Honoka was just teasing Miu like she always did, but this time her words really made Miu stop and think, and make some major changes in her lifestyle.

This is rated T for safety but could really be lower depending on your views on nudism and the like.

This is not written for sexual purposes.

Miu/Kisara friendship fic. Don't get any weird ideas just 'cause it's two naked girls.

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It was a beautiful summer day at Ryōzanpaku. The flowers were blooming, a nice, cool breeze was blowing, the sun was beating down just enough to make it damn hot but not broiling, and the air was so clear the masters had to wrap a bandana around Kenichi's mouth lest his screams of pain travel too far. On such a nice day, Honoka was of course visiting to play with Apachai and Shigure out in the sun. Miu brought out iced tea and snacks for them, then turned to Kenichi and Akisame, the former of whom was strapped into the latter's latest training/torture device.

"Akisame! When Kenichi is done, can he come help me with the shopping? It's been a while since we've stocked up, and I think today is the perfect day to get some watermelons!"

"But of course. I'll put the iron shackles by the gate, Kenichi will be done here in about ten minutes" Just enough time to change into something a little more comfortable, it's warmer that it was this morning. She went to her room and undressed, glad to "air out" for a moment, and then selected her most breathable jumpsuit. It also happened to be one of her most form fitting. Normally I probably wouldn't wear one of these out and about but it's really hot out and my jumpsuits are surprisingly cool for something that covers so much of the body. She headed out wearing only the jumpsuit, figuring putting anything else on would defeat the purpose. Just then Honoka came by looking for her

"Hey Big Boobs, we're outa snacks… what is that, your latest attempt at seducing my brother?" Honoka was blunt as always, when it came to her disdain for Miu. And once again Miu didn't really get it.

"Eh? What do you mean?" Miu said.

"Those damn jumpsuits you always wear." Honoka said frustratedly.

"What about them? I've worn these since I was a little girl." Miu said

"Well I got a news flash Big Boobs; you ain't such a little girl anymore! The way that thing fits you, you might just as well be naked." Miu was very surprised. How can Kenichi's cute little sister be so mean! Just then Kenichi came up

"Ah! There you are Miu! You ready to go shopping?"

"Waaa! Honoka is so mean! " she ran over to Kenichi and started crying on his shoulder.

"Honoka! What did you do! Just go play with Apachai, will you!" he said angrily then looked frantically at Miu and tried to calm her down. After about a minute she calmed down on her own and they left, with Kenichi dragging the iron balls behind him like they were (practically) nothing. I won't let Honoka's words get to me. There is nothing wrong with the way I dress! If she doesn't like it, that's too bad. Miu's resolve weakened as the shopping trip progressed, however, and she became very self conscious. By the time the shopping trip was nearly over Miu was a nervous wreck, imagining every single male and many a female eye on her constantly.

"You might as well be naked!"

What am I going to do! Maybe I should ask Kenichi what he thinks… No! That's way too embarrassing. Besides Kenichi is a nice guy and not too much of a pervert but a question like that is a free license to gawk. I gotta talk to a girl about this… but who? Shigure has no sense of modestly to speak of, so she's out… Just then Miu spotted Kisara out of the corner of her eye. Perfect!

"I think that about wraps it up Kenichi! You head on back I've got something to take care of." As the massive load was finally getting to him, Kenichi only managed a grunt and started heading back, looking very much like he was heaving a small elephant in the pack. As soon as he was out of sight Miu jumped up on top of the nearest building and started looking for Kisara. She spotted her a few blocks down and ran off immediately, nearly flying across the rooftops.

"Kisara!" she called out as she flipped down from the last building, landing right in front of Kisara. Kisara looked startled and took a fighting stance for a moment before realizing who it was.

"Oh it's you Miu." She dropped her guard mostly. "To what do I owe the pleasure, or did you just decide to drop in?" Kisara said, somewhere between amused and annoyed. Miu decided not to beat around the bush

"I need someone to talk to about girl issues, can we go somewhere private?" Kisara blushed and looked taken aback
"Ookay, and you're coming to me for advice because…?"

"You're the only female friend I can think of who I could trust enough and from whom I could expect an unbiased answer. And I spotted you out of the corner of my eye while I was shopping." Kisara didn't know how to respond. A few minutes later they reached their destination, an old warehouse Kisara had sometimes used when she couldn't use her main head quarters, which was now the Shinpaku headquarters and as such not quite "private", especially if Niijima happened to be around.

"Ok, this is about as private as we'll get, no one ever comes here, between fear of assault, rape, and falling ceilings. What's so important?"

"Well Kenichi's cute little sister was making fun of me again but this time it really stuck. She insulted my clothes and said that my jumpsuits fit so tight that I might as well be naked. It made me really self conscious throughout the whole shopping trip. Do you think my clothes are too revealing?"

"…Eh?" Kisara was stunned. She thought she'd be stuck with something about Miu's relationship with Kenichi (actually hoping for it to some extent) or some stuff with bras or some other girly crap. That's what she had braced herself for. But this?

"Wait, so you're worried that your jumpsuits are too revealing? That is ridiculous." Miu's face lit up for a moment, worries temporarily relieved. "I mean, you really didn't know that already? Hell, Kenichi's sister is right; those things are so tight they might as well be painted on. You can see your nipples for goodness sake! I can't imagine how the heck you keep that thing out of your butt crack, not to mention other places you don't want outlined in public!" Miu was frozen from shock. "I always thought you did it on purpose, Hell if I had boobs like that I'd wanna show 'em off too." Kisara's voice became aggravated and a vein bulged on her forehead for a moment before she calmed down. "However, that being said, it's always just seemed natural for you, so much so that when you do act modestly it's a bit confusing. I never would've guessed you actually had body image issues. But you are the one girl I know who could pull off dressing like that and actually look good without seeming like a slut or something. So…yeah, your clothes are too revealing, but you really shouldn't worry about it" Kisara spoke truthfully, hoping that she didn't make things worse but knowing that nothing good would come of lying. Miu looked a little shell shocked, but here expression returned to normal.

"You really think so?" Kisara only nodded. Miu jumped up and hugged her.

"Argh get yer udders outa my face!" Miu ignored her and smiled

"Thanks Kisara! I feel a lot better now!" and she went off skipping, leaving Kisara red in the face and a little confused.

"Well that was sudden. She really didn't realize that those cloths were so…?" Kisara shook her head and left with a sigh

Miu was walking down the street very pleased with herself. She wasn't really even paying attention to where she was going; she was just walking around and enjoying the day. I guess I really can't argue with them, these jumpsuits fit like a second skin! I guess I never noticed because I've been wearing them since I was a little girl. But Kisara was right, even if it does look I'm naked, who cares! I feel kinda silly though, not noticing how other people might see them. I'm not uncomfortable anymore; I like that the jumpsuits make it feel like I'm practically naked! It's so free! I guess I've always felt like that, it's good being able to put the feeling into words. Heehee, I especially like Kisara's choice of words, my clothes fit like they might as well be…

Just then Miu passed a store she had never seen before. There was a poster in the window of a woman painted from head to toe like a tigress. Sale! 50% off professional grade body paint! Breathable, nontoxic and sweat-proof, guaranteed long lasting! Now comes in textured to mimic cloth!

painted on… I wonder…

Another week had gone by and Miu and Kenichi were out shopping again. She was wearing a jumpsuit along with her usual red jacket and carrying her purse, while Kenichi was once again carrying the load, which was much lighter since they still had a lot from last week and only needed a few perishables. Miu seemed to be in a very good mood, almost giddy, giggling at random so much Kenichi was on the verge of annoyance.

"Oh! There's Kisara! Kenichi, do you think you could head home without me again, I wanted to talk to her about something."

"Uh, sure. See you later Miu." He said, confused, but trudged off nonetheless.

"Kisara!" Miu bounced up and hugged her friend.

"Hey, hands off!" She shoved the girl off of her and sighed "You seem cheery today any particular reason?"

"I'm doing an experiment and so far its working! It worked on Kenichi, now I want to see if it'll work on you!"

"Oh so I'm your experiment now?" Kisara was getting quickly frustrated with these little impromptu encounters with the bubbly blond. She was glad, at the very least, that Miu was her usual cheery self and no longer upset about her appearance. Heck, this jumpsuit looked even tighter than the last one. I didn't know that was possible.

"No, not you specifically. Com'on! I found a new kitty cat hideout by the park!" Miu said before bouncing off. All aggravations forgotten at the promise of cute kitty cats, Kisara followed rapidly. They played with the kitties for most of the afternoon.

"Heehee, my experiment is working again. You haven't noticed." Miu said deviously.

"Noticed what?" Kisara said, truly puzzled. Miu just giggled again and opened up her purse. She took out a jar and handed it to Kisara.

"Jar of purple paint? What's that got to do with…?" she read the jar; Body Paint. "YOU DIDN'T!" Miu stood up and did a little modeling twirl and Kisara looked her over a lot harder than she ever expected to look at another female and saw it. Miu's nipples were completely visible (not that that was any indication); the edges on the sleeves, pant legs and neck moved with her skin completely; there were absolutely no wrinkles in the "fabric", not a single crease... even where there should've been; "but… your, uh…" Kisara pointed down.

"A special tape. So what do you think, Painted on just like you said! I actually didn't mean to go out like this, but I've been practicing with the paint all week and took longer than I expected this morning, so I didn't have time to 'change'. I took so long Kensei threw Kenichi into my room and he didn't notice so I went with it. It feels great, and no one noticed in the slightest! I doubt I could get away with it somewhere no-one knew me and how I normally dress, though." Kisara was speechless. She didn't know what to think so she just said the first thing that popped into her head.

"You are completely insane. If you were anyone else I'd call you a pervert and call the cops. But as is I think I'm a bit jealous." Wait did I say what I think I said? Jealousy…or is it admiration? of what? That she's gotten away with a relatively serious crime, that she has enough confidence to walk around like that, that she got to be that free…all of the above?

"Eh? Why am I a would-be pervert?" Miu was obviously missing the point.

"You've been walking around naked all day! If you'd been caught you'd be arrested for indecent exposure!"

"So why am I not a pervert?" Miu was confused and Kisara was beginning to confuse herself.

"Well… you're Miu! You're not getting off on it you're just bouncing around like you normally would, except without clothes. You're still insane though."

"Why?" Miu's confusion was leaving so quickly Kisara had to wonder if she was ever really confused to begin with.

"Because people don't just waltz around naked for no reason!" Kisara said, not believing that she actually had to explain this. Miu's look became triumphant

"There's the heart of the issue. 'People just don't', or 'there's no reason to', these are just excuses. What if there's 'no reason' to wear clothes? Think about it, today was rather hot, I was only doing what I would normally do, and the only reason anyone reacted, or rather would have reacted had they noticed, would be because they are conditioned to find it offensive. Clothes needn't have been part of the equation and weren't" Kisara couldn't believe what she was hearing


"Can you keep a secret? I've actually been surfing online a bit over the past few days and found some interesting sites on nudism and naturism. They're really interesting, though it's annoying separating the legitimate sites from the porn" Kisara was still speechless.


"It's the idea that nudity is not innately sexual and people shouldn't have to wear clothes if they don't want to. And I find that I agree with it." Finally finding her voice, Kisara spoke frantically

"I know what nudism is, I just never thought I'd hear that out of you! Or anyone else I know for that matter. You really believe that? "

"Yep. And I think you do too, to some extent. Why else would you say you were jealous?"

"I can think of a couple of reasons!" Kisara said, unintentionally bitter.

"Eh? Like what?" Miu leaned forward and her breasts jiggled. They're mocking me.

"Ugh, never mind, the point is I have no interest. If you do I wish you well, but I don't have the body to pull it off like you do"

"Ukita would disagree…"Miu said with a knowing grin


"Heehee, anyway, you've got a great body, but that's not the point, it's about feeling comfortable and having fun, while you happen to not have clothes on. Maybe if we incorporate it into something you're more familiar with… I know! Next time we spar, we do it naked!"

"…ok ignoring everything else that's wrong with that statement; how the heck are you gonna fight with those things flopping around?"

"Come on, I never wore a bra in my jumpsuits and I managed. One doesn't hit a c cup at 12 without figuring out how to prevent debilitating motion." She sighed "I suppose I should stop pushing my luck. If you really don't want to play with me au natural that's fine, I can't force you. Well, I might be able to but that'd defeat the purpose." She went and hugged Kisara again, "It's about time I head home. Thanks for hearing me out! You're a real good friend" Kisara had given up trying to stop Miu at this point so she just awkwardly hugged her back. They went their separate ways.

Later that night, Kisara was sitting in her room with her pajamas laid out in front of her on the bed. She was still naked from her bath over an hour ago, and contemplating whether or not to bother with pajamas. I can't really put down Miu's idea without trying it, and sleeping naked is the simplest way to try… but it seems a bit weird. Hell the whole thing is weird, the only time I've ever been naked around others, outside of a bath, is when my clothes were cut off in that one fight, and that's hardly a good indicator. A bath… huh, Miu has a point about how people are conditioned to think certain ways. Naked in the bath with those of the same gender is ok but elsewhere is wrong? I remember how weird I thought it was the first time I heard they didn't have communal baths in America or lots of other countries. I suppose it's all a matter of perspective. She nodded resolutely, then put the pajamas back in the drawer and went to bed. Perhaps it's time I widen my perspective.

Back at Ryōzanpaku, Miu was fast asleep, pajamas forgotten in her dresser where they'd been all week.

AN Ookay I know this might seem like a bit strange of a story but hey, why not. You gotta admit, Miu is rather comfortable in tight clothes and very selective about when modesty effects her. (granted that is largely to allow for fanservice but still.)

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