The direct aftermath of Hetalia: Paint it Black
Very short, I know

Once morning arose and the sun shone through the windows of the conference building, all of the nations awoke to find themselves on the floor, most with alcohol bottles in hand, and no recollection as to what had happened the previous night. In fact, the last couple of days were also a complete blur, even for the few nations that didn't have hangovers. When they were all sober and cleaned up, they all asked the obvious question.

"What happened last night?"

"Did we accomplish something or something?" Prussia asked from his separate seat. "Or did we just feel like getting completely wasted and have no memory of what the heck happened over the last few days?"

"Who knows?" America said. "None of us have any idea what happened."

With everyone then agreeing that the night before was just like any ordinary drinking night, the meeting was finally dismissed and every nation went home. Having been ill beforehand, Canada returned with Cuba to Cuba's house so he could gather his things and head home as well.

While collecting and folding his clothes and making the bed, Canada found something on the windowsill. Upon inspecting it, Canada found it to be a knife of sorts, but it was dulled out so it wouldn't hurt anyone by accident. It was a strange knife, really. The blade was black, as was the handle, but the handle also had a red design on it. Looking it over a few more times, Canada noticed a word that was scratched onto the blade.


Though not knowing the significance or importance of the knife and the word scratched on it, Canada knew it wasn't Cuba's, so he took it home with him. Once at home, he put it on a small black stand, which he had purchased that day, and then placed the stand on the fire place mantel. When Kumajiro asked why Canada had brought the knife home, Canada found himself without an answer.


While waiting for the signal to begin the usual surprise attack, Devon tapped Ren on the shoulder.

"Pardon me Ren," he said, "but don't you usually wear your hair up at a time like this? You know your hair's pretty long and it could get in your way."

Ren took a moment before smiling.

"Don't worry about it." He said. "If things go well tonight, I just may say. Though I'm pretty sure you already have an idea what I did with it."

"You get attached so easily, you know that?" Devon said. "You might never get that knife back."

"I know, I know." Ren waved it off. "But at least he has it. And besides, we will go back someday, and you know it."

With that, their conversation ended as the signal to attack was given.


"It just… feels familiar." Canada finally replied. "And who knows? Maybe someday I'll find out where it came from."

"…You're weird." The polar bear said. Canada laughed.

"I know, I know."

Again, it was short, i know, but it didn't need to be super long in my opinion.

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