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July 17, 2023

It has been three days since Charlie has spoken to Jeff. Jeff has no idea what she has to deal with at home. He thinks her family is perfect with no heartbreak. Her mother hasn't paid any attention to her since her baby sister was born. It's not like to she needed the attention, her sister couldn't even walk yet. Charlie just wished her mom would listen. Her dad hasn't been treating her good since she joined SPD. He tells her things, bad things. Something no one deserves.

"If only he knew." Charlie thought. "If only they knew."

"Charlie!" Ashley called. "Are you listening to me? Do you like my outfit?" The A-Squad pink ranger turned around in a circle show off her floral halter top, white skinny jeans, and simple, black flip-flops.

"Oh," Charlie snapped from her thoughts. "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening." She looked at her roommate's outfit. "Yeah…I like it."

Ashley looked at her friend with concern. Lately, she hasn't been speaking much. Today, Commander Cruger gave them the rest of the day off. Everyone agreed to visit family. Charlie said she would visit home too but she wasn't so sure.

"Are you okay?" Ashley asked. "You've been…distant lately."

"I'm okay. I have a lot on my mind to think about."

"Is it about what happened between you and Jeff?"

"No, I, uh, I don't feel like talking about it."

Ashley was reluctant at first but nodded her head.

"Mama!" Charlie called from the living room of her parent's house. She walked into the kitchen and saw her father making dinner.

"Hi Papa." Charlie said in a whisper.

Marc Santiago Martinez looked at his daughter. He didn't show any emotion. He stared at his daughter with weary eyes. Then he went back to preparing his meal.

"Hello Charlie." Marc greeted. "Did you just get here?"

"I just got here." Charlie played with her hands uncomfortably. "Um…how are things?"

"Okay." Marc focused back on her. "How is work?"

"Everything's good." Charlie paused. Not everything or everyone was doing well but he didn't need to know that. "All jobs have stress, right?"

Marc nodded his head. He muttered to himself. Charlie stared at the tiles beneath her feet. She knew what he was thinking. He didn't like her being at SPD.

"Papa, I love being a ranger. I'm sorry, but this is what I want. You have to understand." The red ranger was close to tears. They have been through this fight over and over. "When I was younger, I remember you telling me, you'd support me no matter what I did in life. You…you broke your promise."

Just when Charlie was about to exit the kitchen, Marc pulled her back in with a tight grip around her wrist. Anger flashed in his eyes. "Charlie Rosalinda Santiago Perez! You know very well that your mother and I raised you to be a lady, not a fighter!"

"Let go of her." It was said in a gently but demanding voice. Charlie and Marc turned around to face Charlie's mother, Linda.

Charlie ripped her arm away from her dad's grasp and slid down the wall and started to cry. Linda wrapped her arms around her daughter. "Babe?" Linda called her spouse. The middle-aged man didn't look at her. He got his car keys and walked out the house. Linda looked at her daughter. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I told you, Mama." The red ranger stood up and rubbed her wrist. She had tears running down her cheek. "I told you and you didn't listen."

"I'm so sorry, Rosy. I was too caught up with your baby sister. I wasn't listening and I'm sorry. Please forgive me." Charlie stared at her mom. She knew Linda was being sincere but she didn't give in. She was too upset.

"I'm leaving." Charlie thought back to what her father told her. "I'm sorry too."

"Sorry for what?" Linda stood up and followed her daughter to the front door. "Rosy…"

"Bye Mama."

Linda watched Charlie get into her blue car and drive away from the house.

Jeff walked into A-Squad quarters. Visiting his family after a long while was fun but now he was tried. He was about to open the room he shared with the yellow ranger but he couldn't help but notice a faint cry coming from the red and pink rangers' room.

"Because of the kindness in my heart…" Jeff thought to himself. He walked in to see his squad's leader on the ground, leaned against her bed, crying in her knees. "Charlie?"

Charlie looked up to see who was calling her name. When she saw its Jeff, she tried to wipe away her tears that are still flowing out of her eyes. "What do you want?" Charlie asked him in a shaky, serious tone. Jeff shook his head but didn't answer her question. "I said, what do you want?" Charlie shouted. She stood up and looked into his eyes.

Jeff tried to come closer but Charlie flinched. "What's wrong?" He asked her. "I know we haven't been very kind to each other lately but I'm concerned. I'm so sorry Charlie."

"Why are you so concerned? It's not like you ever cared about me." Charlie replied.

Jeff sighed. He's unsure of what to say. "I care. I really do."

Charlie opened her mouth to speak but stopped when she saw Annalita standing in the doorway. Annalita pushed pass Jeff and hugged Charlie.

"What's the matter?" Annalita asked. "Are you okay girl?" Annalita looked at Jeff. "What did you say to her?"

"I didn't say anything." Jeff responded. "Okay? I came in here and she was already crying. I tried to ask her what's wrong but…" Jeff trailed off. "Forget it." The green ranger left the room.

Annalita sat next to Charlie on her bed. "It's about your dad, isn't it?" She played with Charlie messy hair.

"Yes. It is." Charlie said.

"It's going to get better."

"No, it's not."


The two sat in silence. Charlie stopped crying but she is still upset.

"Well, I did have a reason for coming up here." Annalita said. "You know how Kyle and I just got married." Charlie nodded, unsure as to why Annalita would be telling her something she already knows. "So, I was sitting on the toilet…."

"Anna, where is this going?" Charlie questioned her friend. Annalita is known for telling strange stories. "You weren't drunk, were you?"

Annalita laughed. "No, not this time. And I won't be drinking because I'm pregnant."

"Aw, congratulations." For the first time that day, Charlie smiled. Annalita has been a very loyal friend to Charlie since she joined SPD. She's very happy for her.