pick up, reminding them that they have a party to attend this afternoon, and the quicker we get this done, the quicker we get to said party. Giving the room a once over, I think to myself, Who the fuck am I kidding? as sticky grilled cheese, sofa cushions, plastic guns and rubber swords lay haphazardly across the floor.

While Edward takes care of Lily's needs, I tend to the boys. Believe me, people! I'd swap that job with Edward any day. I don't care how in touch with my feminine side I'd have to get, I'd do anything not to have to deal with the boys dressing routine sometimes. And Edward, the little fucker that he is, knows it, and conveniently uses it as a bribe or bartering tool with me from time to time.

'He's lucky I fucking love him to death. Asshole!'

Lily is easy – pick a dress, pick some shoes and we're done. But the boys! Oh my God damn gravy. Between Blain and his Edward tendencies, having to have everything match and always look his best – 'Causing me to have nightmares of the little shit hanging his jeans on hangers just like his father.' – to Branden and his fucking black skull and crossbones t-shirt, demanding that he gets to wear it with every fucking thing and to every fucking occasion.

Edward and I have waited patiently, sometimes late into the night, till he's fast asleep, and practically had to peel it thread by thread from his comatose body, just to get the God damn thing washed. Yet another fucking thing to thank good old Uncle Emmett for. I swear! The man has got to have a death wish or something. But believe me when I say, "Paybacks are a fucking bitch." 'Emmett's days are numbered, people. Just wait till Christmas when his son Chase opens a brand new shiny set of fucking drums, courtesy of good old Uncle Jasper.'

It's nearly noon before we finally head out, loading up the SUV and getting everyone securely seat belted into their proper places and positions in the truck. Long gone are the days when we could take a quick shower and run out the door.

As I drive in the direction of Edward's parents', I steal glances in the rear-view mirror, watching with pride and love as Brandon and Blain play together with their army men, and Lily quietly watches her favorite DVD. Shifting my eyes towards Edward, I watch momentarily as his copper hair lays heavy against the headrest and tired lids fall softy upon his high cheekbone. My boy's exhausted! Working shifts at the hospital and raising three kids will do that to ya.

'But as I've said numerous times before, 'The boys a trooper, a fucking trooper, I tell ya!'

My thoughts fondly wander to good old Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rose, and how amazing this beautiful couple has been to me and my family. They've been married nearly five years now, and have two kids of their own, a set of twins, daughter Charlotte Marie and son Chase. And I've truly never seen my sister so God damn happy. Emmett worships the ground she walks on, and still waits on her hand and foot. And although at times she feels the need to abuse it, she returns his love tenfold.

Not long after having their twins, who will be four soon, they approached us with the offer to have another child. Rose and Emmett both stated that their family was now complete, and they were wondering if we were still interested. To say that Edward and I jumped at the chance would be an understatement, feeling the need to add one more rugrat to our little gang. And within a year and a little needed contribution from Edward, Lily Anne Hale-Cullen arrived, and we have never looked back.

Upon arrival at the Cullens', we quickly unload the car and get the gang in order, heading for the back yard. Its Alice and Riley's daughter Sue's tenth birthday, and my in-laws are hosting a family barbecue for the big day. So with Blain proudly carrying the gift, Lily wrapped in Edward's arms and Branden riding on my shoulders, we head in the direction of the Cullens' other grandchildren's laughter.

Edward's Mom is the first to greet us, with Riley Jr. in tow, beaming brightly as her eyes fall upon her grandchildren. She fondly smiles at a puffy-chested, bright-eyed, smiling Blain, as he stands proudly presenting her his gift offering and their homemade cards.

Bending down to his level, she explains happily that it is not her birthday, but his cousin Sue's, and she will gladly take him in the direction of the gift table. And as Blain makes his exit, he feels the need to cockily look over his shoulder just so he can stick his little pink tongue out at his brother, squinting his eyes narrowly, then nervously darting in our direction, as Edward sternly corrects him for his bold action, granting him his full title.

"Blain Carlisle Hale-Cullen. Behave, young man! Or your sorry butt will be spending the rest of this party in the back seat of the car. Do you hear me? Is that what you want? Huh?"

And with a shy smile and a shake of his head, squeezing granny E's hand just a little bit tighter - for safety reasons, I'm sure! - he skips off in the direction of the table.

As I reach up, catching Branden under the armpits and lifting him up and over my head, I hear the loud approach. I start to chuckle amusingly, knowing what's about to come next. "BRO!" Turning, I watch in awe as the monstrosity we call Emmett comes barreling towards us, carrying - if that's what you can call it. - young Chase under his arm like a bag of potatoes, his poor little head bouncing with every step, briefly reminding me of one of Lily's rag dolls.

It makes me think worriedly to myself, If Emmett keeps that shit up, the kid's going have brain damage or something. Poor Chase's brain will probably look like he has shaken baby syndrome by the time his father gets through with him.

When he makes it in front of me, I'm pulled in with his free arm for a tight bear hug. Bending swiftly, he addresses Branden. "YO LITTLE BRO! HOWS IT HANGING? LONGGGGGG I HOPE."

I pat Branden on the head, trying desperately to even out his unruly curls, and maybe offer some well needed reassurance, as he looks up all flush-faced and confused. I roll my eyes, giving him my best 'I have no fucking clue what Uncle Emmett's talkin about' face.

But as my son's eyes meet mine, I see the question about to leave his lips, and my brain starts scrambling, trying desperately to come up with a good answer to the fuckery Emmett has now created. His tiny fat fingers find the hem of my shirt, pulling me down towards him like he's about to whisper, making me smile to myself, cause I know God damn well he won't, cause he can't! Cause like me, he sucks at it.

"What needs to be long, Dad? I didn't know. I swear! Am I posed to know? Do I need somefing long? You didn't tell me, Dad! What is it, Dad? Tell me now!"

In that instant, wondering to myself, How the hell did Edward and I get stuck with two overly curious, always thinking boys! I will never know. Karma's a bitch sometimes. Yeah, I know!'

I hear my father-in-law chuckle, and I shoot the bastard a stern look. Carlisle's eyes sparkle with mirth, but his chest heaves in pride as he watches his son-in-law and grandson interact. But when he notices my oh-so-un-amused look, he coughs into his fist and turns, walking away quickly and awkwardly in the opposite direction.

Calling out for his wife, he seems to be pretending she forgot something for the party -like Esme Cullen, the perfectionist, would ever forget a fucking thing. His shoulders are unable to cease their dancing motion as he not-so-silently finds amusement in my now parental discomfort.

My eyes dart between Branden's forest greens, the beautiful sight making me momentarily lose focus, as I frenziedly try to come up with a good enough answer for my curious son. Desperately trying to find the grown up words, wanting him to understand that we, as parents, need him to always respect his elders and listen, but that sometimes Uncle Emmett doesn't count, and to pay him no mind, as we all know he can be a stupid fucker from time to time.

But I'm happily saved by the bell, as I hear Edward's stern tone summon a now shocked looking Emmett. "Emmett Dale McCarty! We need to talk! Bro?"

Emmett looks nervously down at Branden and me questioningly, and once again I find myself having to use my best 'I have no idea what he's talking about' look, right back at him.

He bends, placing his hands on his knees as he whispers to Branden, "Should I be worried, little bro?"

Branden nods his head frantically, before replying, "Yeah-ha! Uncle Emmett, you gots your whole name. Be fraid! Be very fraid!"

And without a second glance, Emmett heads off hurriedly in search of Rose. Please! Like she's going to help his sorry ass. Knowing my sister, she'll hold Emmett down and let Edward have his way, maybe even assisting in the beat-down, without a question on why it's being given.

'Poor Emmett... Not!'

With his attention now diverted, an oblivious Braden runs off to play with Riley Jr., and most likely in search of his long lost brother. I make my way across the yard, meeting up with my father in-law as he works the grill, happily flipping burgers and spinning hot dogs, singing gleefully to himself.

He offers me a sideways glance, and when his overly amused stare meets mine, I do my best to forge disgust with the raise of an eyebrow and a tight lip, the look on both our faces causing us to laugh heartily at one another.

Leaning into me, playfully pushing my shoulder with his, he inquires, "How did Brendan take the… mmmmm… long news?"

I laugh again before answering, "Didn't have to say a word. Edward saved my hide as usual, him so desperately needing to speak to good old Uncle Emmett. And good old Uncle Emmett so desperately feeling the need to run like a girl from him"

He raises his own questioning eyebrow in my direction, and so as not to keep him waiting, I answer quickly, "Don't ask! Long story! But! If you really need to know, I'll give you the condensed version. Edward's getting picky and worried about the boys' vocabulary, or lack thereof, should I say? And he feels the need to blame most of it, if not all, on them spending way to much time with Uncle Emmett."

And as Carlisle flips another burger, he laughs as he speaks. "Looks like I have to remind Edward about his vocabulary, or lack thereof at your sons' age. And there was no good old Uncle Emmett around to blame back then… Believe you me, Jasper! Your husband did not always speak like he had just swallowed the English dictionary. Oh no, sir! Sometimes I even thought he was a genius, able to speak a foreign language. Until one day, Esme took it upon herself to bust my parental bubble and point out to me what the poor boy was really trying to say. Needless to say, my genius theory was quickly nipped in the bud, and my dreams of an early enrollment at Harvard, or even Yale, were shot to shit, so to speak!"

Winking playfully, he wraps his arm around my shoulder, pulling me tighter, chuckling to himself as he continues. "It's all good, Jasper. No need to worry, your boys will do just great."

Leaning into him, I answer. "I know, Dad, I know! But you know Edward, and what he can be like about these things. I'm just hoping it doesn't push him over the edge in the meantime. You know how he can get sometimes!"

Pulling back, he places his hand on my shoulder, looking me straight in the eyes he quietly explains, "Jasper, Son! Stop your worrying, Edward will be fine! You will be fine! And most of all, your little family will be fine! You guys are an amazing couple and great parents! You draw on each other's strengths like nothing I've even seen before! Look how far you've come. Since that... well? You know... that... What is it you like to call it? That fuckery? With you know who? Well anyway, Jasper, you are both strong men who stop at nothing and always stick by their convictions, no matter what. And because of that, you will be fine!"

Then cocking his eyebrow, he continues, "So help your husband get his head out of his ass, so he can see that. Will you? And remind him from time to time, if need be, that he was a kid once himself."

Nodding with a smile, I bring him to me for a hug. And with a deep fatherly sigh, he slowly turns, proceeding happily to prepare the burgers and hot dogs.

And as I silently keep him company, my fondness grows even more than I could ever imagine, for my father figure, my father-in-law, my dad.

I smile understandingly for the man behind the grill, for this is one of Carlisle Cullens' favorite pastimes, having his children and grandchildren in the same place at the same time. We don't get to do it as often these days, each of us having obligations and commitments, but when we do, it's always oh so worthwhile and fun-filled.

Carlisle and Esme, the saints that they are, have gone so far as to take Rose and Emmett under their wings. Always knowing that Rose and I had a useless, clueless, fucktard as a father, and then poor Emmett losing his own wonderful dad, a year back to cancer.

I'm pulled from my melancholy mushing when I hear Lily giggle. The light sound of her laughter rings in my ears as my eager eyes search the yard, releasing a deep sigh when they fall upon them as they head in my direction. I watch with admiration as a bent at the waist Edward waddles towards me with a bouncing Lily between his long legs, her arms above her head, stretching desperately to reach him, her chubby hands griping his pointer fingers as he slowly and clumsily sways from side to side with every little baby step she takes.

Needing to judge his distance and not lose his footing, Edward pops his head up, and when he does, his awestruck gaze meets mine and he smiles that lazy, wide crooked smile. I watch amusedly as it's mirrored beneath him from our overly excited and somewhat overly eager daughter, feeling my heart leap proudly in my chest as I return their grins and joy tenfold.

Kneeling in the grass, I stretch my arms towards them, smiling brightly while softly chanting her name over and over, frantically wiggling my fingers in encouragement, inviting Lily to me. I watch nervously as Edward somewhat reluctantly lets go of Lily's death grip, but still feels the need to hover over her and stay close, like the mother hen that he can sometimes be. And as he releases her his hands, trembling at his sides, our beautiful, wonderful genius - 'Yeah! You heard me people! Fucking genius!' - of a daughter, takes her first four shaky steps into my awaiting arms.

My pride and love for her forces me to squeeze her to me maybe just a little too tight, as she gleefully squeaks out a joyous "Da Da-Da Da" onto my neck, and her fat fingers tangle playfully in my curls. My eyes raise to Edward as he stands dumbfounded and astonished with his hand on his chest and his fingers dragging through his hair. Meeting my damp gaze, he mouths quietly, "She did it, babe! She finally did it!"

And feeling like he needed it confirmed, I mouthed proudly back, "Yes she did, sweetness, yes she damn well did!"

I hear happy cheers and tiny claps, watching over Lily's shoulder as Branden and Blain run across the lawn excitedly to join Edward, Blain coming to an abrupt stop, holding back, then grabbing Edward's thigh.

Edward's hand and long fingers greeti our shy son with a tussle of his blond hair and a wicked grin. But Branden, on the other hand, heads straight for us, making a bee line for Lily and me. And as he's running, he's clapping and chanting, smiling brightly at his little sister, the sound of Blain's giggling encouragement egging him forward.

I feel Lily pull away as she hears her big brother approach. Her face brightens and her chubby cheeks swell with pride as she turns shakily to greet him, her little hands smacking frantically in claps the closer Branden gets. And as he pulls up in front of her, he steadies himself. Bending, he wraps his tiny arms around her waist, pulling her up into the air with him, swinging her around as her little legs kick with joy. They dance in circles, the sight making me dizzy, and as their laughter fills the yard, Lily lets her head fall back playfully, and she heartily giggles out. "Be.. Be..!"

And he freezes! Staring at each other in amused wonderment, A confused Lily gently cups Branden's face in her little hands and softly chants "Be..Be?"

Placing her softly on the grass, he stares at me in amazement. And with a knowing smile and a puffy proud chest, he excitedly announces, "She saided my name! Lily saided my name, Dads! Right?"

I think I nodded. I'm pretty sure I nodded, I'm so in fucking shock and overwhelmed that maybe I only imagined that I nodded my response. But as Carlisle and Esme approach, Branden repeats his statement, confirming what we all needed to know. "Grandpa! Grandma! Lily saided my name!"

I stand shakily, overwhelmed and consumed with excitement, leaving Branden and my in-laws to fuss over our amazing little genius. I find my way to my still somewhat astonished husband, joining him and Blain on the sidelines as our eyes dart from face to face, absorbing and rejoicing in all their happy, proud expressions, feeling more like spectators at a tennis match rather than the proud parents of said genius. And as I pull up to his side, leaning heavily into him, he places his arm gently around my waist, tucking his long fingers snugly into the back pocket of my jeans, sighing contentedly as his head hits my shoulder.

The rest of the day passes quickly and haze-like, as the family fusses and gathers around Lily and her new accomplishments, everyone beaming and praising, drowning her in their love and pride, her overly excited and proud brother presenting her to each and every relative, demanding that she repeat his name over and over.

Lily's eyes search for us from time to time, begging to be rescued, only getting peace when Edward puts his foot down, stating that the poor girl needed nourishment to keep her strength up if Branden was going to turn her into his personal pet project.

Later that night, as I stand by the bonfire, Lily's lazy head on my shoulder, talking and sharing a beer with Riley, the sound of light music and the others' laughter and conversations ringing in my ears, I feel Edward press himself gently against my back, wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing the side of my neck.

As his heavy head comes to rest on my other shoulder, he speaks quietly, "I think it's time we got our crew on the road, don't ya think, babe? It's a little past everyone's bedtime, including ours."

Swallowing the rest of my beer and glancing at my watch, I nod my head, eagerly agreeing.

After kissing the family goodnight and making plans for lunches dinners and play dates, we load up the trunk once more and head for home.

In the quiet, peaceful car, I watch in the rear-view mirror as a happy Lily and proud Branden sleep soundly. But my brow frowns as my eyes fall upon a somewhat upset looking Blain, sadly gazing out the side window. Knowing Blain's overly thinking Edward-like tendencies and his need to live in his head, I proceed to gently drag the reason for his unhappy look from him.



"Blain, son?"

Still nothing.


Bingo, I got him.

I smirk to myself as I come to realize just how alike Edward and Blain really are.

His eyes wander to me and as his deep forest greens meet mine, stealing my breath. He does his very best to give me a small smile, then sadly returns his attention back once more to the dark view beyond the window.

So me being me, unable to leave well enough alone and being the nosy bastard that I am, I continue with my questioning. "Blain, you okay! Son? Didn't you have a good time tonight? Are you not feeling well? Is your tummy upset, buddy?" I hope to all that is holy that giving him multiple choice would at least get me an answer to one.

Sighing deeply once more, he finds my gaze in the rear-view mirror before answering in a soft tone. "I'm good, Dad. The party was the funnest, and my belly's good."

Frowning again, I inquire. "Then why the long face, buddy? If you had such a great time, why do you look so sad?'

And in a quiet whisper, he answers, "She didn't said it."

Glancing quickly behind me before letting my eyes find the road again, I quickly question,

"Who? Huh? What?" Then realizing who I was talking to, I changed my tactic. "Who, sweetie? What wasn't said?"

And as I patiently wait while my overly thinking boy's wheels turn frantically in his pretty little head, he continues.

"Lil saided Branden's, but not mine."

And bingo we have our answer. God, I'm a fucking genius! Father of the year, I am!

And as we turn onto our street, with only a few houses to go, I do my best to comfort our distraught boy.

"Awww, babe! Just cause she didn't say it, doesn't mean she wasn't thinking it. How about tomorrow, you, Lily and I have some playtime? And maybe you, as a big brother, can teach your baby sissy how to say that beautiful name of yours."

His eyes grow excited as he questions, "Can we? Really, Dads?'

"Sure can, buddy! First thing tomorrow, we'll work on it. Okay?"

And as I pull into the driveway, he asks sleepily, "Dads?"

"Yes, Blain?"

"Can we does it in the park tamarraw?"

And as I cut the engine and his head falls heavily to the side, I whisper, "Yes, Blain, the park it is."

When I open the car door, Edward slowly awakes, enabling him to help me bring the little ones into the house. As he grabs Lily, I'm able to lift the boys, Branden in one arm and Blain in the other. Putting them to bed as swiftly and quietly as possible, both of us decide not to fight with our son and his heavily tired body, allowing him to sleep soundly in his beloved skull and cross-bone t-shirt.

Entering our bedroom, I watch as an overly exhausted Edward drops onto the corner of the bed, trying desperately to remove his shoes and socks, but to no avail. Quickly kneeling in front of him, kissing the top of his copper fucked up head, I push him back softly, silently informing him not to worry, just to relax, cause as we all know 'I got this.'

And as his back hits the bed with a thud, I proceed to undress my sexy-as-all-get-out, hot-as-all-hell husband. But believe me, it doesn't go unnoticed, that with every piece of clothing I remove, the deeper and more wanton his sleepy moans become, and the more goose-bumped his now flushed skin gets. Deciding reluctantly to just leave him in his underwear, I reach for the covers, needing to pull them back so I can slip him under.

But when I make my move, I feel his warm, lean fingers crawl under my t-shirt and across my back, bringing my chest flush with his. His lips find mine, and a hot, passionate kiss erupts, my dick suddenly sensing when the sleepiness leaves him, as he presses his own overly hard cock against it, making us both release a deep, hearty groan. I lean back, meeting his gaze, silently questioning. And without a word, just his deep forest greens stare transfixed on me, his hands find their way up the back of my neck and into my hair, pulling me tighter to his face as his lips find mine, he moans wantonly into my mouth.

Wrapping his legs around my waist and breaking our kiss, his fingers find the hem of my shirt as he roughly strips it from my body. Squeezing me tighter, pushing himself upon me, grinding himself hard, he causes my own eager cock to fight frantically, wanting to be released from its jean-clad confines. Reaching between us, I struggle to help him in his endeavor, but I'm taken aback, feeling the slight sting from the slap before realizing its origin. I stare at Edward sternly, but melt as I watch him bite and suck on his bottom lip shyly. Fuck ! This boy's going to be the death of me one day. Grinning, he kisses my chin, hungrily licking at my stubble before sucking softly on my lip, taking it between his teeth and biting gently.

Seductively, he whispers into my mouth, "Let me take care of you tonight, Jasper." Pulling back quickly. I smile as he winks playfully, bringing me to him. Pressing his mouth to my throat, his breath damp and warm, he continues softly, "Don't worry, babe! I got this!"

And suddenly, without fucking warning, I'm flipped. The fucker has me on my back, his strong long legs straddling my hips, squeezing tightly as he proceeds to grind his length roughly with mine. And as the air leaves me and the anticipation grows, making my skin flush, his hands find my hair again. His fingers pull and tug, entwining and combing with every lust-filled move he makes.

He's chanting my name and singing my praises, as his damp breath seduces my skin, making me beg him for more, causing me to whimper like a fucking child as he mercilessly works my body like only a person with so many years' experience exploring it could.

Grabbing the back of his neck, sucking his mouth eagerly, I'm stealing his breath as my fingers drag and twist through his own fucked up copper locks. My breath hitches as I feel his hand slip between us, and I heave a sigh of relief as his fingers work my button and zipper. I try to help, I try to be of assistance, but Edward's having none of it. All the while, his hands and fingers bump and shove me out of his way.

Feeling the need and urge to do something before I fucking explode, I grab his ass, the supple flesh and cotton briefs bending under the manipulations of my fingertips. Wrapping myself tighter, I drag him to me, the sensation making my head fall back, pressing it hard against the mattress as a deep, thick groan vibrates from my body.

I feel as he slips from my grip, his lean torso making the journey between my legs. Slipping smoothly down the contours of my chest, his body weight enables his knees to hit the floor with a soft thud, as his lips, teeth and tongue suck, lick and slurp along every muscle they come in-contact with. He bites roughly as he kisses and licks gently. I can't help myself, and God knows I'm not a fucking patient man, eagerly and shamelessly letting my body buck frantically onto him, craving friction, wanting more.

Leaning back on his heels, he eyes me longingly. His stare causes my heart to race and my breathing to hitch. He's deliciously flushed and goose-bumped, his chest heaves heavily as the palms of his hands rub broad and calming circles into my tense thighs. I watch in awe as dampened hair now falls seductively across his dark, lust-filled eyes.

I feel my belly contract and tighten when his lean, warm fingers catch the waistband of my jeans, jerking roughly, and in one fast-as-all-fuck move, he releases my dick, stripping me - and it - from its cramped detainment. As he ogles me lustfully, he smirks playfully to himself, and my eager as all fuck cock springs to life. Bending quickly, he sucks its heavy head between his moist lips, drawing it in, holding it firm in the back of his throat. My fingers once more find his hair, yanking fervently, pressing and pulling him closer, letting his name leave me in a gasping hush, as I beg him and all that is holy never to stop.

But guess what the fucker does? He stops!

My head shoots off the bed, desperately seeking his eyes, meeting him with a not so happy and very fucking stern look. And all the fucker does is smirk. 'Believe me, people, if I wasn't so fucking horny right this second, and needed this beautiful man's mouth around my cock, I'd kick his sorry ass from here to next Sunday.' But the fucker knows I need him, and the fucker knows without a doubt that I want this, so what does said fucker do? He just keeps on smirking. Fucker!

So I question him as lovingly as I can possibly muster, under the circumstances. "What the fuck, Edward?"

And as he drags his hot, heavy tongue from the base of my cock to its tip, his forest greens and shit eating grin never leaving my gaze, he answers, "Patience, babe. You really need to learn patience."

And as my eyes narrow, and my lips tighten at the cocky little fucker between my legs, I answer his sorry, but cute, ass determinedly. "Patience, Edward! Really? Patience? I'll give you fucking patience, mister! If you don't let my cock fuck that pretty little mouth of yours, right this instant, before I literally burst, your ass is going to pay! And dearly, may I add! Cause if you think I showed you no mercy this morning in the shower, then you better think again! Long and hard, mister! Long and hard!"

All the while I'm scolding and staring, his tongue keeps lapping at the tip of my dick, circling the head every now and then, dipping into the slit, causing me to stammer, making it hard to breathe or concentrate, and all the little fucker does is smile wide and cheesy. And just as I'm about to give him another well deserved what for, he sinks my cock into the damp warm cave I've fondly come to know as heaven.

Pushing on his feet, finding leverage, he backs me further up the bed, only stopping when my head hits the pillow, and the fucking genius that he is, keeps my cock firmly between his glorious lips the whole time. 'Fucking genius.' And as I watch intently, his copper mop bobs deliciously on my straining dick, his hands grip my thighs, lifting and bringing them over his shoulders, letting them rest there. And with one eager scooch closer, my boy goes to town, sucking and slurping, sinking deeper onto me, not stopping until his nose meets my groin.

Coming closer, folding me somewhat, he reaches for the drawer, taking a deep breath as I hear the pump from the lube bottle as he thoroughly coats his fingers. A broad smile crosses my face at the thought off my overly thoughtful, overly cautious, still sometimes nervous at taking the reins boy. But when his cool fingers find my entrance, my sheepish smile is replaced with slightly tight puckered lips.

Reminding myself to breathe, I whisper into the thick humid bedroom air, "Oh please, Edward! Fuck! Yes! Please."

And without skipping a beat or faltering a moment, he enters my awaiting heat flawlessly.

I'm drowning in the sensation of his fingers and mouth taking and claiming, as his pumping digits stretch and ready me. Feeling my belly grow tight and my thighs begin to quiver as he does his fucking deadest to pull my orgasm from me. My fingers and feet tingle, causing my toes to curl as my boy works his magic. I feel my thighs squeeze firmly, pressing my weight against his shoulders just a split second before I abruptly erupt into the beautiful awaiting mouth of my awesome kick ass husband.

Pulling back, wiping his mouth, he smiles devilishly.

Letting my legs slip from his shoulders, I wrap them around his waist, bringing him to me. Holding him close, I kiss his swollen mouth, groaning as the taste of my own essence lingers on his tongue.

Leaning back, smirking, he reaches once again for the nightstand. A few air pumps later, and two long, strong strokes of his eager cock, and the boy enters me painstakingly slow.

As he takes his time, his hands fold under me, his fingers coming up and over my shoulders, bracing himself. A deep gravelly groan leaves us both as his upper thighs meet my awaiting butt. I feel his lips on my throat and his hot breath coat my skin as he whispers his wants and love into my ear. I pull him tighter to me, trapping myself between us. I feel his hips quicken and his breath become uneven. I'm sensing he's near his end. He's on the edge. We both tremble as lust and love overwhelm and overtake us. And as once again my toes curl and my hole tightens, I hear my name breathlessly travel along my goose-bumped skin as my husband empties his hot orgasm into my body.

Slumped and spent, we take a few seconds to right ourselves before Edward rolls off me and to the side. Pulling back the covers, we both slip back into our underwear. Long gone are the days of sleeping wrapped in each other's nakedness 'That's the price you pay for having small children. Using this morning as an example, you never fucking know when one of the little buggers is going to show up.' Then like the magnets that we are, we find each other, tangling limbs, getting comfortable and content, as sleep and exhaustion drag us under. Edward whispers lovingly onto my chest. "Love you, Jasper. Always."

And as I give him a lazy, dreamy squeeze back, I return his sentiment, "Love you too, Edward. Forever."

It's early dawn when I wake groggily, the filtered light from the blinds causing my eyes to squint. Desperately wishing myself back to sleep, compelling myself back to slumber, and as I search for Edward's heat and comfort, I frown, confused, when 'mI meet with resistance. Blinking one eye open, trying to focus, I grin widely as I feel Branden's little arms wrapping tighter around my neck. Lifting him gently, I fold him into my side, chuckling softly as I listen happily to every disturbed groan and moan he makes.

Moving slightly to the center of the bed, so as to not have him drop accidentally of the side, I find myself, frowning once more, squinting again, shaking my head as I amusedly watch the tangled limbs of Blain wrap around Edward's chest. Pulling all four of us close, tucking the blankets up and over more securely, I once again encourage and urge myself back to sleep. But as I sigh contentedly and my smile broadens, the sandman comes a knocking.

I think happily to myself. Fuck! I love my life!

Bye guys! Hope you enjoyed, it was a pleasure entertaining you...Hope to see you all on my next journey.