So, no one has really written a story about how Poseidon felt during the Lost Hero. This a just going to be a collection of one-shots explaining how he felt during the times.

Chapter 1


Delphin stood terrified in the hall, in front of the doorway to Poseidon's throne room. He was going to deliver some news. News that would, no doubt, break Poseidon's heart.

Taking a deep breath, (as deep as you could take being the god of Dolphins) and walked through the elegant double-doors.

"Delphin?" Poseidon asked. "What are you doing here at this time of the morning?"

Delphin would have asked him what he was doing, but that would only put him in a terrible mood for recieving the news Delphin was about to tell.

"I-I have news."

"Good?" Poseidon asked hopefully. The past few weeks, Delphin had been giving nothing but terrible news. Oceanus was threatning the mermaid clan, or the game room had collapsed.

Delphin shook his head. Poseidon looked at him grimly.

"I could only hope. Who needs help now? The hippocampi, or the mermaids?"

"Actually, it's about your..." Delphin faltered.

"My what?" Poseidon asked demandingly. His eyes narrowed.

"Your son."

Poseidon's eyes widened a bit and were filled with sorrow. "Please tell me he is not dead. He is my pride and joy."

"No, he is not dead," Delphin said. Poseidon let out a breath of worry he was holding in. "He's missing. Gone."


How could Percy be gone?

"Any sign of where he is?" Poseidon asked.

"No, my lord. He went to bed one night and the next morning... he was missing."

Poseidon let that sink in. He was silent for awhile until...

"Do you think he might've left, my lord?" Delphin asked helpfully.

"No, that is most unlike Percy. He would not leave in the middle of the night." He narrowed his eyes again. "This has a god written all over it. Delphin, call the Gold Pearls. I want every inch of the world search until my son is found. Undersatnd?"

Delphin nodded, the spoke into a small, golden device. He spoke fast Greek, so fast, that even Poseidon got a headache from hearing it.

Delphin left, and Poseidon began mumbling to himself, "Percy, I will find you. You are not gone."

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