It was the morning after the night before and Mac woke up at 5pm with a hangover he hadn't had this bad since he was In the Marines. His head felt like a head of nails and his tummy was doing backflips. He then noticed someones warm skin up against his own and a pair of breast's pushed up against his chest the head of brown curls sprawled onto his chest and soft snoring coming from the beautiful woman beside of him.

What the hell, why is Stella here in my bed ,sleeping and naked? Mac thought.

And i'm naked aswell, what the hell happened last night ! Mac thought

He tried to recall what happened the night before.

Ok, I remember coming home, having a couple of beers and then sitting on the couch, the rest was a blur. But I do remember coming to bed, but not with Stella. Mac thought confused.

Suddenly, the woman beside of him grunted and then stirred and looked up and came face to face with the gorgeous man in front of her.

''mmm... morning''. Stella smiled lazily whilst stroking his scar.

''Morning Stella, not being rude or anything but what are you doing in my apartment, naked and was sleeping?

Stella sat up right and a faint blush appeared in her face, suddenly she couldn't look Mac in the eyes.

''um...''. Stella began whilst clearing her throat.'' Don't you remember last night''. Stella asked hoped she didn't forget that they had amazing sex last night.

'' All I remember was drinking a couple of beers and passing out on the couch. I then faintly remember going to bed but not with you''. Mac replied equally embarrassed now.

''um.. Mac we both woke up naked. Come on your not that stupid''. Stella said.

'' We had sex, but why? Stella please can u explain why u came into my apartment in the first place and how you got into my bed. Because i'm really confused right now''. Mac asked.

''OK, right well I came too see if you was ok because we had a pretty hard case and you looked really stressed. Anyways, when I got to your apartment the door was locked and I heard some moaning coming from the TV, I thought you were hurt so I got your spare key out of my bag and opened the door with it and then...''.Stella said whilst getting to the point of the porn. Her face was crimson now, so she turned her head and said.:

''you was on your couch, passed out with umm... your penis out and a pornographic film was on the TV''. Said with a whisper.

''What? Mac asked, just wanting to clarify what he might of heard right.

Stella turned to face him.

''You were masturbating to porn Mac''. Stella said slightly annoyed that Mac made her say it again.

Mac's face turned a deep shade of red, he was so just wanted the world to eat him up whole.

''Oh my god Stella, i'm so sorry, I had no idea what I was doing. I was so drunk I guess.'' Mac said whilst looking at the ground''.

''I figured that out Mac, there were 9 empty bottles on the counter''. Stella sighed.

''I feel ashamed of my self Stella, i shouldn't of confined in the drink''. Mac also sighed.

Stella gently placed a warm hand on his cheek.

''Mac… you know i'm always here for you we have known each other for over a decade, i'm pretty sure you could tell me anything you want by now''. Stella said gently.

Mac looked at her with his gorgeous greeny blue eyes .''I know Stell, thanks for being here for me, you're a great friend''. Mac smiled and gently put his arms round her and pulled her into a warm hug. Once they separated Stella looked at Mac with a evil grin on her face.

''What's with the smile Stella''? Mac asked confused.

''I was just wondering why you had Porn in the first place, you don't seem like the type of guy to enjoy it ''. Stella winked.

''oh gosh Stella i'm not, it was when i was in the Marines and a old friend of mine's brother sent him them and he gave me half of his stash, it was hard not having woman contact and porn was the closet thing to it''. Mac said in all honesty.

''Oh.. ok.. but tell me Mac, why did you keep them then until this day?''. Stella said with a smile.

'' I don't really know to be honest''. Mac shrugged.

''Mac, you're a guy, i bet you read this stuff from time to time. its pretty hot if i do say so my self''. Stella winked.

''Stella i swear i don't''. Mac said.

''Yeah, yeah what ever. ill remember that next time i walk in on you wanking your self like a bunny ''. Stella said.

Mac's mouth dropped, he was shocked at what Stella just had he heard her mouth utter such dirty words, but at the same time, it was quite a turn on. He could feel his member starting to rise and quickly thought of something to make it go down.

''.! Mac shrieked.

Stella started laughing soon Mac joined in, after they stopped Mac looked at her with a grin of his own.

'' Stella, was i um… did i perform last night?''. Mac asked

'' All i can say Mac is…''Stella whispered and leaned into his ear. '' You was amazing and i defiantly wouldn't complain''. She whispered and licked his ear lobe.

Mac moaned, his ego was boosted to the top now cause of Stella and his dick was as stiff as a board.

''Well Stella, since we both have the day off , i think i have a lot of loving to catch up on. But this time sober what do you say''.Mac said and leaned forward and kissed her lips passionately.

''I'd love to handsome''. Stella said whilst getting her self ready for there sexual union to start...