Osborn feels defined by moments in time. That's who he is. It's what he prefers.

He's the child locked up, the goblin in the shadows creeping upon him. Daddy thinks it'll make him stronger like him. It does, like he'll never understand-

He locked up again, but out of choice, ignoring the son who stole his Emily from him, obsessed with that green fluid in the jar. The fluid makes him stronger, brighter. And he finally understands that the cackling voice in his head should be listened to. It knows what to do, how to control and manipulate and-

He on the glider, fighting the little boy in the spider costume. Spider, little Spider-Man, just one of the little heroes who think they can stop progress. Little and oh so irritating. Who are they to fight under masks? Enemies should be closer than friends, relatives-

He got little Peter tied up, masks off, like it should be. Yet his child's best friend... some miserable teenager? Is this his nemesis? No matter, he's going to kill him and make the Goblin be the last face he ever-

He remembering, and forgetting and...? Is he Norman Osborn, respected businessman of Oscorp, or something more? Why does he keep hearing that laughter, that cackle at the back of his mind? And why can't he stop thinking about Spide-

He's on the bridge. His coup de grace. The blonde on his back, the Spider showing his true colours and spunk at last. The girl's pointless, Peter. Beneath you. I'll let you see her die before I do the same to-

He's in hiding, watching a dozen men call themselves Goblins. His son showing promise at last before he has to rescue him. Leeds, Kingsley, Hamilton. He should kill them for disgracing his good name, but he's having too much fun pulling the strings from the shadows, a dozen plots to upset the world of the wall-crawler, judging for the perfect moment to str-

He's killing Spider-Man. No, not the Spider-Man, the other one. The clone. Reilly. Still, doing it feels so good, so rig-

He's in prison, locked up for the first time. The world knows all about the Goblin inside his head because of that damn Daily Bugle. But it won't be for long. The little Spider and his kitty cat friend are going to break him out before Osborn stages his greatest victory - destroying Parker at the heart. Always attack the he-

He's been tasked with controlling the Thunderbolts, under the watchful eyes of Stark after his stupid Civil War. Osborn's beginning to see the Goblin as a liability one moment, a blessing in a second. The pills help calm the beast, but he can he call it that when he's surrounded by monsters? Monsters that work for him. Yes... as it should be-

He's shaking the President's hand on the eve of mankind's near-conquest. The Skrulls wanted to conquer Earth, but Norman Osborn has been their saviour. SHIELD is his. The Avengers are his. The heroes on call have to kiss his feet, and those on the run are running faster than ever. Doctor Doom is looking up to him, Loki is by his side. The freaking Sentry's eating from his hand. Part of him can believe his luck; the other knows it was always going to-

And he keeps going, flying through the air against Asgard at the head of his army. Screw the President, he's right. Asgard isn't meant to be here, and he's going to show them why. Show them all-


He's in prison again. He was right, but what does anyone care what he thinks? Those costumes are at the top again, like hardly anything kicked off all their little disagreements in the first place. But he was right. And the moments he sought were too.

He's got a shot at the top. His moment of glory. And Norman Osborn swears he'll be getting another.

Moments in time. What he lives for. What he prefers.