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Prince Draco was standing upon his balcony overlooking the entire town below. He had his arms crossed in front of his chest as he analyzed the town he would soon rule over. The bread salesmen were as noisy as ever. And the fishermen kept shouting "Fish 'ere! Get yer fresh fish!" As if no one had heard them just seconds before!

Draco sneered as he spotted the local beggars and prostitutes "No better than common filth." He haughtily drawled. This town disgusted him, and he was expected to rule over them eventually! With the way things were he doubted he'd be able to last a year before banishing half the town. As his eyes wandered they came across a small gypsy caravan hiding in the outskirts of town.

"Damn gypsies" He murmured "Bringing their filth and devilry to the kingdom."

He was about to ignore it until a boy caught his eye. Draco gasped, this boy was beautiful! He had messy black hair with stunning emerald eyes. His tan skin glistened in the sun as sweat cascaded down it. It was right then and there that Draco knew he must have him. Come hell or high water he would have that gypsy boy. "Guards!" Draco yelled, and the sound of clanking armor immediately reached his ears. "What is it that you wish of us Prince Draco?" the head guard inquired. "That gypsy boy down there." Draco pointed at the boy from afar "I want him sent to my chambers immediately."

"Yes sir!" The guards bellowed, bowing before heading off to the village in pursuit of the boy. Draco smirked, the guards never question his requests anymore. He stared intently at the boy once more. Oh yes, this boy would be his.

(Gypsy Boy's P.O.V)

I had noticed the prince staring at me for a while now, and it was starting to unnerve me. When I dared to look up I found our eyes had connected, his stormy grey with my forest green. The look in his eyes was frightening and sent shivers down my spine as I hastily looked away and resumed my chores. I was calm and collected until I heard mother shouting my name as I rushed towards her I gasped at the sight before me, for a guard was standing beside her. "Mother what is the meaning of this?" I cried, horrible fantasies of why the guards would be here flashing through my mind.

"The prince wants you." she sullenly replied as the guard grabbed my arm nearly tearing my loose shirt in the process. "Mother please!" I screamed "Don't let them take me!" Tears fell down my cheeks as I frantically looked into my mother's green eyes. Her fiery red hair had plastered to her face and her eyes were hidden beneath her long hair. "I'm sorry my son." She muttered, and I noticed then that she too was crying "But there is nothing we can do." And with that the guard dragged me to the palace while my father consoled my mother and held her grasping hands.

(Normal P.O.V)

Draco was pacing his room like a mad man, thoughts coming to and fro from his mind as he pondered over what to do with the boy he had requested. 'I could make him my pet.'He thought before shaking his head 'No, no that is to time consuming. Maybe a servant…yes that's it! But what type…'He rubbed his temples and a sinful thought entered his mind 'Oh yes 'that' type of servant would do nicely.'

He was shaken out of his thoughts when the guards shoved the boy into his room before leaving. Draco smirked and walked towards the boy- who was now shaking- and tilted his head up with his finger. "What is your name gypsy?" The boy grimaced before replying "Harrison." Draco nodded "Do you know why you are here Harrison?" Harrison shook his head "No sir I don't." Draco's smirk widened as an unnerving glint appeared in his eyes"You are to be my slave, do you understand?" He brought his face closer to Harrison's. "No sir." Harrison mumbled, a look of disgust and anger flashing across his face.

"Why not?" Draco inquired as he caressed the boy's face "I don't know what type of slave I am to be." The boy cockily replied. Draco frowned inwardly he'd have to get rid of that cheek. It wouldn't do to have a back-sassing slave now would it? Draco smirked once more "You are to be my pleasure slave, and no more 'sir', you will from now on address me as Master do you understand?" Harrison's face reddened even more and he slowly nodded his head albeit reluctantly. "Yes" he replied. Draco's face came closer "Yes what?" Harrison grit his teeth "Yes…Master."

"Good!" Draco exclaimed "Now I will expect you to 'entertain' me tonight after dinner, perhaps if you do a good enough job I will allow you to spend the night in my bed instead of the corner I had prepared for you." "Thank you Master." Harrison muttered, lowering his gaze. Nearly a thousand curses were flashing through his head. If this man hadn't been the prince then Harrison would have broken his nose already! Stupid prick, treating him like dirt just because he's a gypsy, and making him a slave! Harrison was pretty sure that things such as this were illegal. But of course, since he was the prince he would get away with everything.

This bastard had taken him away from his family, from a mother and father who loved him very much. Lilith and James were surely heartbroken by now! Draco tutted when he noticed his slave's depressed state "Now, now don't be like that." and smashed their lips together. The boy tasted like ripe strawberries with a hint of exotic spices. He couldn't resist the urge to taste more and pressed their lips together harshly.

Harrison gasped and Draco quickly plunged his tongue into Harrison's mouth. After only a few seconds Draco reluctantly pulled away "Consider that a reward for your good behavior." Draco drawled before exiting the room. He would have loved to continue with his new slave, but while the temptation was strong he knew it would be more pleasurable if he waited. Harrison watched the Prince leave with a look of disdain before sighing and dropping to the ground. He held his head in his hands and cried out in despair; his life just couldn't get any better!

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