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Hetalia: Paint it Black

A silent night was all that could be heard. Not a soul was stirring throughout the entire building. Except for one, but this one had no soul.

With steps that emitted no sound, this one walked, shoulders slumping, arms trailing on the ground. This one walked down the hall, with no true destination. It walked slowly, each step like the last, wandering aimlessly. It walked on and on… but suddenly stopped. It turned and faced the window. Outside was another, just like it, and doing the same that it was doing. This other had stopped as well, and was looking inside.

They waved at each other, and continued on.

Patrolling the building was very tedious, was it not?


Once morning came, these two vanished. Their job was completed for the time being and they could not stand the wretched ball of fire that burned them so badly.

Awhile after the sun rose the building was unlocked by the janitor and one particular person entered earlier than the rest.

"I'm just going to check if we have assigned seats again." He muttered under his breath. "If we do I'm making sure I don't sit next to that wanker like last time."

England gingerly walked into the building and looked around constantly to make sure no one else was there. His reason for coming to the World Meeting so early was to make sure he didn't sit next to America again. Last time had been such a pain, the idiot talking and eating nonstop; it made the Englishman sick.

Once he made it to the large meeting room, he walked slowly to the table and found what he didn't want to see: name tags at each seat. Walking quickly around the table he found where he was to sit, and who was sitting next to him. It was worse than who he expected. Instead of the American sitting next to him, the cards were set up so that France was sitting to his left. Steamed, he grabbed France's card and ran to the other side of the table. He found a place to put it and began to move everyone else's cards around so no one would notice the switch as odd. As he made his way down the table, he felt his elbow bump into something that wasn't a chair. He looked to his right and came face to face with a pair of brown "soulless" eyes.

"AH!" he exclaimed, nearly falling back. "J-Japan! Wh-What are you doing here?"

Japan sat there quietly in the seat with his name tag. He wasn't fazed by the Englishman's scream.

"I could ask you the same thing." He said.

"H-How long have you been here?" England asked.

"I was here before you." The island country said. "Didn't you see me when you walked in?"

England hesitated with his answer. He hadn't seen the quiet country at all! Japan could be so quiet that he could be nearly as invisible as Canada!

"Ah, actually…" he tried to think up a good lie.

"You were doing something to the name tags, were you not?" Japan asked, catching England off guard.

"Uh, wh-what would give you THAT idea?" he asked, hiding the two current name tags behind his back.

"Don't think me as dense." Japan said. "I've been watching you this entire time."

The Englishman sighed. "I guess there's no hiding it." He said. "I didn't want to sit next to America this time so I came early to switch the name tags if he was. But when I got here, I found out that that damn frog was sitting next to me instead, so I decided to switch the name tags. Sorry if it's an inconvenience."

"I guess I don't mind." Japan muttered, but then noticed what name tag he was placing on the seat next to him. "O-On second thought, I'd prefer you place them back where they were, o-or try the other side of the table."

England was confused. Japan changed his mind so quickly, which was not like him. And he stuttered TWICE in the same sentence, another thing unlike the island country. He looked at the two name tags in his hands and read which names they were. In his left was Canada and in his right was China. His eyes widened. Japan didn't want to be seated next to China? Is that why he asked England to return the tags to their initial spots? Not knowing the sensitivity of the issue, the Englishman decided to ask him.

"Japan, does sitting next to China bother you that much?"

The reaction from the usually quiet island country was NOT was the Englishman expected.


As America walked to the large building where the World Meeting would be held, he ran into his friend Lithuania at the door.

"Hey Lithuania." He smiled, patting him on the back. "You're pretty early."

"And I'm surprised you are." Lithuania replied. "You slept in the last time, remember?"

"No I didn't!" America exclaimed, taking a defensive position. "I just didn't wake up completely!"

Lithuania rolled his eyes as they continued to walk to the meeting room. When they turned to head down a different hallway, they noticed a large crowd in front of the door to the meeting room.

"What's going on?" he asked, to himself. "Is it locked?"

"I, the hero, will investigate!" America grinned, striking a pose and then diving into the crowd. He forced his way to the front and joined France at the door.

"What's going on?" he asked. The Frenchman had his ear pressed against the wooden entrance.

"Something's going on in there." He said. "It sounds like Japan is yelling at England for some reason. He's using his own language, so I can't understand a word he's saying."

America pressed his own ear to the door and listened; he heard a voice shouting in a strange language: that was probably Japan. He also occasionally heard some words from England, who he guessed was trying to calm down the island nation.

His curiosity taking over, America grabbed the door handles and pushed the door open, right at the moment Japan's hand impacted with England's face. A loud SMACK rang out and Japan almost instantly took off, taking exit through a window. The American thought about going after him, but the glimpse he had of Japan's face told him to stay put. Instead, he checked on his old mentor.

"You okay England?" he asked. "What was that about?"

When the older man didn't respond, America waved his hand in front of his face.

"Hello?" he asked, snapping his fingers. "England, you in there?"

"He's in shock." France said. "Though I don't blame him, it's not every day Japan loses his cool."

"What happened, aru?" China asked, walking in with the rest of the other countries. "What is this I hear about Nihon?"

"I-It's nothing." America said. "He, uh-"

"It's nothing to worry about." England said, coming out of his shock. "We were just having a discussion on a touchy topic. And I guess I stepped a little out of bounds…"

"So that's why he smacked you?" France asked, but then slapped his hand over his mouth. "Whoops."

"Nihon did what?" China asked. "England, please tell me exactly what happened, aru."

England tried to change the subject, but the eldest nation was persistent. Giving up, England sat in a random seat and explained what had happened.


In the meantime, Japan was about several miles away before his pace slowed and he leant against a nearby tree; he had run the whole way and was finally out of breath. He needed to get away from there as quickly as he could. There was no way he could explain what had happened himself.

Japan breathed deeply and sat at the foot of the tree. He never would have thought anyone would have asked him about his relationship with China. It was a memory he didn't want to remember. If anything, he wished it hadn't happened. And instead of thinking back at his conversation with England, he kept walking through the forest, unaware of the person following him.


"And that's what happened." England finished his explanation. Upon looking around the room he found everyone pretty much frozen: especially China. The older nation looked as if he was going to cry in the next few seconds. And in that small lapse of time, he did. He fell to his knees and started wailing.


Reluctantly and with a loud annoyed sigh, Korea and Hong Kong proceeded to drag the older nation out of the room while Taiwan and Vietnam took their seats.

"…And just what the hell was THAT?" Cuba piped up after a long moment of silence.

"It was just China being a big baby about Japan again." Taiwan waved it off. "After a good smack he'll be fine."

"Okay, let me rephrase that," Cuba said, "what the hell was that ABOUT?"

"I'd tell you, but it's a long story." Vietnam said.

"We have time." America said, sitting on the floor in front of her. The Italian brothers did the same, followed by Poland dragging Lithuania, and Hungary and Liechtenstein. Vietnam sighed and chuckled.

"I guess I don't have a choice." She said. "Alright. Where to start…"

"Come on Doitsu!" Northern Italy called to Germany, patting the spot next to him. "It's time for a story!"

Germany sighed and moved next to Italy.

"If I remember correctly, it was when Japan was still a little guy." Vietnam began. "But I'll start with when we met."

[Flashback – italics=Vietnam speaking]

I think China had just found him at that time, but I didn't meet him face to face for awhile, so I'm not really sure.

A young Japan sat innocently on the back deck of the house, looking out into the garden. His gaze is fixed on the pond. As a fish jumps up every other minute, his eyes widen and return to normal as the fish returns to the pond. Vietnam passes the doorway to the back room and spots him. She enters the room and sits next to him.

He was a really quiet little guy, just like he is now. And there was this certain… air of mystery to him. I could never tell how he was feeling or what he was thinking.

"You like the garden?" she asked. The little Japan nodded. After a small silence, Vietnam held out her hand to him.

"I'm Vietnam." She said. "Welcome to the family."

Japan turned to her and looked at her hand. After a moment, he took it and they shook hands.

When we met, he was just staring out to the garden. And I could hear inside the house that China was looking for him.

"Chibihon!" Vietnam heard China call from somewhere in the house. "Where are you?"

"Japan, I think he's looking for you-" Vietnam turned to Japan and found he had disappeared! She looked around and didn't see him. But then she heard a tapping coming from under her.

"Don't tell him I'm here." She heard his little voice come from beneath her. Before she could answer, China ran in.

"Viet!" he said. "Have you seen Japan?"

For some reason, he was hiding from him.

"Oh, n-no, I haven't." she said. China cursed under his breath and left the room. After a moment, she spoke to Japan who was still hiding.

"He's gone." She said, and Japan poked his head out from under the deck.

"Good." He said quietly and resumed his original sitting position, again staring out into the garden.

After China passed that room, he didn't come back, so I think Japan grew calmer after awhile.

"Were you hiding from him?" Vietnam asked. Japan nodded. "Why?"

"I don't really like him." He said. "But I don't have anywhere else to go, so I came here with him."

I had been curious as to where he had come from, so that gave me an opportunity to ask.

"Where were you before he found you?" she asked.

"I don't remember." Japan replied. "All I remember are lots of bamboo stalks."

Vietnam thought. There were lots of bamboo forests all around where the house was, but there were also bamboo forests farther away, near town; Japan could've come from anywhere.

I was going to ask him if there was anything else he could remember... but...

But when Vietnam turned to ask, she saw Japan had gotten up and headed for the door. He turned to her and spoke quietly.

"That was the dinner bell." He said, and left the room. Vietnam hadn't heard the dinner bell (probably during her thinking), but followed Japan to the dining room.

After a bit of a scolding from China, Japan joined the rest of us at the table and we ate as normal. For a few years after that, it was just as such: normal and quiet. I then left for a few months and figured China could take care of him, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but when I returned, I turned out to be wrong.

Vietnam returned to the house and found it practically in shambles. There were splatters of who-knows-what on the walls and the floor was filthy. And that was just the front entrance. As Vietnam walked through the house, she found the kitchen a complete DISTASTER with unwashed dishes piling high in the sink and the stove and oven covered in burnt goo. The dining room table was chopped right in half and the chairs were in pieces. The rest of the house was thankfully in one piece. Vietnam wondered just what the HELL had happened. She walked into Japan's room and found it nice and neat, just as it was before. The only thing different was the covered box he was sitting on.

"Welcome back." He said calmly, looking up from his book. "How was your trip?"

"Japan, what happened here?" Vietnam asked, getting straight to the point.

"Well…" Japan muttered. "I guess it can be called a war… but I think the better word would be family feud."

Japan climbed off the box and pulled off the blanket covering it.

"After you left, Taiwan and Korea got into an argument." He said, folding the blanket. "It was probably about something insignificant, but I don't remember. Either way, with Hong Kong and I not taking sides and China making things worse, Taiwan and Korea called war on each other."

"That would explain the kitchen and dining room." Vietnam muttered. "But why's the rest of the house clean?"

"Hong Kong and I don't like mess." Japan replied. "So we clean up after Taiwan and Korea go to their rooms during a truce of sorts. The kitchen and dining rooms are the only ones we can't fix. Recently they haven't come out, so things have been quiet. I'm glad you're home, maybe you can talk some sense into Taiwan and Korea so things can go back to normal."

"I'll try." Vietnam replied. "But I have one question."

"What?" Japan asked.

"What's with the box?" she pointed to the large chest.

"They're rations." Japan said, opening the box. "During the "war", Taiwan and Korea would fight over food and such. After awhile, Hong Kong and I had enough with their bickering over food and decided to keep most of it under surveillance so they only get what they get."

"What about China?" Vietnam asked.

"I don't know where he is." Japan said, closing the box. "He went for a walk about a month ago and hasn't come back."


"What do you mean he hasn't come back?" Vietnam asked.

"He left for a walk." Japan said. "And he hasn't come back. But I don't really mind. Once you left, he started drinking like there was no tomorrow."

Vietnam was silent for the next few moments.

I was shocked. I mean, I thought China would've been able to AT LEAST keep an eye on them. But leaving four kids alone in a house for a month?

Vietnam was considering heading down into town to find and drag the older nation home, when she heard the door open downstairs. She ran down to make sure it wasn't one of the kids trying to leave, and found one very drunk China leaning on the wall.

"He's back." Japan muttered from beside her. "Oh joy."

"*hic* Heya *hic* Viet." He slurred, constantly hiccupping. "Welcome *hic* back."

Vietnam lost it.

I started screaming at him. I mean, who in the right mind leave four kids in a house all alone for a month? Well, as I was screaming at him, the other three came out of hiding and Taiwan and Korea started arguing again.

"Korea blamed me for the mess and not being responsible." Taiwan commented. "And we started arguing with Hong Kong trying to calm us down."

And… I guess I wasn't really focusing on making an argument with China, but instead just yelling at him to get it out of my system. I mean, I was extremely upset. I had never thought this of all things would happen. But after awhile of shouting and arguing… Japan… Japan snapped. He knocked over a vase, smashing it on the floor, and he threw the pieces at China and I as he shouted.

"And then he ran out the front door and disappeared." Taiwan added.

That's right. He vanished. After I made China clean the house after sobering up, we all went looking for him. We searched for hours but we couldn't find him. We asked the people in town to help, but even with that many people, he somehow managed to not be found.

"But after three days he finally showed up." Taiwan said. "And we all thought things would go back to normal."

But it didn't. Japan was deathly silent aside from a few words of apology to China and I for the vase. He refused to speak to any of us, China especially.

[End Flashback]

"Sorry." America said, raising his hand. "But what does that have to do with anything?"

"That was the first incident." Vietnam said. "The incident that changed things."

"And there's one more." Taiwan said. "That really… hurt China more than any of us."

[Flashback – italics=Taiwan speaking]

This was long after the first incident. But none of us forgot it. Japan had some sort of issue with China that he wouldn't speak about, but the tension in the air whenever they were in the same room together was enough to tell us not to tread on that landmine.

But even without us treading on it, that landmine exploded on its own.

Japan left home for a week. He didn't tell us why; he just said he'd be back in a week. Every day in that week went by slowly for some reason; we all had the feeling something was going to happen.

When Japan returned, he went directly upstairs to his room. We didn't question it, but China was curious, as he always was. Japan came out in a new set of clothes and carrying two suitcases. He was about to leave without a word, but China stopped him.

"Where are you going, Nihon?" he asked.

"I'm leaving." Japan replied quietly, not turning to look at the older nation.

I was coming down the stairs when I heard that. So I guess it was sort of my fault.

"You're leaving?" Taiwan exclaimed. China turned to say something to her, but once he did, Japan did what we thought he'd never do.

He drew his katakana on China. Taking the sword from its sheath, he slashed at China's back, cutting his clothes clean off and in turn leaving a terrible scar on his back. Once that was done, he returned the sword to its scabbard and said only one thing.

"I'm independent now." He said. "Goodbye, you bastard."

[End Flashback]

"And he left." Taiwan finished. "China was then convinced that Japan hated him, and bawled about it for days until we finally managed to convince him otherwise."

"None of us thought he'd get very far on his own." Vietnam said. "But when we came to the first World Meeting and saw him, we realized that he had indeed gotten very far without us."

"But he refused to sit next to China once he noticed we were there and would be sitting next to him." Taiwan said. "So he moved next to Switzerland, as it has been for awhile now."

"I bet he hasn't really thought about it since it happened." Vietnam said, and turned to England. "I think when you asked him about it, he remembered what he didn't want to remember and blew a gasket, taking it out on you. Try not to take it personally."


"I wonder if it was right to leave while Vietnam was telling the story…" Finland muttered, carrying a grocery bag and munching on a roll. "Oh, but I couldn't help myself, I was so hungry!"

Sweden nodded, walking next to him. The two Nordics had left the World Meeting to go get some snacks since Finland had skipped breakfast after waking up late. They were just returning.

"I wonder if anyone noticed we were gone…" Finland muttered, and looked outside through the window. He noticed a familiar person walking through the trees close to the building. "H-Hey! It's Japan!"

When Sweden turned to look where Finland was looking, he noticed a second figure attack Japan from behind, knocking him out with a blunt object. The second figure, undistinguishable due to distance, slung Japan over his shoulder and took off. Immediately, Sweden opened the window and ran out, following them.

"Go g't th' oth'rs!" he called, and disappeared into the forest. Finland, almost dropping his bag of snacks, broke out into a sprint, knowing he had to tell the other nations what he had just witnessed.

[Back in the Meeting Room]

"So there's really a scar on China's back?" America asked.

"Of course, aru." China said, walking in with Korea and Hong Kong, his eyes red from crying. "It's the constant reminder of how much Japan has come to hate me."

"If we've told you once, we've told you a thousand times." Taiwan said. "Japan doesn't hate you."

China sighed and shook his head. "I know he does. And I have proof."

The Asian nations looked at China at this statement. He had never mentioned any sort of proof before.

But before China could say a word, Finland burst through the door.

"JAPAN HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED!" he shouted, and leant on the door to catch his breath.

"How do you know that?" Denmark asked.

"Sweden and I went out to get some snacks." Finland replied. "On the way back we saw him in the woods. Someone knocked him out and ran off with him. Sweden started to chase them but I don't know how he's doi-"

Just then, Sweden came flying through the window, falling onto the floor with the shards of broken glass. He sat up slowly and rubbed his head.

"Sweden!" Finland dropped his bag and ran to the older nation. "Are you okay?"

"He g't 'w'y." Sweden muttered. "W'th J'p'n."

"Then we better go after them, aru!" China exclaimed. But Sweden shook his head.

"I h'd l'st s'ght of th'm wh'le I w's r'nnin." He said. "Wh'n he thr'w me thr'gh the w'nd'w, he d'dn't h've J'p'n on h'm."

The room fell silent.

"Well…" America said. "At least we know he's okay."


America was about to respond when China started bawling yet again, and everyone decided that it might be best to call it a day even though it wasn't even lunchtime yet.

"Alright, meeting adjourned." Germany said. "Tomorrow we'll try to start right. And let's all hope Japan will be alright."