"Lord Niijima! Everyone is here!" Siegfried called to Niijima as Thor entered the headquarters' training room. Niijima was sitting on the throne he made for himself, draped in a long cape that covered his whole body. While no one really wanted to be there right then, only Tanimoto had managed to resist the blackmail and manipulation of the self proclaimed leader of Shinpaku. He was instead coerced into playing with Honoka at his house. Kenichi convinced Apachai to watch over her and get a picture of the look on Natsu's face with the camera Shigure "confiscated" from Ma.

"Alright, Niijima, what's this about? 'Come to headquarters for special training, wear clothes you won't miss'?" Ukita called out. Niijima's grin was positively Demonic.

"I am oh so glad that you asked. You see, you are all such wonderful fighters, and you train till you bleed every single day, but there are some situations which arise in battle that very few actually think to train for. I have observed one particular weakness that can effect even the most hardened of warriors. It's hardly every battle, but it happens every so often and can severely cripple a fighter without the right mental conditioning. I am talking of course of the reaction many have to having their clothing damaged during a fight in a manner which compromises one's modesty. So, I would like propose monthly clothing damage battle simulations! We'll ease into this slowly, so strip to your underwear and duke it out!" he declared. Everyone looked at him blankly for a few seconds, and then turned towards the exits. "Do you think I am joking? Strip or be stripped my pawns!" He stood up and let the cape he was wearing float to the floor... to reveal he was wearing only his briefs.

"What the hell, you alien freak!" Kenichi yelled.

"A good leader must lead by example! I threw my shame out the window ages ago; I will not be defeated by modesty!"

"How inspiring, my Demon King!" Siegfried started to spin, tossing aside garments with each rotation.

"We will do this training exercise, now for the last time, strip. To. Your. Underwear. Or I may have to ask Miss Kosaka to up the authenticity of this clothing damage simulation with a few sword slices, and she may or may not be as careful about leaving your underwear intact as well." Right on cue, Shigure flipped down from the ceiling, landing next to the throne.

"How the hell did you get Shigure in on this?" Kenichi deadpanned as he eyed the weapons mistress warily

"Last time she captured me for entering Ryouzanpaku I managed to convince her that it would be a good chance to train Kenichi in something new." He shrugged. She cut off his underwear.

"After your blackmail... failed. So, are you kids ... gonna train... or not?" Niijima was completely unperturbed.

"Oh well, might just as well." Takeda took off his shirt and pants, revealing his usual resistance training gear over his boxers. "Although it's kinda hard to feel undressed when I'm wearing this thing."

"W-Well, if it's only to the underwear." Thor disrobed as well, blushing and glancing at the Valkyries. That's no worse than a mawashi, but does it have to be in front of the girls?

"Everyone's actually going through with this? Whatever." Kenichi said and tossed off his clothing casually, leaving Ukita as the only fully clothed male.

"W-wait, I can't do this...uh... the girls! That's right the girls..."

"What about us?" Ukita turned to see Kisara in just her panties and froze. He looked around; Freya was in her panties as well, encouraging some of the Valkyries, some of whom were already in their lingerie, and Miu was naked.

"See? The girls don't have any problems. Just go with it, Ukita, as much as I hate to admit it the alien had a good idea. This could do you some good." Kisara said

"Do me some... what do you mean?" He blushed and struggled to keep his eyes on her face. She raised her hands out to her sides and parted her feet a bit, leaving herself wide open.

"Attack me." She said.

"Wha?" Ukita said stupidly, his gaze dropping slowly from her face.

"I said attack me." She said just sharply enough to raise his eyes back to her face

"I- I can't!"

"Why not, just grab my shirt, pick me up... oh wait, I'm not wearing a shirt" she smiled at him and spoke with a teasing tone. "This nude fighting thing goes both ways, 'Ukita the thrower'; if you can't get over a little skin contact and the lack of clothes to grab hold of, you'll fall even farther behind us as a fighter. This applies to you too, Kenichi; if you insist on grappling girls to avoid hitting them you'll wind up in some pretty awkward situations some day. Just imagine if you had to fight Rachel! She'd prob'ly strip just to mess with your head if she had to... and if the audience would like it. Now, Ukita, suck it up and take it off!" she cheered the last bit jokingly, pumping her fist to try and lighten the mood, as she was nowhere near as comfortable as managed to appear; despite her best efforts there was still a light blush on her cheeks at Ukita's gaze.

"Y-you're right. I can do this... but uh, can I wait a few minutes?" he said, nervously clasping his hands in front of him.

"Ah, come on! Do you really think sitting there doing nothing, while the only one clothed, is gonna make you any less nervous?" she rolled her eyes. Ukita blushed and looked pointedly away from her.

"N-no, but it might help with ... uh... the 'other reason' I'd rather not undress right now." Kisara looked confused, and then glanced down real quick before suppressing a wave of panic. She casually crossed her arms over her chest, as if to strike an intimidating pose, and graciously turned away, blushing.

"R-right, take your time." She kept her voice level. Ukita bowed his head a little and blushed as well, but his head jolted back up as her heard a small click from right behind him. A voice whispered in his ear, so close he was amazed he only just noticed.

"Don't worry... that's nothing that can't ...be gotten rid of..." He heard Shigure's sword slide out of its sheath, "... with a little bit of Fear..."


"Fuu... I only got to cut... two." Shigure sounded disappointed.

"BLADESARESCARY!BLADESARESCARY!BLADESARESCARY!" Kenichi was running like heck, Shigure right on his tail, and actually managed to evade her attacks pretty well... especially considering the Iron balls shackled to his feet and the weights strapped to his back. Everyone else had taken a break from their sparring to watch.

"I never knew something could be so impressive and so pathetic at the same time. Is this really what his training is like every day?" Thor mused

"Nah, Shigure's going easy on him. And the weights are a bit cruder than the usual training setup, but we couldn't efficiently transport Akisame's usual equipment here." Miu said nonchalantly. Ukita sweat dropped.

"And I thought Master Chiba was harsh. So honey," Takeda turned to Miu, trying to be casual "Uh... I noticed you're adjusting to the alien's training regimen pretty well..." he said, glancing swiftly between her face and her breasts, trying to keep his gaze on the former. "Have you uh, done training like this before?"

"Eh? No, I haven't trained for clothing damage before. I don't mind not wearing clothes because I'm a nudist." She smiled innocently and everyone stopped to stare at her in disbelief (except Kenichi and Shigure of course.)

"Ah, so that's what it is, Interesting." Niijima appeared behind them and started typing in his personal organizer. "I was wondering what you were talking about last week."

"You were eavesdropping! You damn alien!" Kisara yelled at him, only to have him give yet another evil smirk.

"Of course! Where do you think I got the Idea in the first place? But I figured it was something like this or maybe some kind of psychological torture for Kenichi, I never would have thought it was something Miu started of her own free will."

"That does seem a tad out of character, if I remember correctly Kenichi's gotten quite a few bruises from seeing your wardrobe malfunctions in the past." Takeda said with a grin, happy for an excuse to look at Kenichi (or anything other than nude females) while still talking to Miu. "Yet when I think about it I can't find it in me to be surprised. Your clothing of choice doesn't leave much to the imagination and you've got that odd innocence about you to pull it off." Miu smiled.

"Yeah, long story short Kenichi's little sister pointed out the nature of my clothing in a less polite manner, and after a bit of a chat with Kisara and a bit of introspection, I realized that it was true, my clothes made me feel naked and free, and I liked it! Follow that train of thought to its logical conclusion and voilà! I'm a nudist!" she spread her arms out proudly, bringing the eyes of those who had managed to look elsewhere back on her. This did not pass her notice, and her exuberance waned slightly. "Although if it makes you guys uncomfortable I could be a bit more subtle..." she brought her arms in to hug herself and cover up discreetly, smiling sheepishly with a shy blush. The boys returned her blush.

"N-not at all!" Takeda stammers. Thor nodded adamantly in agreement.

"It's not our place to say what you wear; if that's what you think, I wouldn't make a Nudist dress any more than I'd want someone to make a sumo wrestler give up their mawashi." Thor said.

"I think it's weird but I guess it doesn't bother me per say," one if the Valkyries, sporting a comparatively modest sports bra and tight shorts, spoke up " and I guess Thor has a point about it not being our place to stop you."

"Actually, as this is our place of training as well, we do have a say," Freya said, "But I don't mind. I might join you sometime." The latter statement sounded strange coming from a girl casually toweling dry amidst a group of teenagers in various levels of undress, as if the triangles of fabric making up her panties meant she wasn't nude already. It was technically true but still sounded strange. Then Siegfried popped into the conversation.

"I thought that your song changed as of late, if this new freedom of yours is the cause of such a sweet melody then I will fight whoever tries to stop you! LALALALA!" he pulled a notebook from god knows where and started scribbling, looking rather thoroughly insane, truth be told, crouched naked and muttering to himself.

Miu's stance loosened again and she was practically shivering with excitement, tears brimming in her eyes.

"Thank you everyone!"

It was then that Kenichi went flying into the center of the group with an impressive thud, his boxers falling apart as he landed.

"I think... that ends training... for now." Shigure sheathed her sword and headed for the showers.

"So Kenichi... what's your secret?" Thor asked quietly as the guys were getting dressed in the locker rooms.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Kenichi obviously missed the hushed tone of the query.

"How do you remain so...at ease with Miu and the other girls like that?" Ukita elaborated, face red.

"Eh? I didn't think I acted any different for today's training... I would hardly call running from Shigure's sword being 'at ease'" Kenichi frowned. Takeda put a hand to his face.

"With all those bare skinned hugs Miu's naivety must be rubbing off on you. How the heck do you keep it down with all the naked chicks around?" Takeda cut to the chase. Kenichi turned red.

"W-w-what!" he sputtered.

"When Miu unlocked your shackles her breasts were dangling right in your face, she got all close to check up on you, then she hugged you when she decided you were ok, and the whole time, not so much as a twitch from Kenichi junior, even though it was a test of self control just to watch!" Takeda said. All the guys were sympathetically red, but none matched Kenichi as he continued to sputter.

"OK, first of all as you might have noticed I was pretty worn out from training," he said once he calmed down. "The fact that Miu was nude barely registered at first. Once I realized she was naked, it was like, well, that's Miu. Nudity is normal for her." He looked pensive, and then shrugged. "Guess I'm just used to it. Nudist Miu isn't the same as sexy Miu."

"So no tricks, it's just 'cause you're a veteran?" Ukita looked disappointed.

"I guess so. It took some getting used to. Well, it was kinda har- er, difficult when Miu first started doing this, it helped to remind myself that this is a martial artist girl we're talking about; it usually worked to turn my attention from the 'sexy bits' to the bone crushingly powerful limbs right next to them." Kenichi gulped and ended with a nervous chuckle. The guys paled.

"Yeah, crushed bones are a pretty good turn off." Ukita gulped. But Kisara's legs are one of the sexiest parts of her... guess I need a different strategy than Kenichi.

"So Miu, like Takeda said I can't really find it in me to be surprised at you, but how the heck did you get Kenichi to go along with it without perving out?" A Valkyrie asked as the girls got dressed to go home. Kisara's lips turned up in a feline smirk and she answered before Miu could.

"Oh that's easy, she brainwashed him!" Kisara Laughed as Miu stammered in protest.

"WHAT?" the other girls said in unison.

"I didn't brainwash him! I just talked with him about it a bit when he was out of it waking up from unconsciousness! He assumed it was a dream and I guess that 'dream' influenced his thoughts on the matter later on, but that doesn't mean I brainwashed him!"

"I'm pretty sure influencing someone's thoughts by altering their state of mind is brainwashing" Freya pointed out.

"Ye…es." Shigure agreed as the others nodded. Miu pouted dejectedly.

"Well even if it does count as brainwashing no harm done right?"

"Hey Ukita, Is it just me or did Kenichi's eyes glaze over for a moment when he said that weird thing about 'nudist Miu' not being the same as 'sexy Miu'?" Takeda said as they He walked away from the headquarters.

"You noticed too? Kinda weird, isn't it?"

AN I was this close to having Ukita say "boner crushing is a pretty good turn off" but then I remembered that their speaking Japanese so the pun was even more pathetic as it means it was either gibberish or random gratuitous English. Not to mention I have been trying to limit such language.

On a more important note, I apologize for the long delay in updates. This is essentially because I have realized that I suck at making up stories as I go, and have decided that I won't write anything unless I have at the very least a story outline if not the actual next chapter written. As I have yet to figure out how to efficiently do this, and am trying to write for all my stories at once, This policy has resulted in more planning than writing and has slowed all of my stories, though I really think the long term benefits outweigh the short term slowdown once I figure out how to actually do it.