Over at yj_anon_meme, this prompt appeared.

The Justice Lords of Earth-16 became Justice Lords because the Young Justice team was brutally murdered by the Light in a calculated effort to get the Justice League to see things their way. It works beyond the Light's wildest dreams. The Justice League eradicates every single member of the Light and go on to put the entire world under their control, all because their children were murdered.

When the Justice Lords come into the past, they immediately target Young Justice to "keep them safe" and prevent them from being murdered in the first place.

This is my reply.

Bats flew through the dark, fighting with each other as they settled in to nests in the caves walls. Their cheeps echoing through the dank, mingling with the steady dripping as water fell from the caverns above, and the hum of a generator. The noises mixed together, to make an unholy noise of chaos. A chaos which the single human occupant of the cave did not seem to notice. The figure sat, a sickly light from the computers around him, washing him with colour. But the man didn't look at the screens. Instead, he sat, staring at the object in his hand. A black cowl, a mask to hide the truth. A symbol which no longer held true.

If asked, many people would identify the man as Bruce Wayne, Billionaire, Owner of one of the biggest companies in the World, and unofficial Prince of Gotham City. Those are the people who didn't know the man.

Only a very small group of selected and trusted crime fighters would recognize this man as the infamous Batman, unholy terror of the night. But these are the people who knew the truth. Those people who could remember the night, when Batman lost his humanity, when Bruce Wayne ceased to exist. They all knew the cause, all saw how on that day, the 'Day of Death' as the media had so carelessly dubbed it, the murder of seven children had led to this.

Because Batman wasn't the only one. And he was about to be reminded of that fact.

A face flashed onto one of the screens, boyish black hair and bright blue eyes doing nothing to soften the hard look.

"Batman!" The man called.

Batman looked at the screen, eyes narrowing as his grip on his discarded cowl tightened.

"What do you want Clark?" he growled.

The man, known and feared as the alien Superman, ignored the hostility of the comment.

"There has been some disturbances in your area. If you don't deal with it now, the rest of the Lords will step in."

Batman turned away.

"Go ahead." he muttered.

Superman nodded.

"The punishment will be broadcast. We have had too many incidents this month. It is clear the population needs a reminder of what we are trying to achieve."

"Which is?" Batman finally snapped, standing up and glaring at the screen.

Superman didn't even try to stare him down.

"You know the answer to that Bruce." he replied, using the small reminder of Batman's former humanity against him.

With another animalistic growl, Batman threw the cowl to the floor, kicking it away from his work space. It rolled, stopping under an old medical table. Batman froze, remembering. Remembering how he had carefully laid down the body, treating it like a sleeping child, rather then a dead one. Remembering how he had taken off his own cape to cover the body, because he didn't want to look at it, yet he couldn't bare to leave its side. Remembering how, on that very table, he lost his belief in the good of man.

Superman watched his friend for a moment before looking away, remembering as Batman remembered.

"Three years today." he muttered. "I know you are hurting Batman but don't take it out on us. We are all struggling, same as you."

Batman ignored Superman, his eyes still glued to the table. Superman sighed, and skipped to the part of the conversation he had been dreading.

"How is the project coming?"

Again, silence.

"You know, some of the other Lords think you have lost your mind. They don't think what you are doing is possible."

This was enough to get Batman's attention. He turned, a murderous look in his eyes.

"It is possible and I will do it." He said in a surprisingly flat voice.

Superman nodded.

"I don't doubt you, but not everyone can live on hope like you and I can. The others are going to need some evidence soon."

Batman turned away from the screen once more, marching over to the medical table. Quickly, he retrieved the cowl from under it. Slowly, he brushed the dust off it before slipping it over his head.

His face now unreadable, he turned back to the screen.

"Remember Superman, you are working to make this world safe for our children. I am working to bring our children home."