Chapter 2 The Trouble With Cobras

by: Malefor

Chowl twisted and turned in the grassy bed when he suddenly remembered that he was supposed to be meeting Pharlin at seven o' clock. He looked at side and saw that in was in the middle of the day. He had overslept.

Chowl panicked and began to rush around the room looking for what to take with him. He grabbed his large sword, which was golden by the way, and rushed out of his tent. Only a few people were still at home, most of them were on the rescue mission.

"Goin' somewhere, child?" asked Grandpa Greenlegs who had just came out of his tent to see what all the ruckus was. He looked at Chowl questioningly.

"Where did they go? Where's the rescue mission at? I want to go help," said Chowl who was breathing hard from running around the place.

"They've left over two hours ago, are you sure you want to go? They said that they found a large cobra or two trying to eat Mr. Whiskers the mouse down near the clearing on the other side of the River Flow," said Greenlegs.

"Yeah! See ya'!" cried Chowl as he rushed out of the camp and out towards the river. How would he get across? He looked around the place and noticed a large, wooden, toad-sized boat. He pushed it into the water and hopped on.

The boat sailed across the river. Chowl's nostrils breathed in something that smelled familiar. It smelt like a... monstrous creature the size of a warship had been in this river before. It must have been the golden creature that had killed his parents so long ago.

Chowl looked on past the river and saw a two cobras fighting off the Amphibianites. "Come on, come on!" cried Chowl as he tried to make the boat go faster, but it wouldn't. He looked at the Amphibianites who were getting clobbered by the cobras.

The boat floated closer to land as Chowl got ready to get off. The boat docked on the land and Chowl leaped off down the path, sword in hand. He charged towards down the path towards the cobra when Pharlin saw him coming.

"Go away, Chowl! You can't kill these things all on your own!" cried Pharlin.

"Oh, yes I can!" cried Chowl as he jumped at one of the cobras.

The cobra hissed and struck at the toad. The other cobra wrapped around the mouse on the opposite side of the clearing and carried it off. Half of the Amphibianites began to rush off after it, but a few remained to defeat this one, including Pharlin.

Pharlin threw a spear at the cobra and blocked its attack before Chowl was poisoned. "Get out of here!" he cried.

"No!" cried Chowl as he slashed his blade at the cobra's coiling neck. It hissed in agony as its neck was dented.

The cobra struck at Chowl again, but missed. It wrapped around Chowl so that he wouldn't be able to escape and struck again.

Chowl cried and wedged his sword in the snake's mouth. The snake hissed as it tried to break the sword, only piercing its mouth even more. Finally, the snake gave way and dropped its jaw to the ground, jabbing the sword straight through the top of its mouth. The sword stuck out of the snake.

Chowl grabbed the sword and uncoiled himself. Several Amphibianites ran up to Chowl and offered to heal him, but he refused.

Pharlin walked over to Chowl, "Cousin, you may have killed that cobra single-handed, but you could have been killed! You shouldn't try to take on a three star monster like that without training! Next time, stay back at camp."

"How 'bout I get training then?" asked Chowl, "Who teaches it anyways?"

Pharlin looked down to the ground and looked back at Chowl, "Grand pappy Greenlegs."

"Nu-uh! No! I am not getting training from him!" cried Chowl angrily.

"Amphibianite Policy requires it. Rule eighteen: All who seek to live with the Amphibianites must become an Amphibianite, so thou must seek training and learn all the arts of fighting, crafting, and other important acts!" said Pharlin ,"I'm sorry, but you have to have training, or I am forced to kick you out of camp."

"Fine!" growled Chowl, "I'll get training from Greenlegs!"

"Good. Training starts this afternoon at five o'clock. All training will be meeting within the Training Hall. Don't be late," said Pharlin, "Now go home; we need to go tackle that other cobra and save the mouse."

"Okay, then," replied Chowl stubbornly. He hopped back over to the River Flow and boarded the boat. He sailed across the river and docked at the entrance of the camp. He was just about to go inside when a creature pulled him back behind a bush.

"You!" cried Chowl. The creature was the raven from before.

"I have a score to settle with you, toad!" squawked the raven.

"Who are you anyways?" asked Chowl as he began to grab his blade.

The raven knocked the sword away with his claws, "Dart the Fighter! Why do you care?"

"Why are you after me?" growled Chowl in fright as he tried to reach his blade, but the raven stopped him.

"No reason. Five weeks ago, me and my comrades were summoned to the Rim of Heaven to block out the moon so that our master could kill the silver dragons!" squawked Dart.

"Wait! Who's your master?" asked Chowl.

"Nettlebrand the golden one, bless his death. Why?" growled Dart, a bit impatient.

"The golden one? Is he the one who killed my parents?" asked Chowl.

"How the heck should I know? Now it is your turn to die!" growled Dart as he struck his beak at Chowl.

"Wait!" cried Chowl; the bird stopped, "Can I make a deal with you?"

"What is it?" asked Dart.

"Well, I don't want to die. Maybe I could give you some information about your goldness's death? I could sneak away and find out what happened to him!" said Chowl.

"Fine, toad, but I will be watching you. If you don't give me what I want, then I will kill you no matter what you say!" squawked Dart.

"Thank you!" said Chowl.

Dart let go of Chowl, "Now leave me in peace!"

Chowl nodded, picked up his sword and walked into the camp. He gulped. There was no way he would be able to sneak away from the Amphibianites without being seen, and he didn't even really no who this Nettlebrand guy was. Why did that name sound familiar? Chowl's stomach growled. He approached the Meeting Hall to see if any food was there.

There was, so Chowl ate. After a couple of hours, he came out and asked someone, "What time is it?"

"Five," said the frog.

"Oh, shoot!" cried Chowl. He was late. He rushed off towards a large hidden cave inside the camp labeled Training Hall and walked inside for his first lesson of training.

Grandpa Greenlegs was waiting for him.