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Chapter 6

United Once More

Delphin was swimming vigorously into Poseidon's throne room.

"Sire! Sire!" He was screaming. "I have great news!"

Poseidon looked at Delphin with sad eyes. Percy being missing had taken its toll on Poseidon. His hair was turing grayish, and he was begining to have wrinkles across his face.

"What is it, Delphin?" Poseidon gripped his trident.

"Perseus is back!"

Immediately, Poseidon became normal. His eyes had the same glow, the wrinkles disappeared, and his hair turned back to its original black lushness.

"Where is he?"

"The Gold Pearls are with them, Sire. They are telling him about everyone, and filling him in on his life."

"May I see him?" Poseidon asked pleadingly.

Delphin nodded, then lead Poseidon to where Percy Jackson was being kept.

When Poseidon saw Percy, he was overjoyed. He still looked the same, but his eyes looked like they had seen things that would make any grown up run and scream for Mommy.

"Perseus," Poseidon breathed, then hugged his son.

"Dad." Percy hugged back.

Father and son were united once more.

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